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Nick Kristof: "What do we make of the contrast between heroic teachers who stand up to a gunman and craven, feckless politicians who won’t stand up to the N.R.A.?"

It utterly bamboozles me that we're willing to bankrupt the country to prevent a single death from terrorism, but do nothing to prevent 30,000 deaths a year from easy access to guns.

If I were an NRA member, I'd be ashamed.
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Are we going to ban baseball bats? I have seen people killed with one. Oh and knives? It is the person not the weapon.
Agreed.  As Nick points out, " More Americans die in gun homicides and suicides in six months than have died in the last 25 years in every terrorist attack and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq combined."
Brent Buchholz
Do we have the courage to not cower in fear from learning proper and responsible firearm safety?

Or should we just delegate that responsibility to an already useless system of red tape and standstills?
And that person can kill a lot more people more easily with a gun.

Consider also that the Second Amendment stems from a time when it took 20 seconds to reload your musket, and that most private guns nowadays are not owned with the intent to form a militia (which is what the Second Amendment is about).
This, what you call it, useless system of red tape and standstills, works quite well in Germany and Switzerland. But I guess that relinquishing the right to carry, concealed or not, would be too much for the so-called freedom lovers; having a few thousands gun deaths per year is not too big a price for their feeling of superiority.
Germany and Switzerland do not share a border with a country run by drug cartels. The game is entirely different. Los Angeles is quickly become the new Wild Wild West. What works in a European context is not necessarily appropriate everywhere. Just like when America attempted to install democracy in the former Soviet Union.

Cultural context is everything.
And trust me, you can get anything through that border. Ban guns, and they will be muled along side la coka...
What would the media report on if we stopped this? They are not about to start making the poor, the hungry and the homeless into heroes. I don't think its just the guns. Its this whole veneration of gun slingers, even abberant ones.
+Suhail Manzoor but all of my favorite artists are gunslingers, google Isaiah Toothtaker and tell me he isn't a fascinating individual.
Tim Box
+John Blount how many mass murders were as the result of baseball caps? Or knives?
It's all to late for the USA. Glad I like every in the UK 
+James Calbraith but have you ever watched the tv show Sons of Guns? Automatic weaponry is hardcore and kickass. It's totally epic to wield that kind of death machine.

We need to address the person behind the trigger, the technology is not the problem.
Tax guns and like cars renew every year
I love the sad arguments people still try to pull these days against gun control. Let me give you some perspective so you realize the stupidity of your arguments.

I can take an orange, freeze it with nitrogen and throw it with a big slingshot at a really high speed and most likely kill you. I can drop a piano on your head from a second story window and kill you. I can hit you with a car, punch you several times, even use the opposite end of a spoon and kill you. But you know what all of these things have in common? None were meant to be used as weapons to kill people. Guns on the other hand have only one purpose. To hurt and possibly kill any living creature. 

Ban baseball bats? By your logic we may as well lock every human being in solitary confinement for the rest of their lives because it is the person who is responsible. And you know what? You are right. However, the gun makes it easier to kill in masses. I wonder if you would consider making grenades and C4 legal as well. After all, its the person using it right? We should all have the ability to defend ourselves from the evil of the US Gov't and the most powerful military in the world. Because that is the purpose of the second amendment,  to give the people the ability to fight back against a Gov't that decides to take over and suspend the Constitutions powers. But I'd like to see you try and go against the arsenal that even countries with armies dare not to face alone.

Ban baseball bats. The ignorance of the population of the US is so massive that I am amazed we can even find our way to Google+ and demonstrate this ignorance. 

People kill people, but guns just make it easier. Personally, I would rather they didn't. Either give everyone a gun or no one. Plain and simple. This bullshit about we have a right to bare arms but only those who qualify get to have one and it just so happens that more often than not those qualified ones are the ones killing innocent people or allowing their guns to kill innocent people need to stop. The ignorance and pride of the people of this nation needs to stop. If you are too stupid and too ignorant to teach your children about guns or keep yourself from killing innocent people because you are trigger happy then we need to restrict guns even more.

And if you don't like my opinion that's just to bad. I'm an American and like some of you I have the right to complain too. I have the right to vote against it and if I win you have the right to shut the fuck up and deal with it just like you have to deal with another 4 more years of Obama.

The NRA is a dinosaur and it's time for them to become gas for my car.
+Tim Box I like where the US is going, and think we should abolish the Mexican border. I'm a high intensity individual and enjoy the fast paced nature of the game.

"It's all about survival, what, what, say what, say what, anything can happen" - Wyclef Jean, the Carnivale
If you took down the Tobacco companies, you can bring anyone to heel.
By the way - and it may seem crazy to you - but most countries in Europe DID ban carrying knives in public. Some have banned baseball bats outside sports and training venues.
So that argument is not as crazy as it sounds. It definitely is less crazy than "the right to bear semi-automatic assault rifles".
No Gun ever killed Anyone.  No Law ever written prevented a crime. Mind the ACT, not the tools
"It's not fair screams the one without a voice
Arm that kid, tell him to aim at the ones who got all the toys" - Atmosphere, Homecoming
The problem with that tired saying of "guns don't kill people, people kill people" is that the idiots spouting it misheard the last bit and got it wrong: guns don't kill people, people with guns kill people. 
Putting aside whether or not we should ban certain types of weapons, how would we logistically carry out such an action today? Putting THIS genie back in the bottle would be nearly possible and I fear the would tear much of our country apart. 
+David Haddad where can I get one? That sounds awesome. My Glock 17 has a 16 round magazine, and I can squeeze through that in 30 seconds flat.
+Dave Booth Stop selling ammunition. There's only so many people you can clubber to death with rifle butt.
Can't we all just man up already? So much beta male sentiment in this country, its disappointing.
And we wonder why depression runs rampant. Because we are taught to run and snitch everytime a problem presents itself.
"What's the matter with good old fashioned hard livin'?
Staying up late, driving fast, breaking yourself for wine and women..." - Existereo, of the Machina Muerte family...
I live in a rural community, and yeah they are a bunch of racist pricks who hate my hip-hop love, but nobody shoots up our schools, cos most of the populace would pop anyone who tried before the police even arrived.

Strong deterrent, and I can't even remember a single gun incident in my entire lifetime here.
If +Nicholas Kristof arguments is not enough, then this article might add to it  Obviously a gun is different than a knife in its capacity to kill; so is a nuclear bomb, wmds, etc.

What is at the basis of the problem for me though is the formidable power of our human cultures to overwhelm our thinking, shape our worldview.  It is the culture makers who wield the power whether that is Fox News, North Korea's propaganda machine, or whatever.
Why will Kristof's reasoned arguments fall for the most part on deaf ears even though he and his wife are testimony to what is best in us?
Jay Green
I'm a member of the NRA and I'm not ashamed. They teach safety and respect for firearms. Maybe if the mom was a member she would have known better to keep her guns locked and out of the hands of her troubled son.
+Jay Green I'm with you, a coworker teaches NRA conceal and carry courses to the local community and I feel community outreach is the proper path for responsible gun safety.
In Italy we can't understand this gun-craze: here, only cops or soldiers can handle firearms. Hunters can carry rifles only on chase days and only if they have a valid license.
Kim Aldis
+Jay Green So teaching this obviously disturbed young man some respect for firearms would have prevented this?

It seems a pretty simple equation to me; no guns, no-one gets shot.

But seriously, now that I'm 18, that means I have a civic responsibility to read relevant research in order to make an informed decision when I vote.
Or I could always be lazy, do what (almost) every one else does, and vote the party line.

And now that I've criticised a lot of people, hopefully making them ashamed, but more likely just angering them, my morning is approaching being complete.

EDIT: Made that opening joke a little more obvious.
+Massimiliano Sarigu I think we have a cowboy culture here in America, its part of our cultural identity, and while I respect the right of other cultures to define themselves as they choose, I also want the right to define myself as I choose.

I'm emboldened by the sentiment, and it helps me muster courage, though I admit its not for everyone. We all have different values we hold dear, and diversity is strong because it is diverse.
They say it is too late for the US. But if you won't do anything, nothing will ever change. The harder it is to get access to a gun, the fewer people will be killed, especially by mentally unstable lunatics). And that alone is already worth it to me.
+Jay Green Why do ordinary citizens need automatic weapons. 
Why does the NRA wants every deranged person or felon or a teen to be able to buy guns easily. In responsible societies, guns are a previleged earned by proven responsibility and not a right ripe for misuse
Ben Durrell
accessible mental health services
It won't be harder to get guns, not here. We are a nation that borders a country whose cartels are experts at smuggling anything across our borders. I say drop the border and bring the influx. Address the socioeconomic disparities and heal the people.

Don't declaw the cat, teach the cat to play nice...
What a great idea. Maybe we should outlaw crack too. That way no one will use it.
Don't waste time arguing with gun nuts. You have to organize and lobby just like the NRA. You all obviously tolerate the gun laws so you'd have to start with yourselves.
+Jay Green So next bill proposition from NRA will be mandatory membership for all citizens?
Guns will never be banned in the US no matter how many times utopian peacenicks march on Washington or whine on G+ and Facebook. America needs to question why people do these kind of atrocities and fix the disease not the symptoms. Our mental health system is wholey inadequate and people who suffer are still seen as broken instead of sick. Maybe we should cut into the Defense budget to fund universal access to treatment and to pay for a positive campaign to help reduce the stigma. 
I didn't know I live in a Utopia. I must write a thank you letter to my MP.
+Nicholas Kristof is totally right, now the question is of the american people / society is able to start a serious discussion. Instead of letting the NRA lobby block it and wait for the next massacre. The examples of Canada and Australia are good, nobody can argue that they are not comparable with the USA. 
Ok listen I have a rifle just like the one found different company made it but they are the same all in all. I am a responsible gun owner with no intention to go kill people. I also have other weapons. I have them for hobby and home defense, I would rather have the opportunity to save my family then let someone who got a gun over the border, because we can't have them anymore, kill us and just be another gang related killing or some other dumb story we all just look around because the smaller gun cases don't get big stories. Not to mention all the stories we don't here about law abiding citizens stopping criminals that would kill big groups of people. Hmm have someone there that trains and can stop good people from dieing, or wait five plus minutes to wait for police and medical to come pick up the dead bodies 
When I was a kid the NRA was about education, safety and promoting them. Now it seems to be a bunch of power and attention hungry idiots at the top who are obsessed with the idea that is we outlaw ANY kind gun in any way it will lead to outlawing all guns.

There is no reason for a hunter, homeowner or common citizen to need to own an assault rifle or extended magazines for them or handguns.

To suggest otherwise is stupid. Period.

If the school staff was allowed the right to carry, this madman would have been much less likely to do what he did... But it is very hard to stop a terrorist that is willing to sacrifice their life for whatever "cause"... Outlaw guns and only outlaws will have them. 
There are two separate arguments here really.

One is the pleasant fiction that it's possible to actually prevent people from getting their hands on guns in the first place.  It isn't.  Full stop.  I could go on and on about the why, but it isn't worth it.  The idealogs among you will always deny this reality because it's too painful to think that their utopia of a gun free world cannot and will not exist.

Secondly, the statistics of gun death don't lie.  Now there's all kinds of numbers out there that we can throw around, but I find the most telling one to be this:

Since most of you probably won't read it given the scary URL I'll sum up... this guy takes readily available public data to prove that when a mass shooting takes place, the number of deaths when the shooter is stopped by police averages 14.29 vs the number of deaths when stopped by civilians (armed or unarmed) is a mere 2.33.

Now, you can't save the 2.33 ever.  It isn't possible, abandon all hope of this irrational dream.  Someone will always find a way to get their hands on something they shouldn't, be it a gun, knife, bomb, or whatever.  And people will die.  But more guns in the hands of law abiding citizens results in fewer deaths, which is the best anybody with an ounce of reason could hope for.

Lastly, don't give me the BS argument about accidental death either, the statistics also prove that you are about 9000 times more likely to be killed by medical malpractice than you are by a gun.

