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Timothy Ventura

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The HoverBoard is REAL! In this interview, inventor Greg Henderson talks about the Hendo Hoverboard, and what it takes to launch a technological breakthrough in today's commercial marketplace.
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Hi, I'm an inventor working with gyroscopic propulsion. I'm the inventor of the "M thruster", that can be seen on Youtube.

I'm trying to get in contact with the James E. Cox that you have previously interviewed.

He did a couple of gyroscopic thrust experiments that he apparently recorded on video back in the late 90's. I'm trying to get a hold of these videos, but it appears the only source is he himself.

If you could do anything to help me get in touch with Mr. Cox I'd be very grateful. And of course, if you want to know anything about my machine I'm available for that too.

Kind wishes, Jani M
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Timothy Ventura

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Martin Luther King day is my birthday this year!
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Timothy Ventura

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Web, ... Tesla Tech Resource Center Our resource center ... TeslaTech Inc, 296 East Donna Drive, Queen Valley, AZ 85118 ...
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Timothy Ventura

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Major rewrite for most of the content on - Please check out the site, tell a few friends, and MOST IMPORTANTLY let me know if it reads well!
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Timothy Ventura

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I believe that man's symbiotic relationship with dogs is deep & long-lasting enough that it now has a genetic basis in both our species somehow.

If that's true, perhaps it will change the way we look at dogs, and also the way we view ourselves.

At the very least, it makes our species much more complex than the textbooks would suggest.
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This makes sense -- dogs don't exist as a species without man's domestication of the gray wolf.
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Timothy Ventura

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A wonderful meal at Luxe Thai in Ferndale
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Timothy Ventura

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The new MySpace: very cool if you listen to music. Not so cool for anything else. Oh well....
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psDear tim ventura ! mark tomion my best friend for 10 years and Electrical Engineer and died in june 14, 2009 ! mark tomion wrote manual book on star drive engineering to build warp drive star ship in Quantum physics ! i was with mark tomion my best friend when built and tested proto type that 29 feet around and  4 feet tall and ran on remote control and was drone star drive ship to test warp drive in one mile and back to the starting position from mile and we layout Emf digital second counters at quarter mile and half mile and at three quarters and full mile and done the experiment 10times to it was right and got same results mile and back to position in a second and half at one eight of the speed can do it !!! iam just want get the facts straight about mark tomion the electrical Engineering !! mark tomion is always ahead nasa or (100 light years ahead) nasa in star drive engineering in quantum physics !! p.s if could built another star drive ship i would go back in time and save mark from his death of heart failure !
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Technology Futurist and Information Technology Professional
Technology executive and futurist specializing in disruptive technologies in the Aerospace and Information Technology sectors. Current projects include ISM Automation and American Antigravity.

“Tim Ventura is not only a techie, but he’s a science historian. He knows where we’ve come from, and where we should be going. He's very fluent in making complex technical ideas understandable, but he’s also got this incredible open mind.” — Richard C. Hoagland, The Enterprise Mission

“Tim is a visionary in his field, and is not afraid of new technologies. He is diligent to research the veracity of new things. He is profoundly intelligent and is a very hard worker, and is as professional and kind a person as there is.” – Pete Bitar, President, Xtreme Alt Defense Systems

“Tim has been an invaluable connector, putting me in touch with several of my most valued contacts. As a forward tech scout, he has always been on the top of my list to answer short notice queries regarding emerging technologies, and who within his vast network would have expertise.” – Peter Garretson, Chief, Air Force Future Science and Technology Exploration Branch, HQ USAF

“He is highly qualified, dedicated, and sincere, and very knowledgeable; he’s also from the school that never quits.”– Tom Bearden, Cheniere

“Tim is very thorough in his research, no matter how far out the subject and does a great job presenting his work to others in a readily understandable manner.” – Ivan Kruglak, Managing Partner, Energy & Propulsion Systems, LLC

Basic Information
Futurist, E-Commerce Developer & Project Manager
  • Tim & Julie Harris® Real Estate Coaching
    Marketing Director, 2012 - present
  • ICM Document Solutions
    Marketing Manager, 2012 - 2012
  • BPO Automation Group
    Co-Founder, Real Estate Foreclosure Software, 2009 - 2011
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Kasparov and the Machine - written by Timothy Ventura

Kasparov and the Machine explores the movie 'Game Over: Kasparove and the Machine', where Kasparove played chess against Deep Blue.

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American Antigravity

Since 2002 American Antigravity has been the leader in antigravity, space, free energy, weird science and disruptive technology stories and

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Thai interpreter and translator for import/export business, legal, medical, and social services. Kamonwan Intaraprasert is a professional Th

Steven Greer on The Disclosure Project - written by Timothy Ventura

Dr. Steven Greer discusses the Disclosure Project, UFOs, media corruption, and the social awakening. Dr. Steven Greer is the Founder of the Disclosure Project.

Dot-Telecom: The Life and Death of Fixed Wireless - written by Timothy Ventura

A historical narrative on the dot-telecom bubble in Redmond and AT&T's Fixed Wireless division. Dot-Telecom is about how and why Fixed Wireless failed.

Harold Berndt on the Disclosure Project - written by Timothy Ventura

Harold Berndt discusses the Disclosure Project and The Hutchison Effect. Berndt is a for the Disclosure Project and researched the Hutchison Effect.

The New Nazi Bell - written by Timothy Ventura

In 2001 a California defense contractor build a small replication of the Nazi Bell device. Their Nazi Bell experiment produced effects.

John Hutchison - written by Timothy Ventura

John Hutchison is the creator of the legendary Hutchison Effect. This story is about the first time I met John Hutchison at his lab in New Westminster, BC.

Sharon Weinberger on Military Research - written by Timothy Ventura

Sharon Weinberger discusses military research, 'Imaginary Weapons', and how military research has declined in the US Defense establishment.

Sergei Khrushchev on The Space Race - written by Timothy Ventura

Dr. Sergei Khrushchev describes the space race and internal soviet competition between the Chelomei and Korolev design bureaus that cost them the space race.

John Searl on the Searl Effect - written by Timothy Ventura

John Searl discusses the Searl Effect and Searl Effect Generator. John Searl invented the Searl Effect Generator (SEG) nearly 50 years ago.

Terry Moore on the Searl Effect - written by Timothy Ventura

Dr. Terry Moore discusses a Searl Effect Generator project led by John Searl. The prototype Searl Effect generator is featured in footage available on YouTube.

John Hutchison Technical Interview - written by Timothy Ventura

John Hutchison discusses his research, equipment, and the Hutchison Effect with Boeing engineer Gary Stephenson in a technical interview on the Hutchison Effect

Fawn has created a nurturing, supportive, and highly educational Montessori learning environment for children, and I highly recommend her for anyone seeking high quality childcare in the Blaine area.
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Don Staal provides wonderful, supportive counseling services and I highly recommend him. He truly cares about the well-being of the people he serves and does his absolute best to take the best care possible for his clients.
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Quite simply, Tim & Julie Harris are changing the way agents achieve career success in today's industry. They combine tried-and-true principles with emerging technologies, and keep their students on the leading edge of what's going on in real estate today. The coaching is great, their radio show is great - it's simply wonderful!
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