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Add photos from your phone to your albums!


Hello Google+ community! I’m +Tim St. Clair, an engineer on Google+ photos.

The Photos from your Phone page is a great way to quickly share photos from your phone, but sometimes you may want to organize those photos into a single, named album. (Like all those concert photos you took last weekend, for instance.) Now it’s easy! Just select the photos you want in the album, and click the Add to Album button. From there you can create a new album with the photos or add them to an existing album.

We’re always excited to improve your Google+ experience. Thanks and don’t forget to leave feedback!
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This is good! I was asking about how to do this yesterday... Can you actually do it from your phone though? The screenshot looks like the web interface.... Also, does it move the photos, copy them or "share pointers" to them (both have the same photo and comments... so in the new album do they retain any comments?)?
If I share a photo from the "Photos from your Phone" page and move them later, will it break the post in which the photo was shared?
Thanks. This is a welcome addition.
However, I would have liked the feature to be a little more fun and intuitive, kind of like Circles i.e. I should have been able to select photos and just drag an drop them into my existing albums or a new albums which could be visible at the top or the side.
When I click on Add to Album, instead of just displaying a blank box for the new album name and a link for existing albums, all my album could directly be either displayed as thumbnails or the list could have been shown by default next to the blank box.
Fewer the clicks, better the experience.
I take it this is for those that have "Instant Upload" turned on right?
Very nice feature. It solves one of the most obvious shortcomings I had noticed in G+.
I wish I could STAR this post. But we lost the Star function - PLEASE bring it back :)
I hope that some functions now available only in picasa web site, like "Download into Picasa" will be on google+ soon :)
** There's a small little little bug **

Add some "photos from your phone" into an album (create a new album for example).

Then delete all the photos you've already added.

The album will disappear in the "all albums" page correctly, since the album is empty.

But the album name is still in the list of albums when you choose "Add photos into album" --> Add photos to an existing album. It shouldn't be there.
+Lindsay Donaghe When you use the add to album button, the photos will be copied to the the album, but the comments will not be copied. The exception is the first time you add or share a photo, the original will be moved. This feature is currently only available from the full web interface.

+Kristian Serrano If you use the add to album button on a photo you've already shared, the photo will be copied into the album, and leave the original share untouched. The same is true for sharing a photo multiple times.
Too bad a photo couldn't be a single entity and gather all it's comments in one place... But it's a simpler implementation how you describe.
+Tim St. Clair Thanks for this great new feature. I am having a slight issue with it though. I have found that when I "add" a photo to an existing album the photo is actually moved (unbeknown to the user) and not copied. This can be found by clicking on the magnifying glass of the photo, in the lightbox view it then shows it is located in the new album (top right).

So the problem is, I went to delete the photo, thinking it would remove it from the instant upload album or simply hide it from the "photos from phone tab", but it was actually deleted from the album it had been moved to and lost forever as it was no longer in the instant upload album.

This could potentially catch a lot of people out so I'm wondering, would it be possible to show the album name of which the photo is located under each thumbnail so that we the user realise that deleting the photo will remove it from the album shown, and not necessarily from the instant uploads album or from the photos from phone tab.

Hope this makes sense.
I've left feedback, but I'd love to be able to sort my albums alphabetically rather than by date added, I don't care when I made an album, just what it contains.
I would like to be able to do this with "photos from posts". I have a series of posts that contain images, and I would like to be able to subsequently collect those images together into a single album. Is there a way to do this?
Nice... but I still want to add pictures to existing albums from the phone like in the Facebook app. I don't want to go to the website everytime I upload a picture from my phone.
+1million - have been asking for this feature since day 1 :) Bring it to the phone please :)
About my previous comment: in fact in Picasa, the empty album is not deleted!
It's what happened to me.

Fortunately it was to a photo I was willing to loose as I was testing it out. Best way to see this is to upload a photo. Open picasa and you'll see the photo in the instant upload album. Then go to back to g+, add the photo to an album. Return to picasa and view the instant upload album and the photo is gone, but it still appears in photos from your phone.
Yes definitely, this must be fixed!

