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As ever, I do hope you'll find it was worth the wait.
What's in a name? Or, more importantly, what's in a digit? Would that which we call an iPad by any number less than 2
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I don't see how this amazing display is really a must for anyone having iPad 2? It's the exact same iPad with higher display that while looking nice is really a minor improvement considering that on a 9" screen all those pixels don't mean that much. Unlike iPhone you hold much much closer, iPad is being viewed from a larger distance. I'm sure new Android tablets with 1920x1080 displays will look just as amazing, considering current Android tablet HD displays look stunning already.
Happy birthday Tim. And yes not much more with iPad 3rd generation, but the screen alone is a reason to have it. It is so crisp. But I am missing a better FaceTime camera. 
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