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Cool. Ceres Community Garden (on @oreillymedia land in Sebastopol) is a finalist in a grant competition from Deloach Vineyards and have an opportunity to win funding and publicity in Organic Gardening Magazine.

The Ceres Community Garden is the new garden behind O’Reilly where all the food grown goes to meals for people with serious illness while teen volunteers do the majority of the gardening and cooking. O'Reilly's donates the land, water, and electricity.

This grant goes to the top five community gardens with the most votes and they need our help getting them so please take a minute and go online to vote for them.

Just click on the last picture in the second row on the page below:
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Was wondering about that garden out back. Saw it last week when I was at the office in Sebastopol. Beautiful!
My daughter works at DeLoach in St. Helena - good to see they are supporting this - and thank you Tim!
That's a very cool project.
Would be great if I could get my vote counted. The website claims "cannot process request at this time" ;-(
Do you need to pay for a background check to get involved in a community garden in Sebastopol? We do in my town in Tejas.
Background check? What, do they think you're going to molest the vegetables or something?
I just saw the community garden in my visit to the offices in Sebastopol. What a lovely garden, and such a great reason to have it .. supporting terminally ill families.

It was fun meeting the interns, seeing the lab! Super wow.
In this town? Someone would probably plant marijuana given the chance.
"Participants can vote once daily between March and August 6 2012" ????? Seems like a very odd way of encouraging participation ..
The teens are doing a wonderful thing! They have gotten my vote!
thanks, for the shout out!
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