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I might not be cut out for this technology stuff. "New and improved" always translates to "more complicated!" I want it to translate to "simpler and more intuitive." I don't really mind the new Google+ interface, but it sure is busier. Since I read a reply to somebody's post the other day in which the user basically asked, "How can I make my Google+ account look like Technicolor-vomit?" - I suppose this is a good update for the vast majority of users. I don't sound like a guy who works in the Internet industry, do I?
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To just looks like Facebook. lol.
I actually like it much better. Seems much more user friendly to me. It make me actually use Google+. Definitely a step in the right direction.
Honestly, this design is fine, better even. But, we all know that the 'slippery slope' isn't a fallacy of logic on the Internet! Everything gets worse with age! Next thing you know, Google+ will have embedded music and paisley backgrounds! It will auto-correct every period into an exclamation point! See! It's doing it already!
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