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Tim Stevens

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These pipes... are clean! 
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Good eye! From my '05.
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Tim Stevens

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Will be on Al Jazeera America in about 20 minutes, discussing whether it's a bad thing that tech companies are evolving faster than government can legislate them, and whether Google is still truly doing no evil. 
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Not only the nicest guy in tech, but one of the most sensible. :-) 
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Tim Stevens

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As the NY Auto Show came to a close, +antuan goodwin, +Wayne Cunningham and I sat down to chat about our favorite cars on the floor. 
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Tim Stevens

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Bunch of pics from the floor at the New York International Auto Show! Enjoy. 
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Tim Stevens

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Looks like Nike's out of the Fuelband business. Sad to see. Cutting the cord now ahead of impending iWatch disruption? 
The sportswear company has decided that only software has a future in Nike’s technology vision. That means cutting the FuelBand, including a slimmer version planned for the fall.
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Do you think Tim Cook had a sneaky word when he was at a Nike Board meeting.....
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Tim Stevens

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I don't always make my column headlines rhyme, but when I do, it makes me happy. Here's your weekly tech news review. 
Miss a few stories this week? We'll bring you up to speed with this rundown of all the tech news.
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Thank you! I don't get many comments on my print stuff :) 
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Tim Stevens

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I've heard some fears about whether BMW can repair the carbon frame on the i3 and, indeed, how much it will cost to do so. Some think insurance costs will be unreasonably high, but BMW techs told me it should be comparable to a normal BMW. #NYIAS  
The use of carbon fiber in the frame of the BMW i3 has many worried about high repair costs. BMW gives us an inside look at why it won't be so bad.
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Tim Stevens

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Next up from #NYIAS: I got to take a test drive in BMW's Concept plug-in X5 SUV yesterday. (And it was bucketing down with rain, so sadly I wasn't abel to take any photographic evidence of the experience.)
BMW has been making waves with its i3 and i8, but now it's time for the company's more traditional cars to get some bigger battery packs. We take a prototype plug-in hybrid X5 SUV for a quick spin.
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This would be tho only time I would recommend the S5. 
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Tim Stevens is Editor at Large at CNET and former editor-in-chief at Engadget, based in Upstate New York. He got his start writing professionally in the mid '90s, covering the gaming world while in college, and has since written on topics including business process management, software development, and of course lots and lots about gadgety type things. He's an avid gamer, amateur motorsports enthusiast, lover of most outdoor activities, and proud creator of the first (and possibly only) two-player game for the Sega VMU.
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Flavorless meals, aloof servers.
Public - 6 months ago
reviewed 6 months ago
Honest work and fair prices. Sometimes a bit slow on the turn-around, but worth the wait.
Public - 8 months ago
reviewed 8 months ago
Delicious food and a clean, sophisticated environment. Had a great meal.
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very goodService: Excellent
Public - 11 months ago
reviewed 11 months ago
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
14 reviews
Miserable breakfast. Order food, wait 5 minutes, am told orange juice will be another 10 minutes but will be there with the food. Food comes (I ordered eggs and toast. I get exactly that and nothing more, DRY toast) and no oj. Am told a few minutes later the OJ isn't coming so I finish my breakfast. As soon as I do, the oj shows up. All that took over 30 minutes and cost $22 for two eggs and a thimble of OJ. If you're a business traveler wanting a good, quick meal to start the day, steer clear.
• • •
Food: Poor to fairDecor: Very goodService: Good
Public - 10 months ago
reviewed 10 months ago
Best airport bbq ever. Damn good. Don't miss the brisket.
Food: ExcellentDecor: GoodService: Very good
Public - 12 months ago
reviewed 12 months ago