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Great line from Techcrunch: "This isn’t just the first social Olympics; it’s the first Olympics where we can see in real time the dysfunction of the broadcast monopoly."
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Looks like a bunch of media execs desperately clinging to old media. Did Michael Phelps win? Well, no he didn't. But still, find out tonight!
I agree.  And to make matters worse, their own Olympics website spoiled me on the result earlier.  Its madness.

I think people will be furious next weekend with the 100m men's, one of the biggest events and they will also delay it for primetime.

I don't have a TV (by choice). My primary consumption of media is through the internet on my computer. I use netflix, and other streaming services to get my television programming fix.

Because of this, NBC has decided I am not eligible to view any of their coverage of the Olympics. I cannot legitimately watch any of the competitions.

Thankfully I can avoid NBC to get competition results!
The stuff is all over the media, why bother waiting for an "official" broadcast? +Tim O'Reilly You are right, it's past the middle of 2012 for Pete's sake!
Come to the UK and watch any of the 24 BBC high def channels covering everything live and uninterrupted, or live and on-demand BBC iPlayer streaming in high def.  And the BBC don't show any adverts ever in the UK.
Time to rethink the idea of "free" tv? You get what you pay for, whether you live under a subscription/license fee model or an ad-supported model. 
The tv license for 2012 is about USD 237, based on the current exchange rate. So about USD 20/month. How does that compare to cable? And how much of their content is HD? 
NBC sucks, always knew it. They killed a lot of good shows and now won't even show the Olympics live. Thank god I live in belgium, but it is a sad day for the tv business. I can only hope everyone will follow +Tim O'Reilly in boycotting NBC.
BBC broadcast in HD in the UK and there is no choice in paying for it.  It's against the law to use a TV without paying for it here.  It pays for several TV and radio stations as well as research into broadcast.  It's the highest quality programming I've seen in any country and ad free for us.  Great stuff! :)
BBC coverage on-line is exceptional...they seem to understand that traditional legacy media is dead and buried.....their app is excellent, the website is stellar...only watch the TV for highlights if needed.....schedule TV is counter-intuitive to today's viewer, we expect on-demand and nothing else will suffice...well done BBC!
I can't believe I can't find the full opening ceremony anywhere on youtube 
the media has just become a catalyst for nothing more than to pretty much brainwash and manipulate the public to fit "their" needs and wants for society, which is to not question(and or think for yourself) and swallow whatever the government/corporations want us to want.  why do you think news stations and TV lately has made a shift from not just being in our living rooms but even when we think we are getting away from the stupidity of it, now you can watch while surfing the web and doing anything you can possibly imagine. but i dont blame the stupid people for absorbing the retardedness of TV i blame the people who knowingly put filth and garbage on TV everyday and rake in more money. but hey thats life i just cant wait till people wake up from their dream.
Sorry, I'm not going to start paying for cable again just so I can see a show that comes on once every 4 years.
Yeah, in soccer today going to highlights they put up a Shooting event icon.  I mean it's a good watch for fail.  Their dedicated soccer channel at one point was playing what was on another channel, just without sound.  It's been a shit show
Got to love technology. Can't watch the live olympic events on TV, but I can watch all of them online... Cable us useless.
It is not enough for NBC to have commercials from the Official Sponsors every 10 min. They have to air the political attack ads from 'all' sides. Grrr.
Can't they give it a rest for a week.
Nope, money is too good.
International Sports competition ...just a captive viewer market.
+Matthew Williams If you watch live telly (including live streams) you need a tv licence. If you don't then you don't need a license.
Make them go away! Who needs them.
These TV conglomerates think they need to make the decision about what we can watch and when.
Of course it costs.
They will reclaim some portion of their expenses, perhaps make a profit.
They would have a happier product for their advertisers if they gave the American audience ( the product ) real time info and access to previously recorded events.
And in my case not piss me off with political ads.
Ah, well, here in The Land of the (We Wanna Get It For) Free, the idea of a TV license or subscription fee, however you package it, will never catch on. People here will find any number of objections, either to the idea of an elite programming committee (as if we're well-served by the current advertised-supported model?) or the mandatory fee (socialism!) or something I haven't heard yet, but it boils down to "I don't wanna pay for something if someone I don't like might enjoy it."

The die was cast back in the early days of television when the ad-supported/sponsored model was adopted. There's a good book on that period called "Please Stand By" that details the early days of tv and how it resembled the early days of the commercial Internet.