I'd definitely prefer that the photo is copied than moved in the new album. Or ok, it has to be clear at least if the photo is copied or moved.
Definitely a nice feature...but I don't use the picture upload feature much because I'm still waiting for MPO and 3D support to really use the pictures from my 3VO! Any word on that?
Any news on Instant Upload coming to iOS?
Need to do this but from the phone app. Create an album or add photos to an album directly from the mobile apps.... Thanks! (and +1 button in lightbox!)
+Tim St. Clair What me and my wife really miss is an easy way of organizing photos from existing posts, right now they show up in a million small albums. It would be really nice if we could go to the "Photos from posts" tab and drag/copy the photos to premade albums, or at least mark photos and "add to this and that album".
Here's another request for being able to move images from "Photos from posts" into new albums. Maybe there's already a way to do this and I'm missing it?
Hey +Tim St. Clair did you read my post about a bug? Unfortunately it's still there :(
Can you reproduce it?
I have my photo organized in folder and subfolder and i can't import from root all subfolder contained
also in picasa i can import in web album one folder without subfolder contained
Need a flag import also subfoder in webalbum
+Massimo Belgrano I believe you are asking about uploading photos which you have organised into a folder tree. Here's a little trick you can use:
1) Flatten the view such that all the pictures appear in the same folder. In windows you can use the search function for this (search the root folder for *.jpg). I assume you can do something similar on mac. (on linux, you can use symbolic links and upload normally).
2) Now open your browser, go to, and click the red "upload photos" button.
3) Select all the photos in the search window, and drag them onto the upload photos dialog in your browser.
4) I think that should do it! Although, we have a cap on the number of photos you can upload at once. If you have more than this, I suggest you give the picasa client a try.
+Tim St. Clair actually the picasa client supports only the 640/1024/1600 pixels and the original quality, but not 2048 pixels as G+ does.
with the 640/1024/1600 pixels you'll loss the quality of the picture, with the original size you'll loss your quota (and money)...
Hello Tim, i wonder if you can help me! I had instaled google + app on my phone (android 2.3.3 htc desire hd) a few days ago and today i discovered that all my photos from my cellphone were uploaded in a folder named "photos from my phone". I now realize that i had instant upload turned on while installing the app. To rectify this, i unistalled the app and reinstalled again, this time making sure that the settings for instant upload were turned of. However, all my phone photos in the app version of google +, are still in the folder "photos from my phone". Even more, any photo that i take now, is instantly included in the "photos from my phone" folder, although instant upload is turned of. Google + on my desktop on the other hand, does not show any of my phone photos in the folder "photos from my phone", which is how i would like it to be.
I really don't want my photos to appear in the "photos from my phone" folder in the google + app, what can i do?
I don't know if its relevant but In picasa i deleted the album "photos from my phone". I would appreciate if you can advise.
P.S. Right now the google + app is unistalled from my phone, are my photos still on google's servers? Thanks again!
Hi +Spyros Loizou. If you uninstall the Google+ app, or change it's settings, any images that have been upload to google+ will stay there until you explicitly delete them (which you can do from the photos from your phone page). If you have the app installed, and open the settings, be sure that instant upload is unchecked. Also, I suggest you check out our forums ( for more timely responses to these sorts of questions.
Hi Tim, when I have a video in the "Photos from your phone" directory I would like a way to be able to have it import into Picasa desktop (or even a video in another album). It would actually be nice if the "Photos from phone directory" could continuously sync to Picasa desktop. At least I can "Import from Google+ Photos" from Picasa regularly, but it will not import videos. I can't even download videos from Google+ like I can photos. This is kind of discouraging as I really want all my photos and videos locally in Picasa desktop. Will this feature be added? Any suggestions on how to handle in the interim? Thanks!
When I installed Google+ on Android, I enabled the "automatic upload photos" option, not realising that it would upload all the existing photos, rather than just new photos. Then when I deleted these photos (from within the Google+ app), it deleted the photos entirely off my phone, so I've lost a whole bunch of photos entirely. Dose this sound correct?
It does sync both ways I think. So, if you delete photos from G+ it deletes from your phone. It might even delete from Picasa, but I am not sure. I stopped using the instant upload and G+ because of the problems associated with the way it handles photos as I mentioned earlier.
I stopped using it from my phone.In fact i uninstalled it. I only use it from my desktop! And i will certainly not install it again on my phone until they sort out the instant upload trouble. I mean i uninstalled the app then installed it again this time having the instant upload turned of and the stupid app still uploads any new pictures i take! I mean really...!!!!! And even more there is no way to delete my photos from the folder in G+ unless i delete them from my phone as well!!! It doesn't feel very "free and Open" to me google!!!!
I can;t find that option you wrote about - "Add to album"  Please help!!
There is no "add to album button" on the mobile version of Google plus. So all my photos get lumped together until I get to a computer. What an I missing?
Can I "Add to Album" full sized photos form Instant Upload? Because when I add some photos from Instant Upload to another album, the photo is resized :(
Still needs "add to existing album" from the mobile app...
^^ this. What possible reason could there be for not having such an elementary feature?

Why must I now transfer my pictures to my PC and then add them from there?
+Jeremy Schwartz I was just looking for this function and's still not available. :( Photo management on G+ is painful.
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