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Tim Renshaw
Realtor in Cumming, GA
Realtor in Cumming, GA

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Quotable quote: “...there is no evidence of a normalization in the unusually low inventories of homes available for sale, which has been the primary force behind the extraordinary price gains." Those with homes seem to be staying put as new buyers enter the market with less than normal #s of homes available for consideration.

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Essentially, once you have a preapproval, you need to put your life on ice. Don't make any big changes in your life financial or otherwise. Bill Gassett does a great job calling out some things I'll bet you never thought could hurt you once pre-approved. You know, things like paying off debts. That's right, seems counter-intuitive, but banks hate change.

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The benefits of owning your own home go beyond the financial!

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“These tips should help you to sleep more soundly and even look forward to that moment when you pad down the hallway to shake off the world.”
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Just because someone else got his or her feet in the door first doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a done deal. There are many potential pitfalls on the road to closing that may just derail that particular transaction. If you make a backup offer, you’re in prime position if that comes to pass.

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