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Tim Ryan
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Singer/ Song Writer

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Have a voice, stand up against bullying.

+Jessie Patton +Tim Ryan +Tim Ryan 

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New Original Song
Reason To Stay
by Tim Jones ©2014
Hope ya'll like this one...

Moving to +Tim Ryan With my music! If you want to continue following me and my music, please circle me here as I won't be using this profile anymore and will be closing it end of March. So come circle and sub my Youtube. :)

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Check out my latest song I am working on. Pre-Release of my newest song Live vocal recording.

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That cover looks good! Y'all check out some +Jamie Alimorad ! Don't miss out on his music. Definitely check out "Beautiful" one of my favs from this artist. And subscribe to the newsletter as well! Much more to come in the future you wont want to miss this!
The Music Pulse Newsletter  Issue #001

Introducing the New..  Music Pulse News Letter..  

The first of what we hope will be many more to come.  A general Recap covering  what we've got going on with  The Music Pulse Platform..  This months featured artist is +Jamie Alimorad  with a hand picked list of others that have been on the show in the last few months.. 

Highlights to be added  as we go along..   Look for the News Letter  to be published on the site like you see it now..  

We will run three successive months, 90 days!   From there it will be pulled to mail list only.   If you want to get it,  you're going to have  to sign up for the mailing list.  Then you'll get it in your box..  Good thing with the D/L version.  You can print yourself a copy and or send it to your friends.. 

The site is maturing and growing with new writers to be added soon. look at the tabs up top, to get an idea of what's to come. Were  just getting started,  with the work in progress for.. 

The Music Pulse Platform 

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Album has officially been released for review and download! Check it out here on Google Play, or shoot over to any of your favorite online music stores to get your copy today!

#amazonmusic   #countrymusic   #albumrelease  
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