We are Witness to our OWN destruction!

I've been going through a lot of "things" lately because we're moving.. and something I came across was a box of old National Geographic magazines.. about 50 of them!
Apart from being quite heavy.. my goal at this stage is to reduce the amount of clutter and junk I hang onto.. and so with some reluctance decided it was time to part with these "treasures".
(I don't know about you.. but these magazines have always been one of my favorites)

So.. I'm bundling them into packs of 10 and taping them together to be put into recycling pickup.. and I note one of them is silver instead of the familiar yellow bordered edition.
December 1988 titled National Geographic - "Can we save this fragile Earth?" (They were celebrating the 100th anniversary of National Geographic 1888 - 1988)

I started to flip through the index and to the editorial, and from what I read decided I had to keep this copy and write to all of you about it.

Perhaps it comes as no surprise to some that even back in 1988 there were growing concerns regarding this planet and our activities, concerns over population growth, poverty, hunger, and environmental degradation.

What really stands out to me is that concerns over what humans are doing to this planet aren't something new. We are active and knowing participants and witnesses to our own destruction.

We allow distractions like some fool politician (paid by the likes of Monsanto or Cargil or BP) arguing that global warming is a lie, but Global Warming is accepted as fact by the brightest scientific minds and clearly backed up by all the available data.

We ARE changing this planet. Worldwide pollution of the air adds millions of tons of carbon to the atmosphere every day. Besides being a major "heat sink" to the energy of the sun and warming our atmosphere.. this CO2 is being absorbed by the oceans.

*Current rates of ocean acidification have been compared with the greenhouse event at the Paleocene-Eocene boundary (about 55 million years ago) when surface ocean temperatures rose by 5–6 degrees Celsius. No catastrophe was seen in surface ecosystems, yet bottom-dwelling organisms in the deep ocean experienced a major extinction. The current acidification is on a path to reach levels higher than any seen in the last 65 million years, and the rate of increase is about ten times the rate that preceded Paleocene-Eocene mass extinction.

**Although no single country comes close to the 2.8 billion tons of CO2 produced annually by the U.S. power sector, other countries collectively account for three-quarters of the power-related CO2 burden. China comes second after the U.S. with 2.7 billion tons; followed by Russia -- 661 million tons; India -- 583 million tons; Japan -- 400 million tons; Germany -- 356 million tons; Australia -- 226 million tons; South Africa -- 222 million tons; the United Kingdom -- 212 million tons; and South Korea -- 185 million tons.

This is only POWER production.. and doesn't include transportation, deforestation, home heating, other forms of CO2 pollution, and as one link below indicates.. Earth's own CO2 production from volcano's etc..

Have you read this far? Have you checked out the links below?

What strikes me the most.. is that we have known about the effects of our activities on Earth for decades.. and we still doubt and argue in the face of science.. yet we believe everything else that our science teaches us.
Perhaps the greatest obstacle to humanity developing the will to effectively deal with this looming disaster is money.
We worry about what it's going to cost to clean up our "act".. rather than worrying about what it's going to cost if we don't.

This is very much like a delinquent mortgage situation. Sooner than later I believe planet earth is going to hit us hard with an "eviction notice".

* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ocean_acidification
** http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/11/071114163448.htm
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