So get over it, go buy yourself a firearm, get trained in how to use and keep this tool safely and effectively.  Then the next time some dipshit decides to start mowing down people in your local mall, maybe you can be the one who puts and end to it instead of cowering and waiting to die.
CT already has many of the rules the author suggests for purchasing guns. His suggestion about limiting gun purchases to one per month to stop trafficking is stupid, traffickers don't follow rules anyway, they
 are traffickers not dealers. I also wonder how micro stamping would stop what happened in that school. There is no information about how these guns were stored. How did this kid have access? I have no problem with guns, I'm glad IL will have a concealed carry rule soon. The thugs who shoot people in my area of Rockford IL don't carry knives. Once you limit my legal guns they will still have their's. They don't obey your laws.  This case comes down to access right? 
+Jeff Fox ofcourse, let's arm all teachers so they can defend themselves..... the fact that you are probably serious illustrates the challenges in american society. No country in the world would find it acceptable that teachers wear arms to protect themselves against this kind of deeds.
+Kahn Knight "the next time some dipshit decides to start mowing down people in your local mall"

See, that's the problem right there. I never think about anyone starting a shooting spree around here. It just never happens, somehow. So I don't need to worry about stopping him. So I don't need to carry a gun.
+Jay Green +Brent Buchholz Daryl Benway was a member of the NRA and the safety training worked out well for his kids, right? The guns the shooter used were his mother's, do we know if any of them were card carrying members? how do we know if the man was or wasn't very well trained in firearm safety?

What it comes down to is if there were no guns for him to have there would have been no guns for him to use to kill.

And at those who say teachers should be armed, one was, again the shooter's mother. Worked out well, yes? I want my teachers to teach, not be soldiers.
I'm proud to be a NRA member. If you don't like our rights go move to Canada. 
+Kahn Knight Israel is a nation in constant state of war with all its neighbours. Are you saying US is the same?
Ty Abonil
I love riding motorcycles. In order to do so, I have to go through the bureaucracy at the DMV, demonstrate that I have the ability to operate my bike safely, and pay a premium to my insurance company commensurate with the risk that my bike poses to me or someone else.

I love going down to the shooting range. To buy my own gun, I have to fill out a form and drop it off at an overworked, understaffed Police station.

Guns didn't kill those people. A seriously mentally ill person killed those people. Get real, Tim. Drugs are illegal, yet look at how pervasive they are. Rules just to make liberals like you feel good will not help solve this problem. If he couldn't get a gun he would have found another way. If he'd used an IED, there'd be no connection to gun control, yet he could have killed just as many if not more people. Would you also propose outlawing pipes and nails so they couldn't kill people?
Sure you can kill a person with a knife or baseball bat, but not from 50 feet away in under a tenth of a second without breaking a sweat.
+Vaclav Ujcik  "Guns didn't kill those people. A seriously mentally ill person killed those people."

Yes, but surely you noticed that that person used a gun to kill those people? He wouldn't have been able to kill that many people without that gun. Why is it so important to you that mentally ill people have the means to kill so many people? Or do you agree that possibly their ability to kill people should be at least somewhat restricted?
Should the cops also stop carrying guns in this gun free US? 
+Kim Aldis Nope but keeping them out of his hands would have. My point is, the NRA teaches taking responsibility for your firearms and keeping them secured from others who are not as responsible and/or not properly trained.
+Mark Rushing thanks for the factual correction but it is certainly not the norm for teachers to be armed, do you want a society where that is necessary ? #getreal
Jay Green
+Able Lawrence Automatic weapons are illegal to own by ordinary citizens. NRA wants people to be use their constitutional right with safety. Haven't seen any demand for deranged people to be able to buy guns easily. There are loop holes that I'm not against closing, but removing my right to defend my family is not on the table.
+James Calbraith You are at a state of war the nanosecond anybody picks up anything and starts killing.  Only question is how you can respond.  I for one would prefer to have a more level playing field, considering that it is utterly and completely impossible to remove the advantages (ie: guns) from the opposing team.

Oh, and +Jason Woods , your argument about the shooters mother "carrying" is quite possibly the most inane thing I've read since this started.  IF she was actually carrying her gun(s) this perhaps would have been a very different story.  At the least, her son would have had fewer to bring and she may have been able to return fire (given that they did announce an active shooter over the PA).

No +Erik Jonker , we may not want a society where it is necessary for teachers to be armed, but we do live in one.  Deal with it.  It's is called reality, you may not like it, but we all have to live with it.
David Haddad & Erik Jonker fail to understand the concept of deterence. They also need to read Khan Knights post...

+Tim O'Reilly is a disgusting pervert who's trying to rape people of their right to protect their families from murderers!

+Tim O'Reilly is the murderer!

If you are anti-gun, you are PRO-MURDER!
George Hayes
+Tim O'Reilly Again another person wanting to attack in animate objects and blame them. How many people died because of cars last year. How about the other objects that killed people most of which exceed the number killed by guns. All you have to do is look in the FBI crime data base to see it. I guess you are more about a single political point rather than actually saving lives. Otherwise wouldn't you be after all those things.

But lets say you can outlaw guns. The fact is you liberal democrats love pushing fear tactics that are not true. Such as you tend to make out like whites kill blacks. The truth is more blacks kill blacks in this country by a count of 7 to 1 for every black that dies at the hands of white person.

So lets look at the promise of no guns in this country vs other countries. We don't have the same culture or education level in this country or a lot of other stuff. The population of countries where gun control works well is much smaller. As we keep on importing people with poor education and other issues our problems here will get worse. The people here won't be getting the treatment they need because we will be treating others if we keep following this administrations ways. Hell my son is a US citizen and I can get him the treatment he needs even with insurance thanks to Obama care. But if he was an illegal I sure as hell could.

So we follow your ideal take away the guns. I can build a full auto 9mm in a day from parts at a hardware store similar to the design of the Stem Mark 2. I really wouldn't need rifling at close range it is meant to spray anyways. But riffling isn't that hard as you may think either. Neither is making the weapon in fact several plans exist online already. Guess we are going to out law buying pipes and springs next right.

How about the person who doesn't get a gun but decides on making a bomb because they can't get them. Let me guess your answer is out law everything that can be used to make a bomb. there goes 90% of your kitchen pantry. Not to mention all the fuels and other chemicals around the house and your pool. Maybe, you will just out law the knowledge to make it. You mean Chemistry or even easier the MSDS labels that tell you what not to do or mix together. Seriously the MSDS labels are one the best bomb making guides around. But with your mentality we will close down the libraries and internet.

If you ban guns. Criminals will still be able to get them they can make them as I pointed out above in a single day. We import drugs in this country you really think it will stop them bringing in guns or anything else sure that is what we need another expensive war on something we can't afford.

Until we solve the human problem in this country we will never be able to solve the other ones. We need to get rid of the idiot politicians that use fear and race baiting and put people in there that works with facts and that don't play on a tragedy to push an agenda. Right now the democrats and republicans to me are two sides of the same coin. Most the others have been infected to the point they are nothing more than the edge of the coin.

If you think this number of deaths is bad try banning guns and watch it get worse. this country isn't those. You would be lucky if civil war doesn't break out. Then you will have some real death numbers to worry about. If it didn't 90% would not turn in their arms. I sure as hell won't. We aren't cowards nor will we easily capitulate to such an action.

If you work on the education and making sure people get treatment for illnesses and stop passing stupid laws that actually make things worse you can watch gun violence decrease just in that alone. In fact all violence will decrease.
Sorry Tim, but I have a very low respect for people who USE children and tragedy to further their political agenda.
You are out of my circles now.
Lil Peck
Some perfectly decent people think concealed carry is a citizen's obligation, from a philosophical point of view.

I laugh at all the kneejerk comments that blame the NRA. I am not a member. I am an occasional hobby shooter of paper targets. I am almost inclined to go join the NRA just to piss people off. I live in the country, and would not be thrilled at the prospect of being unable to defend myself, and sometimes I need to put down a rabid skunk or raccoon.

Our country desperately needs better mental health care and availability. There are families who are exhausted and frustrated from trying to get care for their ill family member.

Are you willing to consider forcing potentially dangerous mentally ill people to accept hospitalization or medication? Many people think that the incompetent person is entitled to reject treatment, and presently they legally can. From what I have read about the killer, it seems that he was very ill.

Guns are tools. Go deeper. I'm sad that when there are many solutions, most people turn first to "let's see how we can constrain/control" rather than "let's see how we can understand or let go". I do understand why this is the typical reaction. Brain stem thinking is limited and produces a clench rather than a relaxation. It requires a feeling of security and/or at least a peaceful pause for a person to feel safe enough to rise up from their brain stem into their prefrontal cortex where they can rationally think things through to realize that letting go and/or looking deeper might actually be the best long term solution. The person who did this, for example, had something inside them. Something dark that built up over time, probably. It may have began when the mother "taught" him that coercion is OK. It was taught though little tiny pieces at a time. A piece potentially being "you will eat dinner now. I don't care if you are hungry or not. I slaved over the stove for this!" and/or "You will go to jail- I mean school- NOW young man!" and/or "You will say you are sorry and mean it!' "You will share your toys!" "You will....." all those little violations of a person's autonomy over and over every single day as they grow up... it all builds up... and those are the "tame" things that every day average American parents say to their children that they think are harmless. That guy's mom probably beat him, too. Am I asking for forgiveness for that guy? Hell no! I'm saying it isn't the gun's fault! I'm saying we get no where by talking about the tool he used!
+Ron Lauzon you 'Murricans enjoy slaughtering each other with guns so frequently, that there is virtually no time where you can discuss this calmly; it's either days after a massacre or days before another mass shooting.

Now is as good a time to take a responsibility for what you're doing to yourselves as any other time.
+Jay Green And my point is that obviously you and your fellow countrymen can't be trusted to keep them out of his hands and that maybe until you can prove that you can your toys should be taken away from you.
+Mark Rushing thanks for your serious and thoughtful reaction, we don't agree but i understand your point. As an outsider i really hope you can have a good discussion about this in your country without polarising too much.
+Mark Rushing, you could ask the armed guard at Columbine High who wisely ran away (IIRC) because real life is not like the action movies and shootouts are not like the O.K. Corral scene in "Tombstone". If you encounter a gunman and you carry a gun, the most likely scenario would end with a gunman holding two guns instead of one.
+Alexander Rauscha RLY? Prove me wrong - most of recent shootings occur in the counties with strict gun laws. How the gun laws helped?

More guns in law abiding hands - more peace! No guns in hands of citizens - more crimes!
+Mark Rushing the idea that you need to have security guards at frigging elementary schools is quite frightening. The realisation, that this is your own doing should be terrifying to the point that you should be taking action. Pity, that it isn't terrifying enough.
no n0
Tim O'Reilly is the model of a true douche bag
+Russell Nelson if you're quoting Daily Mail, please provide two other independent sources that are supporting that data/information; Daily Mail is not a credible source of information.

(British tabloids generally are not providing information, they have another goals; cf.
If votes count as citizens speaking their minds and making themselves heard (and they do in a democracy) then it's clear that Americans don't mind if 30,000 people die every year due to gun violence. Even if they are children. If American citizens cared they would make themselves heard and it would stop.
These children did not die because of guns.  These children died because a crazy man decided to go someplace he knew people could not stop him, and commit evil prior to killing himself.  Most likely we will discover this man was mentally ill.

It is a tragedy, and something should be done. We should have better security at our schools. Teachers should be encouraged to be CHL certified and to carry for the protection of our children. You don't see things like this happen to those that can defend themselves. Our children can't defend themselves, but the teachers and staff should provide that protection... by being armed.

More people are killed every year because of alcohol than five years of gun violence combined. Over 75,000 alcohol related deaths each year, and you know hundreds, perhaps thousands were innocent children; often whole families killed by drunk drivers. However, we still allow drinking.

Cigarettes kill more people every year than over 30 years of combined gun violence.

The problem isn't the gun. It is the mental illness (you are mentally ill to do that kind of thing), and real EVIL that is the problem. Tighter gun laws will not stop the tragedies. More people being armed to protect our fellow citizens and children will. Better mental health treatments and less stigma associated with mental health treatments will help. Calling evil what it is and confronting it will help.  Re-building our society back on to a foundation of morals, ethics, and principles will stop the tragedies. Guns were even more prevalent 60 years ago, and these things didn't happen.

Alcohol is a bigger issue than gun violence in regards to innocent lives lost, but I don't hear people wanting to get rid of alcohol.  Cigarettes kill more people each year than guns and alcohol put together.

