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Fighting Back For A Better Quality Of Life
Fighting Back For A Better Quality Of Life


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Working my way back from health issues, and learning some new things.

Woodturning is the medium I have always wanted to carve on, and so I finally was able to make the step to begin woodturning.

I am a novice woodturner, but love what I am learning. Practice, practice, practice, is the name of the game for now.

Once I can control the tools and the cuts I will be able to do more carving on this wonderful medium.

Post has attachment It is taken some time but I have the initial detailing completed for the Acanthus Leaf Gourd Carving.

The initial detailing, or rough detailing, is intended to lay in the basic shapes, and help me see more clearly the final detailing I will be working on next.

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Gourd Carving - Painting The Inside Of A Gourd Without Color Bleed.

If you are planning on carving your gourd really thin, and also painting the inside you should consider this as a method to ensure you can carve the full thickness of the gourd.

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Acanthus Leaf Gourd Carving - Update

If you watched the video I posted recently titled, "The Ugly Duckling In Every Carving" you saw the current gourd carving project I'm working on.

I have started carving the initial detail of the acanthus leaves, and thought I would throw up some pictures of where I am in the process.

I have found that I only have so much time each day that I can carve before the pain in my hands begins to grow to great.

I can carve much longer using a high-speed engraver, but the scale of this carving requires that I use a flex-shaft machine and Micro Carver. I am really enjoying using the larger power carving tools, however.

Once I get all the acanthus leaves carved with the initial detail I will post a video showing the gourd in greater detail.

Hope you enjoy the pics.


#PowerCarving #GourdCarving #AcanthusLeafGourdCarvingProject
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The Ugly Duckling In Every Carving.

I found that there is a stage in every carving that just really doesn't look very good. I affectionately call this the Ugly Duckling phase of the carving process.

This is the point in the carving where I've removed enough waste material to see what's going on, but in the process it sometimes appears rough and cluttered.

I'm currently working on a Gourd Carving of Acanthus Leaves, and thought I would show you this ugly duckling phase of this carving project.

When you reach this stage of the carving take heart and don't give up. Keep moving forward even if there are mistakes, and see if you can match the vision of the finished carving you have in your mind.

Check out this video to see the Gourd Carving Acanthus Leaf Project at this stage, and be sure to click on the link to follow this topic on my website.


#PowerCarving #GourdCarving #GourdCarvingAcanthusLeafProject

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Adding A Simple Manifold To My Existing Airline

Sometimes a small addition is a huge improvement. That is the case for me with this simple addition of a manifold to my existing airline.

I have 3 main tools that I use on a regular basis, and they all require a different psi setting. With my compressor tucked away in a different location it has not been convenient to go to the compressor to make the necessary psi changes.

With this one little addition I am getting so much out of it.

Check out the full article I wrote here:


#PowerCarvingStation #PowerCarvingAirlineManifold

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Quick Update, and Simple Method For Design Visualization

It has been 3 months since I last uploaded a YouTube video. I have been working on some projects that have really taken my time away from this, but now I am back at it.

I thought it would be good to send out a quick update, as well as, share a quick tip on a simple method I use to help better visualize the image I want to carve.

If you would like to check out the full video and post where I discuss any of these things click on the link.


#PowerCarvingImageVisualization #CarvingDesignVisualization

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I came across this great little video that shares many of the same thoughts that I do about being an artist.

Being an artist is about doing what you love, and expressing yourself through your chosen medium.

Don't let "traditionalists" or anyone else tell you that you are not an artist.

The video talks about other art mediums, but I feel that this also applies to woodcarving of all types.

You are an artist; not just a craftsman/woman.



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Workshop / Art Room Update October 2015

For the past 6 months or so every time I go into my Art Room I have felt like I needed a change. I couldn't put my hand on it right away, but as soon as I understood what I was feeling I new what to do.

Simple changes like paint on the walls, and better organization with more shelving has really made a difference on the feelings I get when I enter my art room.

I am still working on the shelved, but so far everything is slowly coming together.

These small changes are really making a big difference in my enthusiasm for spending time in the Art Room and carving.

If you have ever felt this way give a little paint, organizational changes, or something small a try. It might make a big difference.

It has for me.



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Carving On Wood Podcast

I just posted a new Carving On Wood Podcast episode. I have to say that I really enjoyed talking with James Buie. He is a wonderful woodcarver, and someone I admire for his many years of sharing the woodcarvers journey with others.

I learned a lot from our conversation together. I hope that you enjoy this episode.


#CarvingOnWoodPodcast #CarvingOnWood  
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