Consider how the BBC manages to deliver what they do for $20/household vs what we get for free over the air or for whatever your local cable rate is. Basic cable is around $40-50 a month but there's not much worth having unless you bump it up to $100 or so. I think it's a racket, especially when you consider the cable providers are a monopoly, not unlike the BBC. 
I don't have a TV or subscribe to cable. I can't even watch it without paying a buttload of money to someone to watch streaming, and then that sucks anyway. Nevermind. After it's over I'll be able to watch the good stuff online for free. 
Very true the mainstream media seems more communistic than a free press .
 If NBC had show it live then I'm sure people would be complaining about them reshowing everything. Not everyone has the time to sit and watch TV all day. Condensing it and just showing the highlights during Primetime makes sense to me. Commercials would have been plugged in throughout either way. 
You're an idiot, they have an app that shows live and highlight streams. I just watched the Phelps loss on it.
People will stay up to watch their favorite sports LIVE. Then the ones who miss it can watch the repeat.
The NBC Olympics makes me feel like living in a third world country in the 80's
+Levi Garcia Its not a matter of people watching TV all day, the Olympics is a special event and people want to see just like everyone else. There are also American's participating and American's want to support them in the moment. Why should people get results via social media?

If the Olympics were in the USA right now, it would be broadcast live.
Who's "They"? If you're talking NBC, I don't have a "...a cable, satellite or telco TV subscription that includes MSNBC and CNBC..."
This is why ESPN needs to take over coverage of the Olympics. They get digital.
Maybe the real time social aspect is what is bugging me. I was watching the opening ceremony and it bugged me seeing the athletes doing the walk with their phones up in the air because I knew that they were just gonna throw it on up on their facebook. Sure, it may have been a special moment for them, but that just seemed kinda tasteless. Did that annoy anyone else or am I alone on that one?
It's pretty much one of the biggest moment of their lives... So I'm totally ok with them using their phones. I know if it had been me there, I definitely would have done the same thing!
Ah... OK. Finally found the BBC feed. That works. 
That Nick Cage video, I couldn't take it.
I have the nbc app and it is awesome. Works great on my galaxy s3. However, I like watching tv. I don't want to watch a tiny screen or even in my computer's decent sized screen. I Want to sit on my couch and watch my tv and I don't mind seeing only what the network shows me. If I want to see more I go online. They edit some of the slow parts, too. I like my tv and cable. It works well for us.
Why must we grant a monopoly of broadcasting for each nation?  Why can't the feeds be made available to anyone who can hook up from the broadcast centre in London?  The marginal costs are zero once the initial (sunk) costs have been paid for.  Citizens of IOC member nations pay for their athletes in some way or another ... so why can't we watch them.  Fail NBC, fail.
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Its just total stupidity from NBC..
That's 3 networks I'm blacking out now.  NBC, CNN, and FOX.  CNN and FOX refuse to acknowledge that Gary Johnson is running for president and on the ballot on all 50 states.  Keep it up, that way I can save sh*t loads of money by getting rid of cable.
Well hey, this is exactly what it's like in the rest of the world when we try to consume any service hosted in the US! Karma's a bitch, huh?
I'm confused. What Olympics?

Seriously though, I haven't been and couldn't be bothered; bread and circumstances is all that it is.
oops... that should have read "bread and circuses", of course.
+Simon Stuart Don't blame us personally, it's our crappy media companies.  I've been abroad and faced these very IP-geography locks.  Plus, there are plenty of things that other nations restrict - BBC iPlayer being one of them.
Gee... London is 7 hours ahead of the West coast.... are they supposed to wait...? D'OH!
I'm real sick of other countries giving us crap for our BS media and faux "news".
We all know it's BS.  All of us.  Every last one.
How 'bout a little help on how to fix it?  Oh, that's right, y'all have the same exact problem.
Only way to fix it is to bring back a few rules & regs that the cons eliminated. There was a time TV & Radio served the public rather than their own interests. 
NBC's ratings have been failing for sevearl years now, or so it seems to me. Then again, I've yet to watch a single second of the coverage.
Maybe someone posted this question up thread but doesn't Comcast own NBC?

I cut the cord and glad I did. I don't miss television at all.
>don't watch NBC for censoring something
>continue to watch all other news networks which censor programming
Um, boycotting a network only works if you have a Nielsen box, otherwise NBC has no idea you're not watching.
You're wrong that this is some kind of incompetence or idiocy.  NBC has found, historically, that people want to watch the race on their big screen TVs, and the hype generated by the streams drives up the number of viewers on the TV.  

They offer the free streams because they drive people toward the revenue-generating TVs and their valuable advertising time.  Which, in turn, de facto funds the games.

"Better for the viewers"?  Is it "better for the viewers" for there to be no way to monetize the broadcasts at all, and thus have no good-quality broadcasts?

Broadcast television may be an outdated institution, but there's no need to boycott it over tape delays.  They aren't denying you the live streams, and they aren't denying you the free non-live broadcast either.  So what's the point in orchestrating a boycott?

