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Blood-borne nanobots: here we come

Shades of +Neal Stephenson's Diamond Age with its blood-borne nanobots maintaining human health: A DNA-sized nanobot that identifies and latches onto cancer cells.

Put that together with this new wireless pharmacy on a chip and we're definitely entering a science-fiction future.
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You literally posted this as I was reading it!
As a sci-fi/fantasy writer these (nanotechnology as a whole, nanites as individuals) devices have been the cornerstone of much of my work. Can't begin to describe the potential they represent.
Great share and a great work by the Church lab. - The implanted chip raises the question what role the patients will should play in modern medicine. In a comment was written, that this would solve the problem of lack of compliance by patients. This is a point I totally disagree on. A patient should have a right to deny compliance. This leads us to a general question on the road to personalized medicine: Who rules? - The patient, society, the government, the employer, the insurance company...? If we look back in history and see all the crimes committed by physicians, we have to conclude that only the patients interests can rule. The patient has to be the only focus. See e.g. the horrible crimes committed by nazi physicians in Germany. - All the very rapid advances in modern medicine demands to engineer ethics in parallel. This has to be in focus of the researcher right from the beginning. The patient has to own all his data. He has to make all the decisions.....
There was an episode of 'The Outer Limits' (June 23,1995) in which nanobots take over the main character's body.
The best of this, is that it is build from DNA and other biomolecules. This creates a perspective for bioreplication. It may require stil big advances in bioscience but this hints, that one day a living cell can produce nanobots, similar to how virusses are replicated. Thus very affordable for mass production. Compared to scanning tunneling nanotechnology.
Know too much? here is an injection of some bots that hunt for memory cells with specific data..
The singularity is inevitable. You might as well give up and either join in with the majority of humanity or go live in the woods for the rest of your life.

Note: The woods may be destroyed in a future holocaust, but at least you were, like, an individual or something.
@Michael I'm in the same boat with you. There will come a time when we will no longer be at the top of the food chain. I see no reason for us to go racing towards a dire future.
+Crash Override The last predator of humans is the automobile. I'm pretty sure that for the foreseeable future, man will be at the top of the food chain.
There is much more than this going on. I was skeptical about some of the directions this is going and for plenty of good reasons. Now however I have given up on bio-tech future dread. Bring on the mutant PCR template optimized micro fab DADC space worms.
what was the name of the movie where some scientists were puy in a vehicle that was shrunk to nano size and they went to the patient's brain and zapped a disease and had to escape through his tear ducts?
The Incredible Journey, I believe.
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!! intersting
cool, but it could killusall
I can't wait for the nanobots! But hope we don't get any Steel Beach types!
As much as I love technology and gadgets, I don't want gadgets in me or attached to me. I know how unreliable technology can be and I don't want nanobots doing a force close on my liver.
Can't wait until they figure out how to make them attack brain cells and turn people into zombies so the earth can become like Zombieland! That'd be awesome. Oh, btw, the cure for cancer has been around for a while now...heavy concentrated herbal detox programs such as the one by Dr. Schultz ( have been proven to work but the NWO medical would have none of it and kicked out of the country a couple of times...lets face it, Cancer makes money and expensive nano-bot treatments would make a lot more money.
This is very cool but I wonder if the "robot" label is accurate. It's a nano machine no doubt, but it's really a nano sized clam shell that pops open when part of it binds to a cancer cell marker. It then releases antibodies that bind to the cancer. Should be safer than standard small molecule therapy and antibody drug conjugated as there are two levels of recognition.

Somehow the label robot implies some complex machine that could go mad in your body and take control. Fortunately, in this case science is way behind sci fi. 
i'll make the killbot version that makes people drop dead and start froffing at the mouf
An amazing leap forward in medicine and technology. I'm curious as to how long it's gonna take to become affordable to the general public.
well as long as they can't manufacture themselves, nano tech should never be capable of a pandemic. give it 20 years
yes I have been following the nanobots for some time :)
who are u talking about morgan butcher?
asome!! need it for a a lot of people
This was for seen by Ray Kurzweil in hisbooks" The Singularity is Near" and " Transcend ".
What are we waiting for? Unleash these robots, I had 2 friends that died, and 3 relatives that are battling cancer. They would love to get this cure.
what in the name is wrong with u?
This is good news. I will live longer. ;-)
yeah....what do you get out of cussing and swearing anyway
Woow!! Ojalá este pronto, al alcance de quien lo necesita.
I am not the creator of the program...just the promoter thank you very much :)
thinkin concept of little robots in my body creeps me out
how bout they just quit givin us cancer??
look up The Singularity. By 2045 you will be robot then human. I cant wait :)
the way the tech biz is, one will most likely be ONLY a TOS/EULA licensee to these software driven "perpertual beta" wonderbots..and have no "ownership" of them.... time to read the "nanoprint" of all these wonders....
we are soon entering a complex age where we finaly lose day we going to be saying....we had it we had it !
tech nanobots "injected" into you..the "licensee" will be as "respected" in maintenance as any vc sponsored tech project....... ;).... when does my "needed" upgrade of netscape come out?
Super awesome... does this mean i can pick up smoking again? And sorry jackie... i now refuse to ever click on a link to anything you ever post on youtube... your constant posting is obnoxious and due to repetition i wont be forgetting your name...
Do Not Want. If my time comes, it comes.
Tim's comment is sooooo very true!!!
J Regan
The Singularity is Near.
resistance is futile assimilation is inevitable
what is the next scary scourge to be, after we don't have cancer to kick around anymore?
Sign me up I can't wait to have these little buggers pumping through me fixing me up. Like a little Roomba for my bod. :-)
Who the heck is Tim Reilly, isn't he the car guy?
Skynet? More like MGS4!

"Snake...had a hard life."
#nanotechnology is (and always will be) a difficult subject ... self replicating nanobots (the only kind that makes sense, since manually producing every robot would be inconceivable) could be a blessing for medicine and other areas and could potentially destroy the world ... the problem is, that the way humans are made, there always will be people who will use an otherwise beneficial invention and use it for destruction ...

i do see the dangers of nanotechnology, but i'm still fascinated by it ... once in a phase where nanobots can be made to do what we want, it'll change the world more profoundly than fire, the wheel, car, airplane or the internet did ... the applications are literally endless and our world will never be the same (for better and for worse) ...
I wonder if these little machines could cure my rare form of Leukemia? Hmmm.
I think this is marvelous. I think nanotechnology is going to do amazing things.

But please stop overusing the word "robot".

This is a robot in the same way that a jewelry box with a key is a robot.
Don't worry about inovation... though remember Seneca's words: "The future is not what lies ahead but rather what sneaks upon us from the back." And "For every bullet we can make an armor,... and for any armor a bullet." (I forgot from who this is.)
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