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Tim Uden
I've been backpacking since 1989 and started the web's first hostel review website back in 1997.
I've been backpacking since 1989 and started the web's first hostel review website back in 1997.

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I've updated UK by Train with details about every Railcard available in the United Kingdom. 
Now you can read about every Railcard available in the United Kingdom.

Railcards allow you to buy discounted train tickets for travel in the United Kingdom. There are a wide range of Railcards available including Railcards for seniors, for travellers aged between 16 and 26 and for two or more travellers travelling together that are valid for travel throughout the United Kingdom. There are also some Railcards available to everyone regardless of their age, although these are restricted to travel within a specific geographic area.

Railcards are different to rail passes in that they do not entitle you to any travel on their own, but instead entitle you to a discount on any train tickets you purchase. Discounts are usually around one third off the price of your ticket and in most instances you can also use a Railcard to get discounted travel on Rover and Ranger rail passes.

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We now sell the Henty Wingman garment messenger bag on
Need to travel with a suit but find that most suit/garment bags don't fit your style? Then the Henty Wingman may be just what you're looking for.

The Henty Wingman is a garment messenger bag designed for active people (there is also a backpack version of the Wingman).

It is popular with people who cycle to work but need to carry a suit to change into when they get there and it is also ideal for anyone who is travelling and prefers a duffel or backpack-style bag but who also needs to keep a suit crease-free without also toting around a separate suit bag.

The Wingman is a complete travel bag system that comes with both a gym bag that you can pack your gear into plus a suit bag that rolls into a messenger/duffel bag or backpack.

The Henty Wingman is now available at with free shipping anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.

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New roaming rates in the EU mean that the O2 UK SIM card is a much better value option for anyone travelling around Europe, particularly if you don't need too much data.
European Union roaming rates were lowered yesterday which means that the O2 UK SIM card will work out the best value roaming option for many travellers.

As long as the United Kingdom remains part of the EU, you now get free incoming calls throughout most European countries with the O2 UK SIM card and calls to other European countries (either local calls or calls from one European country to another) are only 4p/minute when travelling outside the UK. Data access is now only 4p/MB (although the O2 Travel bolt-on package gives you 100MB data for £1.99/day).

Calls to non-European countries remain expensive so you are best off using an app such as Facetime, Localphone, Rebtel, Skype or Viber for calls home to Australia.

So if you need a SIM card for use throughout Europe and don't plan on using more than 50MB data per day then take a look at the O2 UK SIM card. If you need more than 100MB/day the Ortel German SIM card (with the Cross European roaming package) still works out better value. If you will be using between 50MB and 100MB data per day either SIM will work out about the same, although the O2 UK SIM card is generally a more user-friendly option.

If you buy the O2 UK SIM card and plan on using it mostly outside the UK, then we recommend you buy this on the International SIM tariff as the included value in the Big Bundle tariffs cannot be used outside the UK. 

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Here's some pictures from last night's White Night Melbourne festival.

This year's White Night initially didn't seem as good as the past two years, particularly since they didn't have the projections on Flinders Street that were the highlight of recent festivals and it also seemed less crowded (although I did set out after 2am to avoid the worst of the crowds). However the projections on NVG International and the Royal Exhibition Buildings were excellent, as were the projections in the reading room at the State Library. 
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Wow. Sydney is stuffed. Glad I live in Melbourne. 

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The free V/Line coach and rail travel promotion has been extended until 7 February 2016.

This means that you can now travel free in Victoria on V/Line coaches and trains until 7 February 2016. There's no need to book a ticket. Simply show up at a station and hop on a train.

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Happy new year from Melbourne
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Taiwanese popcorn chicken is always a good idea. Especially when it's from Ghost Kitchen at the Night Noodle Market. 

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Japanese salmon taco from Mr Miyagi at the Night Noodle Market. You can't go wrong when you look for the food stand with the longest queue. 
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