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Why iPhone Users Should be Backing OpenPlans' Kickstarter

I recently backed OpenPlans' kickstarter to build a transit app for iOS 6, after Apple, as part of their ongoing war with Google, are replacing Google Maps with a mapping app that no longer supports transit directions.  Apple is opening up interfaces for third parties to add back in this functionality, and selling that as a benefit, but realistically, this is another example of Apple falling into the old Microsoft trap of "the strategy tax" on users - that is, Apple is making the product work less well for users but advancing a corporate strategic goal against competitors.

Nonetheless, anyone who uses transit directions on the iPhone ought to be backing this project, because you're going to miss them when they are gone...

I know this is probably not the forum to be spreading this on, since G+ is the stronghold of the Google/Android ecosystem, but I think it's worthwhile.
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Maybe I am missing the point, but as Google is going to continue making maps for iOS (despite not being the default maps app anymore), wouldn't it just be easier to get that?  Or maybe this is for users who want to use the apple maps over Googles?
edit: one reason pointed out in the above comment!  thanks!
Or just switch to Android and save your money. Google Maps on Android just got enhanced transit support. 
Google is customer focused. Apple doesn't care about customers, only profits.
PDX Bus is all I need here in Portland, OR
I think iPhone users would be better off spending the money switching to Android and getting their freedom back.
anyway it still represents an opportunity for Google to make their porduct better as well as all the other Transit apps to make it on iOS
the elephant in the room says, "if that is how apple treats you, switch."
+Jim Kelly - While we "have" transit data here in the US, we still often have to convince our local transit agencies to provide routes and schedules to Google so that +Google Maps can create directions using public transit options.

This page - - draws the distinction of areas with "Transit Layer Only" and areas that have detailed transit data (stops and schedules).

Of course I don't know the full reason why Google doesn't have the transit data for Berlin, but perhaps a bit of lobbying your local transit agency (as we have to do here) will get you a step closer.
Tim, I know some of the OpenPlans guys and they are good ones to take on this project.  I've signed up too.
Either that, Tim, or my next phone won't be an iPhone. I think this whole war with Google at the user's expense is ridiculous.
Just got notice that OpenPlans' Transit app has been kick-started! It will be interesting to see what Open Plans produces.
Do Apple fanbois even use public transit?  If they are rich enough to buy Apple's overpriced gear, they would just drive, IME.
A fair number of them are urban dwellers who are very smug about their use of public transit. (Except late at night)
The funny thing is that Google does not put the burden on the users. 
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