Does anyone else find that each successive release of Mac OS X gets worse, more Windows-like in its obscurity, its tendency to hide affordances that were once a joy to the advanced user, more buggy, more user-hostile, with more attempts to lock you into Apple's own apps. I'm starting to hate Mac OS X, and thinking there's starting to be an opportunity for a new, simple, clean OS to come along.

Right now, since I've switched to Gmail, I'm trying to back up and remove from my machine years of accumulated mail storage from First obstacle: a user's library files are now hidden. Finally find them (thanks Matt Silver), back up the files to an external disk, and then delete them. But then when I empty the trash, an ungodly number of files--going back years--claim they are "in use" and can't be deleted. So here I am having to click "continue" every few thousand files (if I'm lucky) as I page through more than 400,00 files to be deleted. I know this is actually an old mis-feature - but why the devil wouldn't they give you an "ignore" checkbox or a "delete whatever you can checkbox"? This has been a problem for years, but never fixed, while they add new gloss all the time.

But that's just the latest frustration. There are so many things that are worse in Lion than in Snow Leopard, just as there were many things worse in Snow Leopard than in Leopard, and on back.

Time to start over, guys.
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