It's either accept this monetized system, or seriously invest in public television like they do in the UK.  There's no third option here, other than seriously damaging a major funding source of the Olympic games.
Personally, wat do you expect? They cant show everything on at the same time. Then no one would be able to enjoy their favorite specific sporting events. If you don't have cable then it doesn't matter anyway. You have to deal with finding every thing out threw social media anyway. If time delays didn't exist then we would not be all on different time zones.
Fairness Doctrine should be the 1st reg brought back. Stations used to have to prove they were an asset to the community before they could renew their broadcast license. Yes cable has change allot of that but they could be required to police if need be.
Ugh boycott this boycott that....dam loosen up already. Smoke something and chill out man. So much to complain about now a days, dang....
The problem I have is that I don't want to boycott. I live the games. And I'll watch them even if I hate the way they are broadcast.
+Fred Ora How would the Fairness Doctrine help?  Doesn't that apply to local affiliates of networks, and not to the networks themselves?
NBC is showing every single event other than opening/closing ceremonies live via the web or free iPad app. Yes you need to pay for cable to log in. Boo hoo. The Techcrunch article is inaccurate. I watched everything I wanted live today.
BULLSHIT... worked fine before the greedy lying cons got rid of it.
Better coverage than ever before, and yet more whining from entitled children than ever. NBC can't win. 
For broadcast tv, the Olympics is a great time to see media at its lamest. It's like they get fatigued after two hours...
+John Keitz  If you pay $84, 90, or whatever for your cable or satellite, you have the right to expect good service.  No, expecting something from the money you worked for does not make one among the "entitled children."
Who cares, it's fun to watch regardless, and via free hd antenna 
Uday K
Haha! Thats what American Media doesn't get anything aired until it gets enough HYPE and results are out...So that they eventually can demand more money/second for the ads and for TRP ratings ;) ...You can ONLY & only see this in AMERICA!
Just relax enjoy the games. is what it is.
Even in backwards ol New Zealand we have 9 channels of Olympics, with pretty much anything you want to see live. 
The Norwegian broadcaster, NRK, is streaming everything on 7 web channels in HD, live, free, with no commercials, and can be watched anywhere within Europe.
+1 for the post, +1 for the Nick Cage compilation video, he really know how to melt down for the camera.
too true.  Here's an idea.  you tube!  Nothing like using old technology and wondering where your audience went.
I wish I could subscribe to watch them without narration. NBC sucks.
Be careful though, if you talk too much about the Oly- Erm, the sporting events happening in Lon- ah, the capital of England in 20- Er, the current year, you may find yourself in violation of the law and the jack booted thugs the UK has hired may haul you off. These aren't the social games, they are the anti social censored corporate police state greed grab games. I am so disgusted that I have no interest in watching them, and at lsR for the duration of the games I am not purchasing from any sponsor.

You guys need to calm down why don't you all get together and do your own Olympics, I'm sure it would be great fun and the crowd would love it
Interesting that NBC appears to be delaying everything but here in Australia it is shown live as well as broadcasting at other times during the day so this appears to be an NBC thing rather than a London Olympics thing....
If the BBC did that to London we'd kill em!
I really feel sorry for America. NBC are a bunch of arseholes
In India the ESPN has done a great job with its coverage of the Olympics. They are a private channel and charge for a subscription fee, and also show adds. But the subscription is fairly reasonable and the adds are well timed so as to not mess with the live feed.
I agree.  I am tired of being at the mercy of the stations like NBC.  Not to mention I hate the stupid commercials.  That is why we are recording the Olympics and watching them when we want to and fast forwarding through the commercials.  The time thing doesn't matter because you have to be there in person to see it live.
Dear NBC I wish everything bad upon you. !!!!
Use a proxy and view the BBC Olympic content...
+paul beard I'd totally pay $20 a month for all BBC programming if they'd let me, but AFAIK, it's not available to me because I'm living in the United States.
lol +Simon Stuart - yeah, the ridiculous restrictions based on geographic location of the viewer is pretty effing stupid at this point in our technological interconnectedness.
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+Zack Thomas why not allow anyone in the US with an Internet connection watch?

The cable restriction is bs luddite monopolistic strong-arming. NBCU is scared shitless of the Internet.
+Jayden Reynolds great theory. Falls apart when big multinational corporations run/owned (despite common shareholders) by right wing corporatist. Chomsky up with Manufacturing Consent
+ellis lamai I believe it - we've seen how ya'll riot - instinctive solidarity - Americans whine alot but haven't done much as a unified people to push back against corporatist since the late 1700s when we threw off the yoke of colonialism.
+Jayden Reynolds the airwaves and the right-of-ways that cable runs through/across belong to the citizens of the US, not NBC/ Comcast/AT&T/Verizon/ et cetera. We need more of a say in what is shown.