Guns are not the cause of these tragedies.  Not only that, but guns also have been used to save many lives because they have saved victims from evil people with evil intentions.  Alcohol and cigarettes have never saved anybody.   If a persons real intent is to save lives and stop tragedies, then focus on alcohol and cigarettes first because fixing those problems will save hundreds of thousands of lives each year.
Maybe we need to add restrictions to reduce access to cars as they lead to thousands of deaths annually as well.  Or icy sidewalks, or ....  This could go on and one.  The gun isn't the cause of the deaths, just the tool. A mentally unstable and untreated individual is the cause. Blaming the tool used to kill is like using a band-aid to re-attach a severed limb.
+Martijn Vos A small instrument used to stab someone can kill more effectively than a gun in someone's hands who knows how to use it. It makes no noise and can be nearly instant depending one where you strike.

I guess we should get rid of knives, pencils and pens and so on.

But how about bombs. They aren't legal now are they. I could always buy fireworks and use the explosive in them to make a bomb. But lets say you get rid of that and control all black powder.

Well then I have a kitchen pantry. Flower, sugar, and a lot more can be used to make a bomb. In fact 90% of the kitchen pantry can be used to make a bomb. Most meats can be even used. Granted you have to process them first but it isn't hard. A person with a good basic understanding of chemistry and knows where to look and what is in various every day items can easily build a bomb. Heck you would pretty much have to put people living back in stone caves to keep people from making bombs. Even then if they got the knowledge the food they are eating could again be used. That or they decide to use the body of the fat one in the group.

I love when idiots say something like a gun makes it easier to kill. Actually a gun is noisy in most cases and draws attention. As I said above a small stabbing instrument doesn't. An ice pick is actually a recommended tool in special force manuals for assassinations. In fact it was my middle school principle who lent me his to make gun powder for a project in school. We also had firearms training in school and were able to bring our weapons to school back then. Funny we never killed one another.

Maybe you should look at the real problem affecting this country moral depravity and the lack of worth on a human life and so on.

Let me guess you are one of the ass clowns that think the TSA is keeping you safe when you fly. Only the truly stupid get caught by them. Think of all the people who made it through with stuff accidentally. If a terrorist wants to take down a aircraft does he even have to board it? No, he can sit out side the run way and get them on landing and take off. He could then move airport to airport across the country keeping air traffic grounded forever. It wouldn't be that hard. But lets just say he wants to instill fear. Well the TSA has made the perfect opportunity that long ass line to get through the detectors well make a prime target. They sure as hell aren't checking to see who got in the line or doing anything to protect it are they!

Stop believing politicians and expecting them to keep you safe they aren't not in the least bit.
+Vaclav Ujcik Correction, Guns didn't kill those people. A seriously mentally ill person with access to semi-automatic weapons killed those people six adults and twenty children at an elementary school. Get real.
+Brad Morse I am too of an opionion, that working universal healthcare system would be something nice to have in your country, but that's a discussion for another time.

Relinquishing the right to carry and having stricter control of gun owners, on the other hand, might alleviate this particular problem – a man with a gun using that gun to kill dozens.
Okay, look, guns don't kill, but people do! If you take all the guns in the world and destroy them you will still have murder and death by the hands of some one every day.I don't like what happened any more that the next person. I think we need to teach the kids better(you know,the way your grandparents did)stop letting tv radio and internet raise them.Parents need to teach right from wrong and that only God can give life,and life is not yours to take.
Dead people don't vote.
+Mark Rushing in the country that I have pleasure to live at this moment ordinary Gardaí are not armed. And gun crime is almost entirely limited to gangland interactions. Can you imagine that?
guns are tools. if someone kills another with a screwdriver should we ban it? no, if the teachers would have been armed ,this mad man would not been able to do so much damage.
+N Perry I guess you need to stop taking the medication you're taking cuz those unicorns aren't real. And BTW you can take only legally obtained guns - hint legally.
And just for you, my heavy drug user, friend - there are knifes as deadly as firearms (China same day one guy one knife - 20 dead).

Ever stop using drugs and living with unicorns or keep living in fantasy world where all firearms could suddenly disappear.
i afraid the bad news in the US nation all people felt afraid to how happening the gun kill some people ....i courage all family and friends are brave to overcome the problem, don't interruption to the rumours.
+Mark Rushing but the whole point is that in a lot of countries the police and army have the monopoly on arms, civilians bearing arms is an exception. However not in the USA , that makes the discussion and solution difficult.
So, if we take guns away, are we going to defend or protect ourselves with spoons or forks, or maybe that old rusty butter knife found out by the garage when the criminals continue to have guns and the police are nowhere to be found when in need? You have to realize that criminals don't follow the program! 
I am off to church to pray for the victims of this tragedy, and will also include Tim O'Reilly and the rest of his left wing sheeple in my prayers for divine guidance...
well actually - only a couple of people died in china 20 were wounded. guns allow you to kill much quicker
yeah lets pray - cuz we all know casting magical spells is better than actually doing something.
I am an Indian resides at bilaspur chhattisgarh
Why is it a man can murder his mother, steal her guns, drive to an elementary school and massacre innocent children and people actually see guns as the problem? Smh. 
About the same number of people die every year in cars. Cars are involved in the majority of crimes, including violent crimes. Are we to ban cars as well? 
cars are restricted ... you can be blind and still own a gun.  just sayin.
+Phil Miller "Criminals carry guns because they expect their victims to." Really? Is that why that guy took a gun to that school and killed those kids? Is that why the other guy took a gun to that theatre? No. They took guns to those spots at least partially because those spots were a near guarantee to have defenseless people there.
So funny the only people who's stupid enough to call to disarm law abiding citizens in US of A are living in other countries or being libtards.
everyone keeps saying guns aren't the problem, people are. so why let anyone and everyone get a gun? people are fine until they get pissed off and now they have a way to kill a lot of people very quickly (you cannot compare guns to knives or baseball bats or cars...). you may not want to kill someone with the gun/s you have in your home until you come home and find your wife in bed with your neighbour. this is a problem that will never be solved and hundreds of thousands of fellow citizens will die needlessly because Americans believe it's their right to have access to weapons that kill a lot of people in 3 minutes. it's not the guns fault or the right to have the gun if someone becomes irate or sick. the government should get that guy before he goes to the school with the guns he was allowed to have.
It's not about the guns. It's about the people who are allowed to buy guns. We need to improve they way we treat the mentally ill, prevent them from buying guns, and educate their families on mental illness as well as the importance of storing their weapons securely. 
+John Blount I would be willing to place a very large bet that the gunman would have had one hell of a time killing 20 children and 6 adults with a baseball bat or knife, or even a baseball bat covered in knives.
+Fidel Serrano There was a British kid among the killed in Newtown. By US standards of diplomacy, that makes it our business.
The Foreign Office should issue an advisory to tourists. US has become a rogue state.
It's funny how these communists want to disarm the USA.  Hey Tim, move to Russia. 
+Noah Othmer actually its the combination of psychos and guns.    psychos can't do much damage throwing rocks.. just sayin
And YOU may want educate yourself, Mr high and mighty +Mirosław Baran, read the bottom of the article about all the other instances where there were deaths in China due to knife wielding assailants:

And then look at the instance where a college level student prevented additional deaths by concealed carrying during a violent mall shooting in Oregon, something that happens every day to prevent crime, but isn't sensational enough for you gun grabbers to want to praise:

And no, I'm a proud member of the NRA, and I don't feel ashamed one bit! 
@second post +Steven Feinstein if we take their guns away they'll jump of a freakin bridge! What does it take to get you people to realize; guns aren't the problem - the people are the problem. The only way to solve this is to start raising our children right. Look at the culture we have created and tell me you're still surprised that tragedies like this shooting happen!
Question for you gun slingers out there - how many of you obey the speed limit in your country when driving? Why do you do it?

It's to prevent people from being wreck less because it can kill, and also to ensure crazy drivers aren't allowed to be idiots on the road by driving beyond their abilities. And that is what this discussion needs to be about.

For some reason it's socially and culturally acceptable to adhere to the thousands of traffic regulations designed to keep people safe, and no one moans about the massive cost invested in doing this.

Now shift this logic to guns - tools designed purely to kill or maim. Why shouldn't the government do the same so that the sensible and innocent are protected from the incapable? 
It's the gunman not the gun. It's the knifeman not the knife.

what a stupid logic ... duh guns dont kill people... people do... but people have guns... so therefore people use guns to kill people. 
again by that logic - if the gunman didn't have a gun - he couldn't shoot anyone. 
+Kahn Knight Really. Inane. Thank you. Ask Gabrielle Giffords, the 6 killed and 13 wounded in that incident how concealed carry laws worked out for them.

Ask a law enforcement officers or military personnel, who receive arguably much more training than an average citizen would, what happens to their training knowledge when bullets are flying.

Have you ever actually been in the area of a gunfight or been shot at? Was your reaction to "man up" as others have put it?

And can you respond to the rest of my questions/ comments?
+Russ LaFever get real. Nobody ever uses his own gun to defend himself against criminals, except in stupid american action movies. It just doesn't fucking happen in real life. Stop daydreaming. Think real, for God's sake.
i have owned guns my whole life... havent killed anyone... so it cant be the guns killing ppl... its ppl killing ppl... why dont we ban fertilizer because of bombings... oh and mothers for having kids that grow up to kill... yes lets ban ppl...
+Christopher Li-Reid The article you quoted has a lot of false info on it sorry. Maybe you should try and compare it to the FBI crime data base and so on. Most the guns where not obtained legally as it tries to imply. If you look at just the recent shooting the owner person committing the crime was 20 not old enough to purchase a hand gun! So he obtained it illegally. Probably from the dead family member.

Most the individuals in fact left of information when filling in the questionnaire which would have precluded them from buying the weapons they used. There are other issues as well. Which is why we now have the instant check when you buy a hand gun rather than just rely on the individual to tell the truth. The truth actually is most gun crimes are committed by people who illegally own or posses them that is especially true when it comes to crimes of the nature of what happened in Connecticut. 
I'm not a gun owner but i think if you want to carry a gun it should be licensed and it's not the gun doing the killing it's the person pulling the trigger
56% of those 30,000 deaths are due to suicide
Maybe the teachers should have guns too? Ever hear about the nuclear arms race?
how many have died as result of drinking and driving but no one is talking about banning cars or alcohol..... wonder how many would be alive if some of the teachers had been armed and trained and if the news media wouldn't sensationalize the story ...... i'd rather be caught with my weapon than be caught without it 
+Mike Garcia I'm happy for your lack of conscience too, sir. It's a real shame that you're not man enough to feel just a smidge of responsibility for what your religious approach to guns does for your country.
+George Hayes im sorry can you prove that - or are you just saying that?   

speaking of facts.. there were two shooters not one.. learn the story first... and the guns were acquired because they resided in the house. 

next time you wanna flame me - get YOUR shit right first.
What the hell is wrong with you ppl the mental state of theses ppl is what you should be arguing about and everybody looks the other way Cuz they don't want to hurt that persons feelings wake the heck up the kid that did this didn't wake up one morning and go do this all the signs were there and nobody did anything!!!!
+Fidel Serrano you're just reaching now ...  how do you kill 20 people running around in a school with a jug of gas?  you run around spritzing everyone then lighting them on fire while you try and keep everyone still?   fuck off somewhere lol. 
Why take guns away from the people that follow the law. Control wont stop criminals from gaining access to them through the black market as they have done in the past. Control would not have stop this person from committing the horrible act that took place. He still would have found a way to gain access to them through other sources.
It's kind of like saying that if I get fat from eating nothing but fast food, and then I die because of the horrible diet, I can blame the fast food industry for killing me. Is it murder, is it suicide, or is it society, or a combination of all three to blame? No one apparently took notice to this person before he did what he did, and now we want to blame one item and not the combination of things that may have taken place prior to this incident. Typical.....blame something/someone else before taking responsibility ourselves. 
It is easier to blame guns than to blame a lack of proper healthcare, improper pharmaceutical testing and usage, and general parental negligence in raising children.
The problem is not guns, the problem is our sin nature
+Fidel Serrano your country keeps meddling with other countries' affairs; now tell me why can't I offer my educated opinions on some of the more interesting cock-ups of your internal and external policies?
I absolutely love this trigger guard...I am going to have it put on one of my pieces....what a testament to the guns that have given us freedom....the whole world can all thank American guns that your not speaking Hitler's German right now....your all welcome!!!!
laws that prevent people from having hand guns also works.. 
+Chris Wright Wrong. In the correct hands a knife can be as or more deadly than a gun. Knives are silent don't forget.

Guns don't kill people! People kill people! If it was a knife that did it everyone would complain how we need tougher knife laws. If was a bat everyone would complain about that. Enough!

