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An unusual, wonderful, even visionary account of the early years of computers - a source of koans for coders

I haven't yet read +George Dyson's book Turing's Cathedral but I've watched its development, and heard George talk about it many times. (His keynote at OSCON a half-dozen years ago got a standing ovation.) George is a wonderful historian and a keen thinker.

This Guardian review is mixed but overwhelmingly positive, and suggests that that book is one of those rare books that matter. After criticizing the book for its sprawling difficulty, the review outlines three reasons why it is a "must-read":

"One: no other book about the beginnings of the digital age brings to life anything like so vividly or appreciatively the immense engineering difficulty of creating electronic logic for the first time; of creating originally, and without a template, the pattern of organisation which has since become absolutely routine, and been etched on silicon at ever smaller micron-distances in chip foundries. ...

"Two: no other book has engaged so intelligently and disconcertingly with the digital age's relationship to nuclear weapons research, not just as a moral quandary to do with funding, but as an indispensable developmental influence ....

"Three: no other book – this is where we get visionary – makes the connections this one does between the lessons of the computer's origin and the possible paths of its future."
+John Brockman titled his email to the mailing list "An unusual, wonderful, even visionary account of the early years of computers - a source of koans for coders." That seems a nice summary of George's book.
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Thanks for the reminder; downloaded.
+Tim O'Reilly You should read it, and you'll enjoy it, but I agree with the review. I read George's book in manuscript and told him there were 3 books in it he should unravel. It is a network book, a web of related stories. I think he did a better job in summarizing the main thrust of his book in this interview I did with him for Wired:
George Dyson is speaking at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco tomorrow (Thursday) night. I'm already signed up.
Strange. At Amazon, the Kindle eBook edition is more expensive than the hardcover. Is this a sign of something?
Thank you for posting this. Adding to my reading list now.
and all that technology and research was given way free of charge The Post Office engineer who turned Turins vision into reality Tommy Flowers was given £1000 and this didnt even cover his outlay this is an outrage an easier book on this and the entire Ultra Bletchley Park thing ENIGMA the battle for the code Hugh Sebag-Montefiore ISBN 9780304366620
Eniac? Another is "Where Wizards Stay Up Late."
Thanks. Just got on Audible. I'll be 'reading' on the drive home.
Was lucky to attend a talk by him today and receive a signed copy.
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