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Great insight into Richie's DJ set up

When I long press the number 1 key on the dialer it should call voicemail but I get an error which says voicemail number unknown. How do I set the voicemail number for the dialer? The option to set it under speed dial is not available.

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Here's a mix I did for Sweat it Out's Radio show on FBi.  It aired 19Now and its now available on Soundcloud....

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Joining the panorama of people marching for climate change. Click on the photo to see the panorama properly.

#people's climate

In Poweramp I could edit mp3 tags on my phone.  I am happy using a tag editor app on my phone but the changes dont seem to show up when I edit tags on my phone.  Why is this?  Is there a way to refresh metadata?

I have a lot of playlists.  It would be great it DT could mirror the iTunes playlist folder structure.  

For syncing selected playlists a search feature for playlist name would also be good especially if there is no playlist folder structure.

Whats the best way to get my new iTunes playlists to show up in DT?  I am finding I have to do File Import Playlists, exit and re-open both apps before anything comes up
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