Let's say we ban guns in the U.S. (constitutional right) for arguments safe. That would mean the black market would explode and if people wanted to get guns they would be able to alot easier especially assault weapons.

There isn't an easy fix to this. Even if you make the laws tougher any Joe, Dick, or Sally who has a perfect record with no jail time would be able to get a gun and still could end up becoming crazy.

My suggestion fight extreme with extreme. Do the same with flights. They have U.S. Marshalls so should schools. Have 2 teachers or more (depending on how many students there are) in every school have police/military training in these situations and carry a consealed arm (you can decide the weapon i would choose a handgun) and only the principal/dean would know who these people are.

I would ask this question. What if all these school shootings had trained teachers and fired back? Maybe a far worse outcome? I think so.
Do you really think the bad guys and psychos will stop having guns? We are way past that point. How many kids could have been saved if a teacher could have shot him dead sooner. 
I wish we could stand together but oil and water don't mix.  If someone don't like LAW ABIDING citizens with guns, then GET YOUR ASS OUT OF MY COUNTRY.
+Gary Savary too bad usa only joined the war at the end - and weren't the reason why hitler went down... but thats okay you keep spreading your lies. 
If only ONE teacher had a gun, this would not have happened.

The gun control lemmings forget that if we ban guns, only the criminals and cops will have them. Remember, the cops are only minutes away when seconds count.
The arguments about banning knives, baseball bats, and screwdrivers is ridiculous. It is all about risk
The risk that 20+ people could be killed in a short amount of time by any of those items is very low. 
The risk that 20+ people could be killed in a short amount of time by a semi-automatic weapon is very high.
Stop comparing them. It is absurd.
This opinion is an extension of what we already have. Regulating gun ownership will not solve the problem it will worsen it. Guns are for trained individuals like military police and the like, not for the regular individual. If you are not part of the armed forces and want to shoot a machine gun, buy it in a place that someone else has the same type of machine gun and can shoot back at you.
<< doesn't live in a shithole country where i need a gun to feel safe..
maybe the teachers need guns , now look how the jew media is working the American citizen to disarm them I think the Jew media has enough blood on thier hands now , thats who we should be focused on
lmao @ if teachers had guns this could have been prevented.. hahahahahahahahahahahaha.  omfg i have to leave this thread... americans are so fucking stupid. 
+Noah Othmer It is the weapons, that the mentally unstable have access. There is a big difference between a 12 gauge shotgun and the  typical assault rifle. Had this guy only had access to sportsman firearms, more kids would be alive today.
Problems are doomed to repeat when all parties involved think it comes down to ONE issue that needs solved. This isn't about guns, mental health, or government. Its about all of those things. All of them impact the others in vastly different and far reaching ways. To say that any one of those is a solution is shortsighted and frankly, arrogant.
And you spelled 'psychos' incorrectly.
+Emmanuel Florac stop being fucking moron and get real - people use their own firearms for defence from 500k - 1.8 millions times a year!
Yes take away the guns from legal owners. Only legal gun owners commit gun crimes everyone knows that....
It is a losing fight. You would need a constitution convention and the vote of a Majority of State Legislatures. Good luck with that.

Might want to whine about the number of US servicemen coming home with not arms or legs, or the 10 million mines laid by the US or all the people dead accidentally from drones. Something they can actually do something about.
Mark P.
Wasn't the gun that he used already illegal in Connecticut?

When has banning a thing ever made it less available?

Isn't it true that when the UK banned guns, gun related crime went up by 40%? silly....The USA is the only reason you are able to voice your silly little opinions....I know you love it deep down brother....just whisper it to yourself....I love America and I am grateful for the freedom it provides the world...feels good right!!!!
And if there were no guns....see story of China knife attack at a school, same day. Or remember 9/11? Box cutters were the weapon of choice. Oklahoma bombing? Fertilizer. OJ Simpson? Knife.
The point? A deranged killer will find a way. Arm yourselves, good citizens, and take back our security as the Founders intended. Don't rely on the police. Rely on your self.
I those teachers were armed that psycho wouldn't have made it 15 feet up the hallway. What you need to understand is that criminals have no problem getting guns illegally.

Putting legal arms in the hands of educated people is the only way to keep this stuff from happening. Think of the places that are getting shot up, malls,
movie theaters, schools and churches. No guns in those places.

Sorry to break it to you all, but the solution is more guns, not less. 
+Owen Storm you wouldn't recognize a real communist even if he'd have gotten out of his reindeer-driven sleights, kind sir. You have never met one, stop fighting with ghosts.
If you do not see the logic of what NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF's article is saying, you are part of the problem!
If you're not willing to stop murdering 3000+ babies a day in a mother's womb (JUST in America), then the gun control conversation is a joke.
The mother had guns when she had an ill son in the house. Very bad idea. 
+martjin vos handguns have been around since the second ammendment was created. The founding fathers saw hundreds of years into the future. Your comment is flimsy at best
George Missita you can blame video games for people dying  
+Mirosław Baran True, Germany has strict gun control. And, it had two amok runs in schools in the last 10 years - one in Erfurt, one in Winnenden.
Norway has gun cntrol, AFAIK, and go look what happened there last year, when a criminal murderer terrorized a youth camp on an island and shot many.
Things are not as easy as just to forbid guns.
+James Calbraith
Sam and John Adams intended, in their writings, that Americans should have the arms equal to that of what soldiers possess. The 2nd Amendment was about counterbalancing tyranny, not hunting.
Two wrongs don't make a right. The conclusion then is that we shouldn't be bankrupting the country to try to prevent a single death from terrorism.
Guns don't kill, people kill...If we were cavemen..guess we could consider grinding up all the rocks and burning all the sticks!!!!!
+John Blount You're an idiot, I haven't seen 27 people killed in a half an hour by one person with a baseball bat, have you? No one needs an assault rifle.
+Ingo Wechsung Germany and the Nordic countries are actually quite interesting cases in that that the gun ownership is really strong there, and they do have strong laws controlling carrying and use of them.

Which works well enough, or at least it works much better than in the U.S.
+Mirosław Baran You mean your lack of educated opinion? Look if you want to be a slave - you're more then welcome to be one. Here in USA so far most people looking to be free.
Hey I have an idea. Lets ban Crystal Meth, Marijuana, Cocain, and any other substance that can kill, alter or make a contibuting member of society reckless or dangerous. Then lets spend millions to make sure our society can't have access to those substances. I mean we know that these drugs hurt and even kill our children. Forget educating our children on how to become confident and strong enough mentaly to avoid drugs or respect life. Instead ban the substances. This has been our societal mantra for years... Look how awesome its working!!!!! These substances are more readly available now then when they were unkown. Keep right on banning folks, working great so far. Geez so many intellectuals on plus, and this is the best they can put out for intelectual discourse....
+Joel York You are absolutely right. Mental illness is the problem. The family's inability to address her son's mental illness is also a part of the problem. 
Why not enforce current laws and put security in the schools, and bring back prayer
+Joel York It comes down to the individual. First he wasn't a child. I have a very large gun safe. But in truth my son won't touch my weapons anyway with out me there. He doesn't fall under pear pressure and crap either. It comes down to the values we teach our kids and respect and so on. Even when they have mental issues those values can be a life saver.
+Brent Buchholz do you hear yourself?

You admit this kind of weaponry is a "death machine" and yet believe it's ok for the average Joe to possess it?

In my opinion, If people want a death machine simply because it's hardcore, kickass, and epic to wield then that's more than enough reason NOT to let them have it.

By your own admission it's a tool designed to kill yet you think it's a toy. I don't care how much training you get or have, if you don't understand a death machine isn't a toy you don't deserve access. 
+Christopher Li-Reid

Israeli teachers carry weapons...and no one thinks THAT is stupid. I hope you never are in a position one day and say, "I wish I had a gun". What are you, Macguyver or something? Tool.
+Mirosław Baran Switzerland, by the way, has the opposite of strict gun control - every male adult that was in the army keeps his gun at home. And yet, the incidents in Switzerland with such guns are mostly suicides.
'For every mass killing in the US the usual crew come out with the absurd: "if everyone were armed it wouldn't be a problem". That's a bit like saying if everyone ate more fat and sugar there wouldn't be an obesity problem.'
Johann Du Toit you are some what right with your saying, but one little discrepancy. Bad people with guns will murder people, good people with guns will kill the bad people with guns and protect people.
I am conflicted over this. I believe that the people should have the power to overthrow their government if necessary, and yet over 70% of NRA members believe that people should need a criminal background check and an ID to purchase weapons, and that people on the terrorist watchlist should not be allowed to purchase weapons. Can we at least agree that suspected terrorists, who can be detained indefinitely and tortured without a trial, should not be able to purchase assault weapons? Maybe ban them from purchasing any guns at all?
The only thing to be ashamed of is that you're turning the death of twenty children into a political statement, you fucking hack.
+Chris LeBlanc the real world examples seem to show that the gun crime level is much less in countries, where gun access is strictly limited and controlled; even the criminals are not so trigger-happy there. Did you ever wonder why?
You literally expect me to give up right to bear arms when you, if you were a responsible member of society and a member of our fine police force, cannot be there at the very moment that non-law abiding member of society, decides to take his firearm and enter my house and threaten my family.  Who are you to get "bamboozled" about the values are country is founded on?  To protect our freedoms, protect our families, to protect what we fought for.  To protect us from ourselves when someone gets the idea of running a police state or take away our freedoms.
+Ingo Wechsung you may want to check up on that; it's not that easy to have the right to carry the weapons in Switzerland and it has to be stored properly.
+Konstantin Vorotnyuk Wrong. One swing to the temple and your dead. Don't lie to yourself kid. In the right hands it can be as deadlier.
Your fucking stupid. Someone should shoot y'all^^^^^^^^^^^^\/\/
For those who think that ban is a problem solution, try to google for Beslan crisis in 2004. 380 people died in one of the schools in the country where all firearms are prohibited and police financed much better comparing to the US. I would rather start researching what drove those people instead of blaming NRA members.
We protect our gold with Guns, we protect our children with good intentions. Our gold is safe Our kids are dieing because of good intentions.
This is a mental health issue, not even a gun issue!
I personally saw this type of shooting coming on Nov. 07, 2012 the day after the election.
Now the reason I say this is President Obama, has been trying to turn The United States of America, into
The United Socialists of America, and removing all pride that helped to build this Once Great Country, that we call home.
The man weeped on camera the other day, not in sadness...
But in his sick twisted view, victory!!!
You see his pawn went out and brought up Gun Control to the masses once again.
During this tragic event so that your Government doesn't look like a bunch of Jack'ss, they are about to swoop down legislation to try to Destroy the Second Amendment.
Then if that were to pass within the next 2 Generations, I see missiles with nuclear war heads heading towards our shores.

I just pray that I'm wrong about this happening... or that I'm dead before that ever does happen, because I really don't want to see what the world looks like after being used as a Fall-Out Shelter.

Politicians and the media, hand in hand, serving the masters, those with immense wealth and long held real power, go to great lengths to mislead and lie to us.

Is the NRA the evil force we are told it is, continually and incessantly?

Hmmm... I shall look and see.

....back from a search.  

As I suspected.  The NRA was often the author and or supporter of very restrictive gun control laws.  Looking at the results from those laws in terms of violent crime and gun crime in the US they could not be seen to have any positive effect ... crime was steady or rising in the years after, then gun access laws were overturned to a more liberal interpretation and the right to self defense.

Shortly after many states added Shall Issue concealed carry violent crime began to drop, and gun crime even more. Other types of crime bounced around, but violent crime had a long steady decline until recently where it leveled off. Considering HOW low, it made sense that it couldn't really go much lower given that we always have a criminally inclined class.

It is still level.

You can research this yourself at the CDC, and DOJ, and FBI on line sources.

So regardless of current NRA influence (and they still support rather strict gun control laws ... you are being lied to about that) there really isn't any sensible way to tie them to gun crime as a cause.   It is more likely one could find correlation for LESS violent crime being likely influenced by the NRA.

I think your conclusions come from the common magical thinking taught to us by the media, that more guns make gun crime more likely.

It doesn't work out, per capita, or by the percentages.  We have immense numbers of guns in citizens hands that we can account for, and doubtless far more we cannot .. but 330,000,000 is the estimate.

And more all the time, get the gun crime rate hasn't trended upward for over two decades.  

