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A mission statement generator.  Flawless.
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Tim Valenta

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You know what I really want from text searches...

I want to search 2 (or n) words, taken separately instead of as a single string.  Then I want the search to go find all instances of both words separately, and show me results in the order of their distance to one another.

Bonus points for giving me a slider that controls the "viable match distance" threshold.

This would let me search for words that I know are related, but the order and use of punctuation between them is unknown.
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Looks about right, except it'd be nice to have this kind of thing available in a more generic form for use on arbitrary files, and hopefully a nice UI interaction :D 

I'll have to remember to try to use this AROUND(1) thing when I can.
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Tim Valenta

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I like to have a private chuckle when someone in a business email replies that their response came late because my message went to spam.

What on earth kind of spam system marks a random reply in a series of 15 replies as spam.  Shouldn't there be some kind of immunity to messages from people you are in the middle of conversing with?

I'm so glad my email does is not subjected to the whims of Outlook or some other corporate/"enterprise"-level spam filterer.
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Tim Valenta

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I feel like VLC has the slowest download mirrors I've seen in the last few years.   I can't seem to pick a mirror either—it just hands me a connection with 30-40k/s and thanks me.  No big deal if it was a 5-10mb file, but it's almost 40mb!

It's faster to download an old version from some other site and then update it than it is to download the newest one from the original site.  Yikes.
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Yeah.  I don't know if it's a design problem that's hard to overcome now that it's mature and less flexible, or what.  It feel antiquated, at any rate.

Applications like that can be a real pain.  Even on OS X, they sometimes register as new applications in the system and you get an "Open With" list with 12 VLCs in it :) 
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Tim Valenta

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Aaaaa~nd for my next complaint—!

Why do I need to see this as soon as I launch Skype, every time.

1: Stop it.  It's annoying to be pitched something I clearly don't need and you haven't done enough to make it worthwhile anyway, and so you compensate for this by shoving into my face every launch to try to boost sales (??)
2: "Skype Home" tab is useless anyway.  It's a social network for me to know when the same guy went idle over and over again.
3: If Skype Credit was required to properly use Skype, I would understand this "welcome" prompt.
4: Who's decision was it to show this on every launch? I mean, really.  Every time?

The OS X version of Skype a while back decided that the sidebar wasn't important, and that it should consist of very little.  It'll show recent conversations, or ongoing calls, etc, but that's a lot of wasted space, since it clears every time you start up.
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And of course there's the problem that you've been able to do SMS for free with Google for a long time without even installing anything. Oh, and video chat and VOIP. For having been the first big name on the playing field, Skype is a little behind in the game.
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Tim Valenta

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Words you probably don't want to find yourself muttering:

    I think the problem was metaclass inheritance...

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Tim Valenta

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Code comments that say only "Simply gets x" on the method documentation, but which are followed by 40 lines of unreadable try-catches, debug lines, and string concatenations...

Yeah, you can go die in a fire.  Tell me something useful :'(
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Oh, a check box with a label like Froofning.
And a help tip that says, Enables Froofning.
Because the confusing part for me was the functionality of the check box, not what the hell is Froofning.
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Tim Valenta

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Chrome's been bugging me a lot recently (slow new-tab-page, animated doodles, ads at the bottom of the new-tab-page) so I tried looking around for other no-name browsers.  You know, for fun.

I'm just going to throw this out:

This should not be the first thing I see when I launch your browser.  Your intentions are sweet, but nope.  I'm looking at your browser because I'm a picky SOB, not because I have a thing for bad gradients and news tickers.
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Tim Valenta

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Semi-solution to my "buy skype credit" frustration:

Never answer this question when first installed! yaaaaayyy...

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Tim Valenta

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Aaaaaaand, this is why I regret accepting the UAC prompt to even check for Java updates anymore.  Every update.

I'm completely rethinking why I even have Java on this machine/partition.
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I love the installation on OSX, cause it it standardized and they can pull stuff like that.
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