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Tim Southernwood

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How ironic is it that Odor flubbed the throw that allowed the Blue Jay's Donaldson to steal the winning run.

Blue Jay's sweep Texas
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Tim Southernwood

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Can you imagine?
A North Carolina man and his fiancee are riding out Hurricane Matthew on top of an old Coast Guard light station more than 30 miles off the Atlantic coast.
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I would do that. It's probably super sturdy.
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Tim Southernwood

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Stunning... It is a masterpiece indeed...
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Tim Southernwood

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I think they could end this practice fairly quickly by cutting off the noses of the parents who send their girls to be mutilated by this barbaric practice.
Cameron pledges tougher law as study reveals 137,000 girls and women in England and Wales have been mutilated
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...or it would start a new tradition
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Tim Southernwood

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Building this dam is an ecological, environmental, and social disaster in the making.
The costs when fully tabulated far exceed the limited benefits and appear to be in support of an already doomed industry of LNG in BC.
The Federal Government should step in at least to protect the transparency of this project, because if allowed to carry on as usual the BC Liberals under Clark will side step the truth and press forward with this dam.
What madness abounds in this country? 
In a scenario that sounds like something out of a Dr. Seuss book, bull trout and other fish will travel in trucks past the Site C dam for 100 years as part of BC Hydro’s strategy to save the threatened fish species from disappearing from the Peace River.
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+Terry McNeil​ my understanding of the LNG venture is that it requires a lot of energy to turn the gas into liquid, and would be carbon intensive if they used fossil fueled energy to supply the power. Christie Clark is insanely focused on building the LNG terminal and will do anything to support it. Let no species, river, region, or people get in her way...
Interesting point is that they've also vastly over estimated the natural gas reserves in the province, and of course the jobs and economic benefits are similarly overstated...
Making this dam even more of a mistake! 
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Tim Southernwood

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Christy Clark and her crew seem to have been smoking weed as evidenced by their fantasy of a lucrative LNG industry.
The whole premise is based on $100 barrels of oil, vastly inflated estimates of resources, royalties, and jobs created, and wildly underestimated costs to the taxpayer.
Building Dam C in support of this doomed to fail industry is nothing more than a wipe of lipstick on the snout of a pig, but underneath is still the truth.

A pig is just a pig, and this LNG dream (or nightmare to the people of BC) is a stinker of a deal!
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My only question about the article is why is it published in the 'opinion' section? It cites verifiable facts that clearly devastate the government's claims.
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Tim Southernwood

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lol, peas in a pod
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Tim Southernwood

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There's only 1 day, 1 hour, and 45 minutes left. And counting...
Don't forget your Win10 free upgrade!
The upgrade that strikes it rich in the personal data of billions of users.
Microsoft makes so much money in the sale of data, that it actually makes the sale of the O/S inconsequential.
What better way to ensure everyone gets it (bit), than to give it away free. a $150 product. Who's not going to take that deal??
Only the savvy will upload the program in custom mode.. making selections that limit Microsoft's spying on their shopping habits and other activities online.
Whatever you do.. don't use the express mode. Take the time.. study and understand what information your selections make available to others for profit.
Do you think they'll ever share any of that profit with you?
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Tim Southernwood

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There's nothing in this deal to benefit Canadians. What modest gains we achieve are vastly offset by the losses and the vulnerability we face to the investor protection mechanisms contained in the deal.

C.D. Howe Institute report argues Canada’s benefits are ‘relatively modest’ in trade deal that adds little to existing openness between economies
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Tim Southernwood

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See if you can spare a few dinero to help these good people fight big bankers!

What a weird game!

Hackers Versus Banksters is a Visual Novel about revenge!

Toronto Mistrust Bank stole $70,000 from Tankboy. But Tankboy and his common-law wife Crowgirl are master hackers! That corrupt Bay Street corporation chose the wrong poor people to mess with!

You, the player, are the key to whether or not Crowgirl and Tankboy's cyberattack on Toronto Mistrust is successful or not. Do you know how to hack a big, greedy bank?

But Hackers Versus Banksters isn't all computer wizardry. You'll also have to navigate the minefield of Crowgirl's anorexia and Tankboy's PTSD.


#Kickstarter #crowdfund #crowdfunding #gaming #videogames #toronto #indiedev #gamedev #indiegame
The greed of a big bank has gone too far. It'll take a couple of impoverished hackers to make things right!
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hi sir
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Tim Southernwood

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I find it interesting that the Government continues the line "we will be consulting with Canadians regarding the TPP"

Now.. My understanding of consultation involves talking with experts. I consult with my lawyer or doctor or mechanic because they know what they're talking about.

When we consult with out trade experts most of them that I've seen have come out against this trade off, this trade steal.

If Trudeau's representatives consult with ordinary Canadians they are talking with people who for the majority know absolutely nothing about it because the "deal" has been kept secret for most of its existence. There has been little to no attempt by the government to educate us on the broader and finer points the TPP contains.

As far as I'm concerned, if people like Joseph Stiglitz and Michael Geist come out swinging against this deal what more do we need to say?

It is a flawed trade deal that benefits big business and foreign investors at the expense of ordinary Canadians. We lose on all fronts.

It should never have been signed by us, and should never be ratified by us.

#TPP #tradesteal #stealofthecentury 
Economist Joseph Stiglitz says he has told International Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland that Canada should reject the Trans-Pacific Partnership because it's a badly flawed trade deal.
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Tim Southernwood

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There is very little of anything good for average Canadians in the TPP trade deal, and the simplicity of this article brings us to the very essence of the question.
The question is, who are we going to believe is telling the whole truth?
A growing number of influential thinkers, economists, and scientists who are stepping up to tell Canadians how bad this deal really is for all of us, or the politicians who have been lobbied and supported with donations and possibly even bribes by the Corporatocracy who REALLY stand to benefit from the deal?
The thinkers tell us the deal is bad while receiving no benefit, and the government tell us it's good but are coerced to do so.
If Trudeau ratifies this deal we will know which side of the equation he stands on.
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I'm proud to be a Canadian and love being a Dad!
Business Owner / Innovator/ Entrepreneur/ Blogger: Interested in Blog Applications, Social Media, Social Site & Mobile Application Technology

I'm a veteran, a geek (loving all kinds of technology), a mother nature fanatic and conservationist, scientist, gardener and indoor plant collector, explorer, inventor, and a pretty darn good cook!

I used to do all my own automotive mechanical work and have a tool box that weighs a ton, and proudly rebuilt a T170 Trident in my motorcycling days..
I take my family camping every year, and I love to pick berries.. and when I can get enough I do preserves to enjoy them through the winter.

There aren't many critters I don't like.. but at heart I'm a dog person, (I love dogs and they love me) born in the year of the Dog (Chinese Zodiac) and the water sign Pisces.

I'm also a busy Dad, Jack of all trades / Master of many, socially and environmentally minded, and motivated by the human spirit of exploration and all things good.

With respect to my posted content and comments.. consider them as ©

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Survived the 70's & 80's with most of my brain cells intact, Military service with an honorable discharge, 2 divorces and kept the house, 4 daughters keeping my sanity(I'll get back to you on that one), a gazillion miles of highway, and hoards of mosquitoes! I'm CANADIAN eH!
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