If one looks regionally it becomes apparent there are spikes in certain areas.. and many of those have the most restrictive gun control laws in the country.  In a couple of them you cannot even get a CC permit.

The violent crime rate is highest where crime is common, and living conditions are exceedingly poor. 

I think we have been duped by the media, with perpetuation and expansion by innocent well meaning but ill informed individuals here and there.   Possible?  Likely.
+Mirosław Baran I nowhere said you can carry them, yet almost every household has access to them. But you said "Germany and Switzerland" so as to suggest access to guns was equally different in both countries, and this is plain and simple false.
Moreover, Germany is the counter-example: strictest gun control, and yet school mass murders.
Barry R
Illinois, until recently, didn't allow its residents to carry firearms. The Supreme Court just ruled that Illinois has to allow this measure with 160 days. Yet on December 14, 10 people were murdered in Chicago alone by firearms. Evil people will always have guns, and will always kill innocent people. But innocent people need a way to protect themselves. So have better background checks and mandatory mental health assessments. That would help a lot of the problem.
I don't even think it's worth debating anymore. Honestly. No one will ever change their stance, right or left. They simply think that the other side believes what they believe because they are ignorant, and therfore will not listen to anything the other side has to say. If you thought I was talking about the political party you are against, you are part of the problem. MSNBC = Fox News | Bill Mahr = Bill O Riely | Keith Olberman = Rush Limbaugh | Rachel Maddows = Glen Beck
Interesting comment Tom, I suppose those good people will have absolutely perfect aim in a crowded dark movie theatre, or shopping mall while acting as Judge, Jury, and Executioner. Excuse me the later three words where unnecessary I should have just said God for the fanatics on the Right, or card carrying members of the NRA.
If someone wants to kill a lot of people, they are going to do it.... gun or no gun. Also, if we try to take away guns from the honest people that own them legally, what does that leave? It leaves guns in the hands of people that do not have them legally registered. I would like to be able to protect my family and myself from these people. 
Outlawing guns will mean that only criminals have them. 

Israel used to have a school shooting problem. They solved it by training and arming their teachers with assault weapons. The teachers' ability to protect their charges means that there aren't any school shootings in Israel anymore.
Do you guys really think that by banning or regulating legal gun sales that you're actually going to stop or even slow down someone that wants to by one to use in a criminal act? If someone is going to commit a crime with a gun, they are not going to get the gun legally. All you are going to do is stop me from being able to protect myself from that lunatic because I don't wan to break the law. Who is crazier, them or you?

And no, it wouldn't make it any harder to buy a gun illegally. 
No; you are wrong. A man with personality disorder should not have access to fire arm. Neither, a person with any criminal record, drug addiction, psychological disorder, under age of 21, extreme political view and above all must have legitimate grounds for having any fire arm. It is insane, to allow fire arm in the hand of all Americans regardless of any safety consideration for others. I am therefore, waiting for another similar incident very soon. Finally, it was never suggested that possession of a fire arm to be made illegal. I dare any body to challenge my rational thinking.  
If we ban guns then there will be more homicides and divides by knives than any other weapon. Ban knives and it will be more homicides and suicides by golf clubs than any other ... In the end we will still have the SICK MIND that perpetrates these crimes. What then? Ban the use of hands? Be real, thus is a societal issue not gun control. Quite drinking the leftwing koolaid and think for yourself.
Do you really think that banning guns is the answer? Law abiding citizens commit very few gun crimes. Criminals will ALWAYS find a way to get around a gj un ban. Look at the drugs crossing the border, we only catch a very small amount that is coming here daily. Not to mention all of the growers/manufacturing of drugs here. Taking guns will only allow the criminals to have their way with law abiding citizens. They simply do not care about laws and are NOT going to turn in their guns.
Methamphetamines, heroin, and cocaine kill thousands every year, we should really ban that stuff too.
+Chuck Cortes You belong in the senate or congress.  We need more people like you that uses logic and not BS statements.
I believe the post floating around that is attributed to Morgan Freeman is very accurate. This is an American sensationalism mentality problem. 
The real conversation should be about mental health in this country. These people are denied care because nobody listens and they are ostracized because they are different. This just makes their condition worse. Even when they do get treated they often can't afford to stay on the meds and then they lash out.

Please learn how to listen to others and when someone is reaching out for help do what you can. I am sure this poor soul went to several others before doing what he did. If someone would have taken the time to listen we may not have had to lose so many innocent children.
We all heard about the man who killed 26 people because nobody stopped him. But the media refused to make a display of the incident in Oregon where a man started shooting in a soon as he realized that someone else was firing back, he fired only one more bullet: into his own head. Concealed carry will save lives, not gun control.
Over 88,000,000 gun owners didn't kill no 1 law abiding citizen will obey the law
+Brent Buchholz speak on what you know. LA is not the Wild West. Your profile states you are in WI, which is almost the farthest from the US/Mexico border..... You are a kook.
- If gun restriction was profitable, I bet it would be enforced.
- Defenders of gun use for personal protection are forgetting the argument of escalation.
- Weapons do not kill, people do. I agree with that, but people with guns kill a lot more easily.
- Innocent people don't need to protect themselves with automatic / high caliber guns.
Tim OReilly is a big mouth punk and he should be band from opening his mouth. The NRA speaks for its member that not only protects their members rights but yours. Moral decline is the reason why these things happen but I guess you dont believe anything of the sort! Why doesnt the government have guards in our schools? They dont care about safety just control. I am sorry people have lost loved ones this way. Gun control is Not the answer!
+Brent Buchholz it seems that you are not aware, that the Mexican drug cartels buy their guns in the US because gun control in mexico makes it much more difficult for them to get them there.
I'm living in Switzerland and I can tell you that since we have stricter regulations, it has become impossible to go out alone. Thugs and gangs everywhere with a massive load of illegal weapons, but us good citizens got nothing. And since stricter gun regulations are in place, our schools have become quite unsafe, in fact I felt a lot safer when every 14 year old teenager could field a Desert Eagle. (...NOT.)
I'm not tyring to be a bitch here and I'm not trying to tell you how to run your country. I realilze that you face different problems in the USA, but seriously, the "if everybody isn't armed, we're going to be overrun by villains" feels a little outdated. If that were true, I'm sure other countries with stricter regulations would face such problems, yet I hear none of it.
Let's also not forget when looking at these numbers of deaths from guns that a great deal of that is gang violence. Banning guns won't stop that any more than banning drugs stopped them from dealing crack. 
And what's the result, Ivan?  I'll tell you:  the police and military become the top dogs and the "regular" people become subject to them. 

  "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun" -- like it or not, that's how the world works.  And in this country the Founders intended that power to be in the hands of the people, organized and "trained to arms."  That's why they wrote the Second Amendment, and that's why they built this nation on the governance of the people themselves.  If they didn't want us to be free in the world, they would not have given us the "right to bear arms."   
Even as a rightest gun rights guy I believe that everybody should be tested for mental health issues but it also concerns me. It gives people a real chance to abuse power.
+Joshua Hall That's a very futile and imbecilic argument.  Conceal carry only works if the person behind it is very well trained in firing the weapon and acts well under pressure.  It could of also gone the other way where they went into an inevitable bloody shootout and killed more people. 

The only reasonable solution is to stop people from accessing "mass killing" weapons. Either that, or the US Gov. needs to arm every single citizen, which is ludicrous.
So I hope eveyone against regulation feels the same way about nuclear bomb regulation for other countries? I mean bombs don't kill people, people kill people.
If u wanna ban guns get out of our country! You people are idiots. 
Maybe if someone had a gun by there constutional right they could have shot that gunman and saved some lifes.Or maybe we should just give up all of our rights. Remember if guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns you would seem pretty helpless. THis ws a terrible tragedy It hurts me to think about it. I would like to see our kids safer in schools.
+Tim O'Reilly , that depends on what you mean by 'easy access'.  What I can't believe is how stupid people are, when they say 'We should have more gun laws! The guns are killing us!' Which is total BS!!  People kill people, cowards - depressed - unstable - etc etc are the ones killing people.  This has nothing to do with GUNS, and everything to do with Mental Stability of people AND WHO AROUND THEM ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION!!
I have never understood the desire to abolish the 2nd Amendment. I feel for all the tragedies that happen, the recent losses. I have kids, I could not even imagine. But to use it as an emotional platform for chipping away at the Constitution? Lets abolish cars because of drunk drivers! The Right to Bear Arms isn't about hunting, it is about the right to protect yourself and your family from sick folks like the perpetrator of that most heinous crime against kids. It is also to protect ourselves from a government that loses site of that very same Constitution that protects the American's right to bare arms. Punish the perps, not the People!
+Michel Boudreau Never considered it but I fear I would simply be corrupted by the very people I would aim to fight against (I am only human after all). Nah, I think I can serve the country better where I can be free to express myself rather than be expected to do the will of the fat cats.
+Jay Burkos on that subject in specific. If we understand that was the case for 1700 can we agree that some of these are outdated?

I've heard some people wanting to add the right to have internet to a constitution but the most convincing argument against it is it will be outdated.

Is not like the due process of freedom of speech that could prove to last a very long time.

Imagine someone having a TOW missiles and Nuclear weapons because that counterbalance what our government have. Does not makes any sense today, maybe at simpler times when it was un-thought one man would kill 30 before being killed. Imagine one rifle with one shoot at a time and a range of 200 yards not so threatening.

I want to add, I like guns, I shoot guns. I love them all. Revolvers, pistols, shotguns and rifles, all of them a different thing. But I think that some sacrifice has to be done for the public safety. Not the ban of guns of course. I dont agree on many solutions yet, but definitely I dont agree we, the general public, need a military arsenal and if we have one, some safety must be required.

Lets not go crazy on this issue, it is a very difficult one. Some are afraid of guns and want them banned and some loves them so much they loved them more than people. There gotta be a middle ground. 
As a UK citizen I don't understand the "right to carry arms" argument. In a civilised society surely it should only those that need to carry guns that are allowed to - military, police and certain professionals. It's all to easy in the heat of an argument to draw a weapon, often resulting in substantial injury or death. If this is a level playing field then the worse that will happen is an old fashioned fist fight (some people are killed like this but less than those with guns)
Let abolish spoons to they make people Fat and they die of obesity
Even if we had zero guns in this country this still could have happened because of the situation described above!
HOW CAN WE REMOVE THE GUNS FROM A BAD HAND? All of u must think about it...........!
Amen there are a lot of Mental Tards out there including myself. It's not easy getting out of bed, going to work, and coming home. Then you factor in a few teenagers, and then forget it because we are sailing into uncharted lands. We need to embrace people that are on the boarder of sane and insane.  It's time these huge medical companies take a pay cut like me and lower the cost of medication. 
Howard Stern for President and a Babbbaboooee to all of you.
I would advice anyone, who is about to say that knives and screwdrivers are equally dangerous, try to murder the piece of meat. Or whole animal carcass. Then take their lovely gun and put a three or four holes in it.

Try to measure your agitation and satisfaction in the process. Try to compare, what is more exciting, smell of the blood and sore hands or smell of the powder and little push of the precise mechanism.

When somebody labels someone 'insane', he forgets about the level of the insanity. Gun gives you are much lower entry level. And it makes the killing a little easier. After two or three you even like how these poor creatures fall. Didn't even try to kill some pesky rats or feral cats? They helplessly hide from you under the wooden frame, scream, but you, GOD, just remove this last cover and kill them.

If you are going to hit someone with baseball bat, you'll spent all your energy and anger on the first person, 99% probability. But with gun it is only a beginning.

Why kill the driver and not his girlfriend? Is he armed? How pity! I am a faster drawer, i am ready, he is not, he is cold. He is tall, taller guys have slower reflexes, i would call him 'Magic Johnson'. I have flexed my hands as my instructor said, warmed them, i choose the route of approach so sun will be on my side...  Did you try to shoot a person with already-drawn gun standing against the sun with cold(they are not sweaty, still...) dry hands and your holster jams?

Guys who does argue with the bomb arguments, just spill the water directly on the waterwheel. So even insane person has the stability to make a bomb, mix a proper chemicals, attach the fuse, actually plant the bomb, plan and execute an escape... So he is more willing to do it with a gun.

Arming teachers... If US does that it will mean for me that most part of Communist propaganda was right. Children are designed to bring something new in this world 20 or 30 or 40 years since their school. Even Russian Civil War-era were unarmed -- they were thinking into turning the children into people, bringing and shielding them from the war fears to the normal life without guns, not creating cold-blooded killers.

