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So we just got a legal request to pull the video from our GSIII post. That might just tell you something...
Whoa, there. We're still weeks away from an official big stage unveiling, but it looks like Samsung's next Galaxy phone is already out
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To be honest I'm pretty angry with those guys for making the video available in the first place. [Not you Engadget guys]
Me too, but we still reblogged this from you @engadget
Why mad? It's kind of what they do.
It may be what they do, but basically, Samsung wanted to make a big unveiling. Reaching so close since things were under wraps. For ONCE we could've had something we were anticipating to surprise us.
And yes, compare it to Apple. It's the launch of an iconic device. Everyone knows the iPhone, everyone knows the Galaxy line. Why could we not have a comparable unveiling?
Tim stevens leaking a proto that doesent represent the final device in anyway just beats the purpose
Understood, but whether it's a proto remains to be seen. Ultimately people are expecting the stars and the moon from the GS III but a lot of indications are that it's just a logical next step.
It probably is, but if they wanted a hyped revealing, why not let them have it? Fun is always being spoiled :(
+alex dampios the One X or S is far from a redesing. Both are just tweaked Sensations. Really boring phones with stupid iphone esque simcard drawers.
HTC did what they do best, just released the same phone third time around.
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