The FD is one way for that to happen. not ideal but possibly better than the bull getting crammed down our collective throats.
+Thom Thomas I know that lots of people living in the UK complain about the license fee for the BBC, I have no problem given the quality of the broadcasting, and its public focus. Looking at the BBC website, there are no technical reasons why its broadcasting cannot be worldwide - it’s all down to copy and access rights. The BBC is on a budget, and can only pay for viewing rights in the UK on some content. It’s a great shame there are restrictions on viewing, and seems a long way from the Olympic ideal.
Yeah I'm not an NBC fan they are picking and choosing what to show and in what order then spoiling the results before they broadcast the event. I usually just wait til they're over and watch the highlight reels. I'm definitely dodging NBC and FOX like the plague.
hello mohammad!
I am from IRAN.
You are well
NBC. on their website they put a map of the Australian continent with explanation on Austria history. Are they normal.
Showing later the recorded show, allows to put in many ad's - and that is the big bu$iness. Very disappointing for people.
NBC is providing you with a free service. So stop your whining.
and they cut the tribute to the victims of the london bombings on 7/7 from the opening ceremony - i would refuse to watch any of their output after that. How would they feel if a tribute to 9/11 was cut?!
National broadcasters of Olympics are all about nationalism. By the looks of it (in this stream anyway) that doesn't seem to have very much value. Our button-push of choice is ... choice.
I laugh because I, like more and more people do not subscribe to tv. However, i have the nbc app on my phone, I thought to help me find events I am interested in showing to my kids, and bringing them somewhere to watch some Olympics. However, the NBC ago is chock full of spoilers so that I don't execute going and seeing the spoiled events.

Their app has me watching live streams from around the world to see my friends competing at the Olympics.

Which in itself, I find very interesting. Oh, and yes, i would pay for Olympic streaming coverage, even though I do not subscribe to cable etc.
I wish we could access that - I've always held the BBC in much higher esteem than most American media.
Trevor Bass - That wasn't the issue , though. I pay DirecTV my $100 a month, but the Olympic coverage has been outstanding. All the HD NBC channels, sports mix channel, then and Olympics Extra on my iPhone. I'm amazed at the quality and variety. I was remarking about all the whiners who complain that all this isn't given to them for free because they want it and they are entitled. 
+John Keitz You have a fair point.  However, should one of the most important sporting events be beholden to a government-sponsored monopoly?  The technology to broadcast this free to everyone is there.  Why not let as many broadcasters show the games and let the free market push down the prices so more can watch ... even to the point where there is real choice in who I watch the games from?
+Evan Vittoriano as people in the US should know better than anybody else, you get things fixed by complaining when you get unacceptable service. If you think that your TV is rubbish, get together with other people and get an online campaign started. US businesses are more receptive to complaints than anwhere else in the world, to the best of my knowledge, so complaining works, as long as you know what you want. Hint: in my opinion, have a look at the BBC quality, it's a good beginning. Good luck
BBC is not a monopoly and it's not government TV. It's a public TV network, like in all the other European countries, only older and better known. It's financed by TV licence fees, so no ads, no need to pander to advertisers. The BBC can afford to criticize the government and its journalists do so, with relish and, sometimes, even to excess, like the famous Jeremy Paxman, every minister's nightmare. BBC has its share of rubbish programming for the prime time, but it more than compensates for it with superb documentaries and high quality productions. Its main responsability is to the viewing public and it takes its responsability very seriously. Far from perfect, but probably one of the best, if not the best, on the whole. PS: I am not British, so I don't an axe to grind, I just like quality.
+Piotr Azia, I love the BBC.  Top Gear, Dr. Who, Being Human, Luther, Sherlock, The Inbetweeners, etc., etc....
US companies don't give a crap.  If I complain, or stop giving them my money, there's 100 a-holes waiting to take my place.  America is in the condition it's in because the mouth-breathing, narcissistic, sociopaths are breeding us decent people out of existence.
In this country, more people vote for American Idol than government elections.
Who do I complain to 'bout that?
Sounds to me like NBC is in hot competition with CCTV to see who can provide the most banal commentary, most pointless/rude interviews, and worst scheduling.  Does NBC want be acquired by CCTV America, and thus wants to provide itself as a good fit?!
NBC: The network that thinks Germany invaded Australia at the start of WWII!

Whaaa?  NBC auditioning for a position as the Mitt Romney's foreign policy advisor?

+Matt Thompson It isn't free. American citizens end up paying in the form of municipal right-aways and airwaves and with time we spend watching commercials.
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