What do you say when some teacher will shoot his armed colleagues and then kill pupils? Anyone knows who is comfortable with his gun or not so it will be easy enough to pick-up a target to acquire a gun directly in the school or neutralize best-handler first. And of course, concealed carry does not help when somebody has already drawn his weapon.

Just pay attention that army has a strict regulation where the weapons and live rounds are. Nobody just carry the weapon and live rounds in it  -- and these guys are trained to kill. They don't use live rounds for some reason even on the most parts of the practice sessions...
+Stephen Germeney we Americans believe in the right to bear arms because of the Oppresion of your goverment. 200+ years ago.
Gun control yeah thats the problem. For your information guns have been in America since day one but until the last few generations we've had no problems with mass murders of this type.
What changed well lets see the introduction of drugs, the destruction of moral values and making of monsters into heros.
Are you blind and stupid or do you not see the media pumping out books, movies and tv shows depicting evil beings as good.
Vampires in love, zombies as friends really you thing guns are the problem??? Turn on the TV and see for yourself what our kids are subjected to.
BTW the 911 mass murder no guns just airplanes, OK city no guns just farm supplies. Get your head out of the sand before its to late!
I now it not thr weapon its the person but if the person only had a nife r sum other ietome he wud not av killed so many and my be av bin stopped b 4 this arwfull crime so 4 god sake sum one take a stand and just say no we av had anuff senceless killing ow many more av to go ?
I'm a proud member of the NRA. I joined again on Friday.
We should ban alcohol because it kills people in car accidents. Not the persons poor choice for getting behind the wheel drunk. Wake up America!
+Ceasar Ricciotti Because where do you see in the constitution that tobacco is perfected by the constitution?
Give a man a gun and watch him create destruction. Teach a man how to properly use and respect a gun and he can protect himself and family for a life time.

The answer is not to take the gun away from the man but to teach him how to use it properly. I do believe there need to be harder gun laws. Not on the aspect of how they are acquired but the training required before purchasing them. 
+David Haddad The mother didn't work at the school, further information shows.

Plus carrying a gun and owning a gun are separate entities. If you need it and don't have it, it doesn't do much good.

I carry a gun daily and have never shot anybody, nor plan to unless necessary to defend myself.

Not gonna give up my God-given RIGHT to do so either, no matter how fearful that right makes hoplophobes.
In NJ its the same process for a law enforcement officer, already certified by the state to carry, to obtain a purchase permit, as a non L/E person to purchase. Its the "non-sense laws" that need to be looked at and restructured. We don't need new laws, we need laws that are effective.
The law breaker never gives consideration to the law. You cant legislate sanity!
We must ban the obesity machines. We need effective SPOON reform
Yeah, people kill people BUT guns make it easy for people to kill LOTS of people. There would be much fewer deaths if this guy didn't have a gun, and that's a fact - to say otherwise is simply idiotic. Guns are out of control in this country because our forefathers felt we needed to be armed to defend ourselves against a corrupt government... "the security of a free State" as it is written in the text of the constitution --- well s*** on that, the government is corrupt anyway and the guns did not change anyway. It's obvious the intent of the second amendment no longer applies. Giving guns to insane people does not change "the security of a free State".
Human have to realize value of human life....other wise we cn't stop it.....
I understand many people will fight big time over their right to own a gun. And believe me being retired military I love my guns and rifles, but I believe it is waaaaaaaay to easy for any one to buy a gun with zero background check. When you buy a car that VIN is tagged to you until you dispose, sell or trade of the vehicle. I honestly believe in mandatory gun training, background check and licensing. Each weapon should be tagged directly to an individual by serial number and buying and selling must be legally transferred. After all with me having been in the military did they ever hand over a m16 or m60 to a new GI and say "Here you go, merry Christmas". And seriously some of these weapons like a mk40 what the hell does any civilian need with those? What are you hunting that you need a mk40? A village? Gun ownership in the US is way to easy. It is harder for me to get a drivers license than a gun and there is nothing wrong with that? Once again I love my guns, but with it should come with mandatory training and accountability.
"Cell phone distraction causes 2,600 deaths and 330,000 injuries in the United States every year" (2005). Let's outlaw our phones while we're busy taking away our own rights.
Gun Control Advocates are Politicizing this school shooting for their own agenda. Makes me sick that you guys are taking advantage of the deaths of these children for your own ideals. 
+Ricky Pike while we're at it let's remember baseball bats kill more people in violent crimes than guns. DOWN with Base ball!
Agreed +Daren Harmon. It's almost like these people are wanting people to die so they can further their own agenda. Disgusting.
+Peter Speckmayer you might need to ask your unicorns if they know about underground firearms market, it exists everywhere. BTW Mexican cartels prefer AK's - the true American firearm.
Hey Brent, my country wouldn't be run by drug cartels if your country wasn't addicted to fucking drugs you imbecil. And to everyone else, why the hell do you need guns anyway?! 
Read the Constitution lately? The 2nd amendment precludes democratic input in the gun rights issue. The guy in Connecticut was using legally purchased guns that did not belong to him.

Try using your brain before subjecting us to your useless platitudes about gun control. Unless you overturn the 2nd amendment, your hands are tied.
Banning guns is only banning them for law-abiding citizens. Obviously murderers don't care so the only thing that's gonna do is remove protection from those that are responsible. 
Bullshit, john blount! as if that lanza bloke could have killed 26 people with a baseball bat! Why do Americans need guns? They are purely to kill people. If you're into target practice buy a catapult! ... I can safely say I have been angry enough a few times in my life that if I had easy access to firearms within minutes then there's a good chance I might be in prison now, I consider myself to be an average guy... thank goodness I live in the uk
+Ceasar Ricciotti just like when people call Repubs racists for being opposed to Obama or their agenda.
+Ingo Wechsung I said Germany and the Nordic countries (and for a reason, I know that Switzerland has a different profile of gun ownership), and Germany still has a very low level of gun-related crimes, despite the mass shootings.
+Ryan McBride We have guns here in Canada as there is lots of good hunting if you're not the sort that finds that an oxymoron. We just tend not to massacre one another with them. It a cultural thing I guess.
There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that anyone including our government could have done to prevent this tragedy. Gun control, even if they could remove every gun in existence, would not have prevented this. Why can't people understand this? If someone is bent on damage, they are going to do it. 
How is taking away from legal owners going to stop this.  I know he took his mom's guns, but what would have stopped him from buying an illegal gun for much cheaper than you can buy one from a gun shop?  I think it's more of a cultural problem.  Look at Mexico, they have strict gun laws, but the murder rate is still very high.  In the UK they have strict gun laws, and a rather low murder rate.  The problem is deeper than just guns, but guns sure make it easier to do all this.
Did you hear about the mass shooting Israel  yeah thats right teachers carry assault rifles.
Thanks for this...I'll be renewing my NRA membership today
First of all, guns are incredibly easy to make, they are here to stay, and no law will get rid of them or slow them down.
Despite the increase in gun ownership over the past 2 years, ownership is down drastically over the last 150 years on a per capta basis. If guns were the cause, theoretically these crimes would be decreasing.
What has been introduced, and prescribed to 1 in 8 kids now is Ritalin. And out of mind violent episodes are well known side effects.
This problem is relatively new to this generation. Psyc meds at these levels are relatively new to this generation. Guns are not new, at all!
Watch generation Rx, it's on Netflix. 
+Brad Morse  I don't understand your argument. If we follow it through, soon it will be perfectly appropriate for private citizens to own tanks and cruise missiles.

Cars lead to deaths mostly as results of accidents. There are strict rules regulating driving. I am not aware of any case of a car being used for mass murder.

Icy sidewalks do cause accidents, and most cities have strict rules about getting them cleared after snow storms. They most certainly cannot be used for mass murder.

A gun however is specifically designed to kill and specifically designed to kill human beings. Unlike a car or a sidewalk the gun has no useful purpose.

Killings like those in Connecticut happen it seems when the shooters have easy access to guns and some grudge. And notice that they don't go after people who can shoot back. They go after children, the most vulnerable human beings.

The sensible thing to do is at least to restrict access to guns and to ban private ownership of assault weapons.
Yeah, we should rewrite the constitution every time a tragic event strikes. FYI most of those 30,000 were suicides. After we ban guns, lets ban bridges and tall buildings too. 
+Miroslaw Gliwa, can we compare apples to apples, please? This kind of rhetoric holds no water in the discussion at hand. When was the last time a fat person killed 20 kids by eating a cheeseburger? Let's be honest, if we keep these places from being easy targets, the hit rates will go down. People don't break into houses with ADT stickers on the windows.

Anyway, I'm not going to sit here and debate you, but I will ask if you're going to try to rebut a statement made by anyone here, try to be adult about it. What's your next retort going to be? "We should carry bags of poo to the zoo, to keep monkeys from throwing their poo at us." 
Where is the discussion about our lack of infrastructure to aid people with anger management issues or psychopathology? Gun control laws were carefully followed by the gun's owner. Saying "there ought to be a law" doesn't really fit this situation. The shooter apparently had consent to access the guns. Every gun owner should be painfully aware of danger being around guns.

What more could we have done to council the shooter, his parents, his brother, his friends ...  That is the route to creating a better society & our best defense for this kind of behavior.
Leo I agree with you, Ban, cars, baseball bat, knifes etc...
What you want is to punish me and millions of other gun owners for the acts of another. 
Thank you! I'm glad someone has finally pointed out that we routinely set aside the 4th amendment in the name of preventing terrorism. But suggest that we so much as limit the 2nd amendment and you're labeled "unamerican". 
Gun laws will not stop a motivated individual such as this, they will not care about breaking the law of possessing a firearm when homicidal/suicidal. Discussion of licensing, registering and safety education are the proper direction, not gutting our constitution. 
Come on everybody, lets do the twist. We'll twist responsibility. Twist each others words, we'll shout out our opinions, till the other can't be heard. Logically we're right and the others are all wrong, we'll have to ignore reason for with it I won't be long. I fear responsibility but on which issue do stand. For on one side I'm justified for the others out of hand. Now who do I refer to whom do I speak of, for one is wrong and one is right in no common ground upon the fight. Give up all so we are safe or take the risk for our own sake?
Every time something like this happens, you can count on the gun control proponents turning out in droves to propose even tighter controls on how guns are owned. The fact is, that most would like there to be no guns at all and wouldn't be happy with anything less.

The fact is, you take away one tool, and those bent on terror and destruction will just revert to another.

Find another answer.
+Ricky Pike no. We don't want more people to die. We know, that more people will die in another mass shooting tomorrow or in a fortnight or in half a year. And it is a rather depressing knowledge.
Obesity is a contributing factor in hundreds of thousands deaths per year. WE MUST BAN THE SPOONS!!!!
If you take guns out of the people's hands, it would be Hitler all over again. This is the United States of America and not the Communist States of America 
Guns dont tell people to kill people unless they have schizophrenia
The USA gov has urgently to setup control over gun's which are on people's hand.
I believe that something should be done about the 148,000 deaths each year due to medical mistakes.  Much bigger number to work on, isn't it.....
I would like to say that those folks in CT are in my prayers for their losses. But i would also like to make a comment. There has been about 12 mentally unstable idiots that had the legal right to own but not the mental ability to own. I don't believe that extreme gun control is the answer. There are millions of legal weapon owners,  those of us who are, shouldn't be punished because of really a handful of mentally incapable 
Do we have the courage to address all the issues??? Mental Health, Capital Punishment, and yes a more comprehensive look into Gun Control (which does not mean taking away the rights to bare arms).

The issue isn't limited to one arena, but to several. Until we have the courage to address all of them at the same time, we will never have consensus from any one group. 
with so much gun violence they still wont ban guns. Thats why there are so much mass shootings in this country!!!!!!!
"guns don't kill people blah blah blah"
"Hitler all over again blah blah blah"

Sure enough!  Someone dares to question the out-of-control gun culture in this country and the chorus of gun-fetishists rise up to shout him down with bumper-sticker slogans.  Sad, really.  Well, I guess we can try again after the  *next* school shooting.  At this rate, that should be in about a week.
+Mirosław Baran and we know that today, 400 people will die due to medical mistakes.  There are 300 million guns in the US.  You do the math on which one will be easier.
Brian G
I get tired of the saying people kill not guns what a lame excuse. Ban all guns to save a life better yet save a childs life.
+Andrew Harley I'm glad you live in the UK as well.  The UK likes government intervention, and based on the Brits I've met, it seems the illusion of safety is preferred over personal freedom.  I'm glad I live in a country that isn't like that, just as you are happy in yours. 

