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God, I wish Paladins was relevant. :(

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A new journey begins...

Overwatch on an Acer Aspire R11 (N3050): Um... 14fps in the practice range. I mean, it's kinda playable, if it wasn't for the fps drops that basically freeze everything every ten seconds or so.

I'm not sure why I even tried. Because I could, apparently.

I am flesh and I am bone
Arise, ting ting, like glitter and gold
I've got fire in my soul
Rise up, ting ting, like glitter

So, a brand new Dell Inspiron 13 with Windows 10. I install on it and start downloading Overwatch. (Don't judge.)

I start cleaning up my start menu pins with the touchscreen. Long-tap, tap unpin, repeat. Do this a couple of times.. and the laptop locks up hard just as I unpin the fifth stupid thing I remove.

Okay, that's odd. Hard-off, start it back up, go back to cleaning up my pins again- and it locks up again, even sooner this time.


All I want is a 13" ultraportable with a quad-core i5 and Thunderbolt to connect an external GPU. Is that so much to ask for?

(The answer's yes, apparently.)

Rift/VR Day 2: I still haven't opened the box yet.

... I may be doing something wrong here.

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Finally, my long, difficult.. three-day wait is over. The Rift is here.

No, seriously, I ordered this three days ago. Thanks, Oculus, for screwing over your pre-orders with your retail agreements! (And, thanks, Best Buy for letting me cancel the bundled PC.)

Did I mention that I actually want a Vive? Oh, well.

Okay, so the Nexus 5X. Great phone, no lag so far.

But. USB-C is way, way too rare. I now have two more USB-A to USB-C cables on order and they can't get here fast enough. Also, the micro-USB to USB-C adapters I've bought so far are pretty flimsy (just bought another set). ‪#firstworldproblems

And finally, it's been two days and my tempered glass protector is already cracked. It fell off a couch once. :/ I think I'll stick to film screen protectors. And I'm getting a better case.

Ugh, one of my USB3 ports on my XPS 15 (L502x) fell into the case. Upon further inspection, it looks like it actually pulled off the circuit board. (I was hoping it was just a USB port on a cable that had fallen in.)

Ordered a replacement board, luckily it wasn't on the motherboard, but I"m really wondering how much longer I'm going to continue repairing this machine before I replace it. It'll be five years old in May, and laptops have come a long way since then.
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