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I remember what happened on Xda regarding the HTC M8 rom. Will there ever be an official version for the M8 again (just not on Xda), or did those people burn that bridge forever?
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+josh corse Agreed.
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Tim Russell

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I just finished checking out the rom threads for the m8 on xda. I have to say +Sean Hacker, you sure do know how to get people riled up with a single comment. And I thought you were supposed to be the king of "AOKP with attitude". :P
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Bob B
You got that correct, he and a few others have been extremely helpful since I have joined out force. AND, Isay this very seriously, our brother/sister hood in this particular group is second to none when it comes to respect and loyaly. Help is just a shout away…… 
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Have him in circles
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On the newest release, I go into rom control, and then into the Toggles option. I chose to name my Favorite Contract. If I scroll through the list, I can select one properly. If I tap I the search field to type in a name, Contacts will fc. I guess the log is tio big for paste bin, so here is the Dropbox link. Thanks.
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Coming from full wipe. Sorry to leave that out.
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Tim Russell

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Somebody's been busy on github... This thing is going to be amazing!
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I had a checkbook but my wife took it away. Spent too much money on toys and vehicles... I guess I don't blame her.
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