There are obviously many issues involved in a situation like the shooting that just occurred (like mental health, school security policies, gun availability, and I'm sure I could think of more if I really tried).  Rather than jumping to the conclusion that a single factor would solve the problem, perhaps trying to understand what really went on is a better first step.
Would American ever restrict access to gun? I doubt it. They build lots of them. So they need to be sold.
Yes but what exactly is a gun used for? Being sane today does not mean you will be sane tomorrow and not all of us inherit sickness or ailment from birth. Some ailment manifest itself later on in one’s life and there is nothing scarier than a gun in the hands of someone who has momentarily ‘lost’ it either through his own doing or society's. In such a state, the proximity of a gun buttresses the belief that this is the best solution and who pays for it…the innocent, his loved ones, the totally unconnected and the list goes on. I just pray that members of NRA, their families or any pro-gun person do not find themselves victim(s) of their very stance.
+Brandon Atkinson I don't know if you can call it the "illusion" of safety when it comes to gun control.  They have fewer than 40 a year on average.  Seems pretty non-illusory to me.
Let me get this straight,,, you really think that outlawing guns will save 30,000 lives a year?  How many drug related deaths are there each year?  Those are illegal.  How many people die from drunk driving?  That's illegal too. Come to think of it, shooting someone is illegal as well.  You will never be able to control access to guns for criminals.  You're kidding yourself if you think you can. You will only punish and disarm law abiding citizens.

The real question is why do we have so many young people that are so disturbed they feel the need to shoot someone.  What is broken in our society?  It's not easy access to guns.  It's a lack of moral grounding, not just in the family but in our society as a whole.  We're attacking religion and legalizing drug use.  Wake up.
Okay, to the idiots saying their should be strict laws on automatic weapons, AUTOMATIC WEAPONS ARE ALREADY ILLEGAL.  The ignorant tripe being spewed by gutless slime like O'Reilly is just deplorable.
Ok. No guns for the citizens. Give more power to the government. Dont you think they have enough power as it is? Taking my guns because someone else isnt responsible and cant make good decisions is like taking my motorcycle because someone else was racing on theirs and crashed it killing himself and several people in the pile up that followed. +1 this post if you own a gun and havent killed anyone!
It's either the Guns or better Security? Idk.
Go to a gun show and you can buy what you like without a background check....jeez! It is a loophole that is exploited time and time again.
Mexico has some of the strictest gun laws in the world.  How has that worked out for them?  What's happened in Australia since their long gun ban?  Crime is way up.  Oh, and Illinois?  Yeah, banning guns worked really well there too.  

"I ask, Sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people. To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them."
George Mason
Co-author of the Second Amendment
during Virginia's Convention to Ratify the Constitution, 1788

I will not willingly become a slave to this government.
And yet we ignore the lives saved by guns.

+Lyle Hart I love it when a gun-junkie defeats himself with his own argument.
Don't you need a test and a licence to be able to ride a motorcycle?
The mother owned the guns. Presumably for self defence. When she needed those guns to defend herself, where were they?
America, the rest of the world looks at you and despairs. 
Food for thought: Lets take a look at the one word that always shows up; CONTROL, or lack of. Everyone one of us lacks self-control in one aspect in our lives, and you would be a fool to think otherwise. The person who did this did not have control, the mother did not have control, medicine did not have control. Lets face it, control has never taken place, and has been proven throughout mans history. If you think control will stop this, then look at control of drugs, the control of alcohol, control of drinking and driving, control of crossing a border, control of oil, control of people and races, and control of spending. Wake up! The U.S. has the worst debt ratio ever because our own government can't control it's spending and greed of consumption. To control something, you have to control the people who hold the it, and that will never happen. You will turn good people into criminals, just look into the past.
 I can't believe how blind people have come to learning from mistakes through history, yet every time a situation arises, which is never a new one, it is treated as if were new, and the people blindly follow it every time, never learning. There is no reason for our own stupidity with technology right in front of us, yet we believe what is told to us. I guess you can't break human nature.
This is nonsense propaganda... Ill people will have access to guns not matter what... legally or illegally to perpetrate these type of events. Take away the guns and do the same to the police since there are more and more cases reported of civilians been killed for what they consider a "necessity of events", what difference makes one human being to another, the badge? and authorization to take the life away of another??
System definitely needs to be improved in order to prevent these horrible events but don't tell me guns are the problem, specially when in China another sicko slashed 22 kids in a school, eureka!! Take knives away as well... Nonsense authoritarian ideals!
Lethality is now dictating our personal security. We have those that obtain their weapons illegally, but we're not talking about solving that issue. Oh no.

Lets solve the issue by taking the bat and ball away because the bully at the baseball field is hurting the other kids. That's absolute insanity. Cripple the rights because of the crazy. The same people that fought like hell against the Patriot Act for restricting rights are now jumping on to restrict more rights. Funny how things change.
+Joe Catalano No it isn't unamerican, but thinking that the problem lies with just 'this thing here' and locking ourselves into that specific thought and blinding ourselves to the possibility there is Much MUCH more going on. Then we aren't being unamerican, we are being blind to the truth we ignore.

I'm not trying to bully anyone into agreeing with me. I am saying this and only this. Stop trying to find a single solution, because there is NONE. Until we understand why PEOPLE do WHAT THEY DO, the root causes, then we won't understand why the TOOL'S were used in the way they were used.

One thing is, it is everyone's god given right to defend there family. Whether that is with a gun, a bat or your bare hands. And when you take away one way to defend yourself, your opening yourself up to those people who possess those now 'illegal' weapons and now Average Joe doesn't have the biggest deterrent to armed robbery. Because they are now unarmed. 
I love my Romanian AK.I don't like when others are scared of gun say that others should not have them.Man up and get your self one!America is some what a free country with everyone complaining about the things "we"do will just slowly strip us from our rights to everything our country has fought so hard for to give to the ppl in this nation.
If we outlaw guns only outlaws will have guns. 
BTW, violent crime rates are down and have been on a steep, steady decline in the US for 30 years.  Meanwhile, these massacre type events with guns are happening while gun ownership in the US has declined steadily since 1959.  

Maybe, just maybe, ignorant media whores like O'Reilly could do some real research instead of using a tragedy to push their asinine political agenda.  You're a bottom feeder O'Reilly.  An embarrassment to the species.
Let see if criminals cant buy guns there most likely stealing them. So people need to be more responsible gun owners and keep those locks on your guns and keep them in gun safe please. Should be no way some disgruntled kid or burglar should have access to take your firearms.
+James Calbraith Did this latest shooter own guns?  No he stole them like a criminal.  He was already in violation of 5 or 6 gun laws when he arrived at the school.  How did that slow him down?  It's like the hippie who thinks that guns should be illegal and that would solve the problem but smokes pot.

Don't be naive.
No ammount of gun regulation could have stopped a willing indavidual from shooting innocent people. But gun regulation can stop you from protecting yourself against them. 
I'am NRA member. This guy is another idiot. The criminal element will always get guns, but to think more regulatipns going work? It is the person who is responsible not the weapon. NRA does promote gun safety.
I can see a push for treaty with UN on gun ban again. Mass killings by gun man, drone strike or bombs all kill . Drugs kill, cars kill, buildings collapes kill, ect. But yes we need some gun control but sad arguments for or against. Is like abortion the pro extremist who didn't like A/clinics killed people. Whats up with that?
? How many children on foriegn countries get killed? Where is the whinning for them?
Only in america then the closet hips come out.
How many did the bomb kill in Japan?
I am very sorry these children lost their lives because someone had a unstable mind. We already have gun control laws in place enforce it.
The question is who is responsible ( mental health serives or gun owners ) ?

I believe looking at gun violence as a public health issue may be the way to find common ground.  Finding treatment options, education and interventions have done more to stabilize drug related problems than all the arrests and efforts to just make drugs illegal.  DUI fatalities have been reduced more through these kinds of efforts than enforcement only DUI checkpoints and patrols.  
That being said, there are issues that still need to be addressed that will not only improve the abilities of gun owners to safely use and store their weapons, but making them responsible as well.  Too many people purchase weapons intended for personal safety and then never practice, fail to care for and store the weapon properly and then are surprised when it disappears only to show up where someone has been injured or killed.  I don't mind private responsible gun ownership, but it's time for gun advocates to step up and share their ideas to improve public safety beyond the standard call to arm the populace.
Did anyone mention cowboy culture or the implicit belief that you solve your problems with a gun in your hand? It's true the gun doesn't kill alone, but also seems true that this happens more in the USofA. Arguing that everyone being armed will protect against things like this is like removing a symptom, without actually curing the sickness. Any serious ideas why the US creates more of these monsters or sick people? Without any fanboi comments for or against guns?
These's type of shootings is a symptom of a society issue.  Some one  please graph  all the mass shooting that happened in America each decade in the last 100yrs.  I suspect it would be an upward slope.     

Actually if you thing about it.  If you wanted just to kill a lot of people would you use a gun???  I sure would not. 

If you work with younger people you will find they don't have the same respect as a lot of older people  for a  whole host of  things.  Now some of that comes with age, some not.  

We need to identify this underlying issues and address them , not treat a symptom
+JP Loinsigh enough of the "bat" argument you can't kill 30 people in 2 minutes with a bat someone is gonna kick your ass first - somehow I made it to the ripe old age of 46 without ever owning a gun and I grew up in Chicago -
your number is highly inflated. the same number of people die from drunk driving "accidents". We should make drunk driving illigal....
Doug M.
Reluctantly I have to agree with +Joseph Greene despite his rather blunt posting. If there is to be increased gun control then legislation should be drawn up by people who actually know something about guns. Letting someone like Bloomberg or Pelosi pen up new laws will pretty much guarantee failure.
The 2nd amendment was set up by the country Fore-Fathers who had slaves working 4 them, had them whip if needed. Is that okay? So is it okay for people to justify the gun law as being fundamental in our society, even though it was set up by men who had slaves in a different era. I think time has change, society isn't the same as back in the days of the Fore-Father. Do you think we seen anything yet, just wait & see.
Your just naive.  You can take guns away from the honest law abiding citizens.  Not in a thousand years could you get them all away from the criminals.  Had each of those 6 adults killed at the school had a fire arm there would have been a LOT less casualties. 

If you come up with some magical system than can render gunpowder inert on a global scale, that would be grand.  But If you watch world news even countries with tight gun control and much much smaller easier to guard borders suffer these same crimes. The people who commit them spend months planning them. 
You should read the Governments statistics on gun related deaths, 66.9% are suicides and if someone is going to pull the trigger they are just as likely to swallow a bottle of pills, The crime related deaths usually occur from illegally obtained firearms and not legally obtained. The country that has mandatory gun owner ship laws has the lowest homicide rate in the entire world with 40 deaths due to firearms reported annually, Switzerland also has the highest concentration of firearms per capita in the entire world as well.

Blaming the NRA or any other group of people that are pro guns for home protection and recreational use like hunting does nothing but show that you are uninformed about the real numbers and issues. Please do not take this as an insult but before one comments on a topic one should research into more than just the common misleading media coverage.
<----- proud NRA member! deal with it.
Google + =a place for morons to spew their uninformed BS 
Theres 30,000+ deaths a YEAR by cars... So I guess we ban them too?
+John Blount if I could +1 that statement 100 times I would. People kill with anything and everything. If they can't use a gun, it will be a bomb, our a car or their bare hands. I'd like to see statistics for homicide overall and how much is gun related. I have gun control in my house, it's a safe and only I know how to open it. If someone did open it, my guns have trigger and bolt locks and I have the key.
The same insanity and violence that your legislators won't protect you against are the same ones you want to get change from?

Police protection isn't a right, its a privilege. So says our courts Warren v. District of Columbia.

