The GTX 690 is a beast! PC Per did a Live Review today and the chat has more poeple than I've ever seen before. Had a good time talking with the fellow enthusiasts. An archived version will be up soon so I'll be catching up on the parts of the stream that I missed :D For now, PC Per's full text review is up here.
One... more... day... or maybe just 33 hours til my weekend starts. The GTX 690 reviews are out, and it is the fastest card around. Shocking. AMD had to take down their little counter about having the fastest video card for the past 800+ days. Of course, their fastest was the HD 6990, which couldn't be found in retail for ages. Ryan wrote his review up here:

I must admit that I am disappointed in the price. $1k is a bit excessive, even though it is essentially comprised of two chips, two sets of 2GB memory arrays, and some beefy cooling along with a good board design. There are still enough caveats to SLI that will make the average person upset from time to time. Still, for that price, I think I would prefer to run 2 x GTX 680s. Then again that single slot goodness and lower power consumption is tempting. Well, it is all moot because I simply cannot find the GTX 680 in stock at a reasonable price, and I certainly am not going to throw down $1k for video cards right now.
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