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A sad story of hypocrisy, involving JP Morgan taking care of Senator's underwater mortgage I say it is corruption, and the Senate should investigate, and if the story is true, censure!
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Adam T
+Tim O'Reilly Nothing will happen - because I guarantee it's not the first senator to get " taken care of" by a bank. It's sad - our government works for highest bidder. Not the people.
Is it too late for a primary challenge?
I'm impressed I saw this on G+ before Reddit. The teabagger voters got used. It was obvious all along.
Go figure, I can't get financed for a house, and I do quite well.
Can you Supersize that bank for me? Thanks, Now it is "Too big to fail!" (I smell bullshit)
This can't be an isolated incident.
Hey I want JPMorgan to take care of my short sale too!!!!
Linking the Huffington Post, really?!? I've come to expect more from you, Tim.
WANTED: Senator's, excellent fringe, nothing illegal (even if you get caught). Apply in local state please.
+Christopher Fowler, OK, let's go to the article. Did you bother to read it? It is high on rhetoric, but where are the facts?!? The author can't even define how much the senator actually made (or saved) on the deal! The author strings together a bunch of unrelated incendiary comments and/or actions by various people and organizations he has dubbed "conservative" and tries to pin them all on the senator because he supports the Tea Party. It's really ridiculous.

And for the record, I discount most of the crap on NewsMax and the like as well.

I believe that these biased "news" sites are the root of the problem with public discourse today.

It is all getting too complicated. Very convenient for the nefarious. What we need is a true simplifier evangelist.
Ho hum... Corrupt politicians and their handlers. If you want change start thinking Occupy White House. #OWH. Start a movement amongst your social circle, real and virtual, to vote for the Green candidate. Forget Dems and Reps. Neither option has worked before and neither will until the game is changed.
Naw, start in Congress or the Supreme Court - 'honoraria' from the same people who have in interest in whatever Clarence Thomas is ruling on?
Of course it's corrupt!  Why is there any question?  He got something by virtue of his office.  How is this different from a wad of cash?
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