So you're privileged to have police protection. Tell that to others who live in high crime areas with no means to get out. The flawed logic of stripping rights from the masses to stop the minority threat. Please enlighten us on how to better become victims, I think you could do a better job at it if you really try. 
yesterday 84 million gun owners did not go on a shooting spree
If you ban them, the illegal guns will pour in. We banned alcohol with prohibition. How did that turn out? We banned drugs. How did that turn out? Now you want to ban guns....How do you think that will turn out? I know that rape, burglary, and theft will skyrocket! Because the bad guys will have the guns and the innocent will have maybe a can of mace. In a world of weapons the only line of defense is your personal weapon. All these celebrities calling for gun bans. Well when their security doesn't have a sidearm and the bad guy does what will they think. There is a disconnect between the elite of our society and actual reality. They want a perfect social society. Well that doesn't exist. Humans don't have it in them. No human is perfect. In the end a weapon is a tool. It is no more evil than the person holding it. The media posts these killers photos all over and say this is the deadliest mass murder yet. Well that gives a lost soul the thought that they can make a memory of themself instead of committing suicide in the woods. They take other innocents before them. True coward! And all these mass murders, guess where they happen. Gunfree and gun restricted zones. 
In the past 20 years we have passed MUCH stricter laws and stepped up enforcement regarding drunk driving and have seen a very steep decline in DWI accidents, resulting in many saved lives.
I understand where you are coming from +Tim O'Reilly but the problems are:
1. All you will do is create a black market like they did when they outlawed drugs and alcohol.
2. The guns are already out there and you won't be able to take it from people.
3. The criminals will still have them.
4. And if you do magically remove all the guns they will use something else like the guy in Japan that killed all the school children with one knife.
Dan Cox
Banning guns is not the answer. Criminals don't abide by laws and people who are mentally unstable do not either. Government intervention is not the answer. Stop the emotional knee-jerk reactions. Gun control is more government power and giving up our liberties as citizens. Stop with the senseless attacks on the N.R.A and the pure drivel regarding gun control. Laws will not change the rogue incidents we have in America. We need to get back to a moral compass again where we put God foremost in our lives and look out for our fellow brothers and sisters. We need a communal and caring culture rather than a culture of narcissism and selfishness. This will change America, not emotionally fueled laws. 
I would not be upset if this guy was robbed at gun point by some thug, and could not protect himself.  You sir, should be ashamed.
Point: Making it illegal doesn’t make it stop.
+John Blount They rushed the shooter and died. Odds are rushing someone with a baseball bat yields a non lethal and useful result.

You need to reach into you soul and be a bit more honest and admit you really can't believe assault weapons and body armour should be available the public. 
+Mark Rushing thanks for the correction. Do you know that the mother was NOT a responsible gun owner? Do we know that the guns were not locked? From what I read she was an avid gun owner and advocate and took her kids to the firing range often.

I also believe I read that her brother (?) is a police officer.
"Point: Making it illegal doesn’t make it stop."
Making auto assault weapons inaccessible would stop mass killing with auto-assault weapons.
There are approximately 13,000 people killed a year with guns, including legal defense. By comparison, 32,000 die in motor vehicle accidents. We could eliminate those deaths by banning cars.
Some people died today. Some people will tomorrow but unless you see the many never shall you sorrow. But one or two, three or four what's higher, lets count some more. With many deaths for news to move upon your ears it finds your groove. Concider not the single man, for if he dies not at a stand never shall the news reach you never shall you concider two but with many bodies that may fall experts of you one and all.
I love the media misuse of assault rifle, considering the main requirement to make any rifle an assault rifle is being fully automatic. To address the statement about people, common people being able to buy full auto weapons, it's not that easy. To even think about getting that license takes a huge amount of time , money and inspection by the ATF, homeland security and others. Not to mention, the people who hold such license don't want to lose it and aren't the ones committing crimes. If people would secure their weapons at home, it would also stop part of the flood of illegal weapons in the hands of those who shouldn't have them.
+H Ritter No, they fucking don't.
If the Newtown assassin didn't have a gun or his assault-rifle, how do you think he had tried ti kill all the kids? Stab them?
Maybe he had gotten one kid - bad enough - bot not twenty.
Pulling the trigger of an automatic weapon enables every bloody idiot to kill a big number of people within the blink of an eye.
If he doesn't have a gun, he might be able to kill one, but that's about it.

And honestly:

How often have you been in the situation that you needed to protect yourself so that you had to use your gun?

It is so ridiculous that on the one hand, people like you are whining about Newtown and "pray for the victims", while on the other hand they are repeating NRA's ridiculous arguments that guns don't kill people.
Yeah, right, guns don't kill people, but guns are making it pretty easy for everybody to become a mass murderer.
Agreed, the cause of these events are not simplistic but how many have to happen before the root causes are tackled. Politicians are too constrained by their own ambitions to act decisively. Dealing with mental health is a long term solution but removing the tools that allow sick people to become killing machines can be done much faster if the experts put their minds to it.
when Obama gives up his secret service protection for himself and his family and is truly equal with us... then I'll give up my gun.
+James Calbraith over fifty thousands deaths a year is greatly reduced? holy dog shit I wonder what drunk driving deaths would really look like then?
+Steve Schuller There's no such thing as an "auto-assault" weapon.  If you mean automatic weapon, then here's some good news, "THEY'RE ALREADY ILLEGAL YOU IGNORANT PUTZ."
+Tom Coakley It seems to me that these mass shootings are by and large done by people with no previous criminal records. They are not criminals as such. Previous to going on ramapges they are just "law abiding citizens".So the argument that criminals will always have weapons, though true, is not relevant. 
Cause making drugs illegal totally wiped them out. Amirite? 
Its not guns its the crazy pp that take the guns from there parents and kill them! I mean if parents wants gun in there house hide it from your children's I mean come on!!!! 
If you live in a state, City, Town where Gun crime and violence is really bad you should possibly have something to protect your family,

If you have weapons as a status symbol or treat them like toys for target practice, 

Hand them in and go to an official Gun club to play,

If you don't have a valid reason to own a gun,


It would remove millions of weapons from circulation......
I don't know if this has been stated and if it was I apologize for repeating it.  The NRA is not a terrorist organization and their members are appalled by the tragedy in CT.  They will be vilified regardless of what they say.  Gun control or gun ban, it boils down to choice, who makes the choice and who enforces the choice.  Choice is what made America, our forefathers chose to fight to free themselves from the British crown as opposed to negotiating better terms.  Choice is what allows Americans to pursue their goals as opposed to having your life dictated to you.  For those that believe that America has been one shooting gallery forever and points to Sergio Leone westerns as proof, there are no assault rifles in a western.  The NRA would sooner keep assault rifles in the hands of the military then see them available to homeowners.  America has an all or nothing mentality attitude  where many people would cut into your privilege of choice.  Not every gun owner is a mass murderer and not every marijuana smoker is a petty criminal.  Not every gun owner is a hair trigger bird brain and not every LGBT is perverted.  Not every gun owner conceals and carries and has their firearm loaded and off-safety and not every African American is on the public tab.  It's choice that is being raked over the coals when banning is the option and the only option.   Books get banned too, good books, worthy books, ideas in books have been subjected to bans.  Choice shouldn't be a banned subject.
Gun Free Zones are stupid, but if we are going to have them then we should secure Gun Free Zones with armed guards or police.
Hey Bill self driving cars in 2014.  Collecting guns like the AR15 and the M4 sounds like fun. The drug lords have rooms full of them.  Comparing a semi automatic gloc to a Ford Focus is stupid and well you know it.
only one way to stop an armed madman, with an armed good guy. guns will always be available to criminals its not a perfect world, man up and be a protector not a complainer. BTW America was made with guns, how many people are killed in car accidents every day? should be ban automobiles? are u against the AAA also? what a commie coward you are.
+matt ondrey Banning drugs keeps you from running around with drugs all over your body. Because if you do, it's very easy for the police to detain you for years. This works. Just not the way you are implicating it would.
10,000+ killings from Guns as year simple put means regardless off gun control Americans can't be trusted with them. It countries with the same level of gun ownership killing are orders of magnitude less.

We need to focus on why this is the case. But in the meantime we need to at least reduce the ridiculous amount of weaponry available to the general public. 
Hey, let's repeal ALL laws, while we're at it. It's not like laws stop criminals, amirite?
Lanza was pro choice. He choosed to do evil to inconcent people. his means was easy accesses of guns because of his mother. but a Baseball bat would have been just as good.
How do guns show up at places by themselves?  If someone gets attacked by bad people bringing guns, blame the people.
+Brian G , if we ban all guns, then the only people with guns would be criminals.  No Government in the world can completely ban anything..  Prohibition will only drive the market underground.  

Look at the "ban" on illegal drugs..  The black market drug trade is alive and well and we just keep throwing money trying to arrest all drug dealers, but as long as there is a market for it the drug trade will continue.

If we ban guns, there will still be guns in the US regardless what our friends in Washington (or respective State/Local Governments) try to legislate.  If you think we really do have to power to outright ban something and you want to reduce killing, how about we ban murder?  That way it covers murder by guns, by knives, by axes, by rocks, by sticks, and by hands.  

People will always kill other people, that is just a fact of life..  The answer shouldn't be to take away options to protect ourselves, the lives of our loved ones, and your property from Law Abiding citizens..  to which a gun is an excellent tool that can be used to stop crime, rape, home invasions..  and many times there isn't a single shot fired.   The police cannot prevent crime like an individual prepared to protect themselves, the police's primary duty is to facilitate justice.  The police cannot be held responsible for any crime that they didn't respond fast enough.

If guns are the problem, and not people..  why aren't their shooting sprees in a gun shop or a gun range?  The amount of guns far outnumber the amount of people typically at these establishments.   The biggest and worst tragedies happen in "no gun" zones..  such as schools/colleges.  Where the mere act of bringing a gun onto these premises carry a fine/penalty.  A criminal planning to carry out a horrific act knows this and doesn't care about the fine/penalty, especially if they are planning on shooting a bunch of unarmed people.  
+Ryan Prior DO you honestly believe that Lanza would have been able to kill 20 children in just a couple of minutes with a baseball bat?  Seriously?!
How do you explain away all the Chinese school KNIFE attacks?  Do you want to ban those too?  What if he made a bomb?  What if he tossed a Molotov in the room?  Ban gasoline? etc. etc.  All a weapons ban does is tie the hands of LAW ABIDING citizens from protecting themselves and others.  Get you head out of your Utopian "no guns = no violence" place where the Sun doesn't shine.

Gun banners try to piggy back onto every tragedy for their idiotic, unworkable agenda.  Now THAT is lame.
Once again to those who tout removing guns, just look at crime rates in Australia.  They removed all guns from citizens and crime has skyrocketed since then.
Let's pass a Gun mandate law. off duty soldiers and Vets must carry a handgun at all times. Armed guards must be present in our schools daily.
According to the report that I read, he broke into his mother's house, killed her, and stole her legally obtained guns.  Not exactly what I would call easy access.
100% agreement - the problem is we don't secure our gun free zones. I lock my house during the day and all it has is stuff. Our schools have our future and any stranger can walk in and be unopposed. We must hold schools accountable for our childrens' safety now!
How about all of you living in countries other then the US watch quietly And shut up! The US fought and supplied Europe in WW1 and WW 2 we are the first and often only country to stand up against a tyrant in one of your countries, we take shit from you all and supply financial aide, food and arms for any needy country. WTF have your countries ever done? Keep your hands off of our arguments, keep your opinions to yourselves. We don't need them. Europe has consistently acted superior all the while issuing disparaging comments about the US. If I were in charge, I would lock you all out! 
+Jesse Milam Only in America knowing where your mother keeps her collection of semi-automatic firearms can be regarded as "not easy access"...
Thats a great idea gun control. Make it illegal to own a registered firearm. we all know criminals follow laws and never disobey. The usa needs to get their heads out of their asses and realize this. Gun control stops honest americans from purchasing their protection from the corrupt and criminal world. You want my legal firearms to be taken away.....come get them. Proud supporter of nra and the second amendment
Sorry but what does the NRA has to do with this? I like having a gun to protect myself from crazies like that.

Just for folks that are not aware, the young man that committed this cowardly act COULD NOT LEGALLY OWN A GUN.. However, he was able to get his hands on a gun.. Here is the law in CT..

"Permit and certificate applicants must pass state and national criminal history record checks and meet other criteria in law, including, in the case of a carry permit, being deemed suitable to get a permit. Ineligible applicants include convicted felons, illegal aliens, and anyone (1) under age 21; (2) under a court protective or restraining order for using, attempting, or threatening to use force against someone; or (3) discharged into the community in the preceding 20 years after having been found not guilty of a crime by reason of mental disease or defect."

Gun legislation WILL NOT solve the problem, criminals don't follow the law in the first place.. 
+Brent Buchholz +Richard Mills Mexico bans guns. The guns come from America.

I'm in favor of arming elementary school teachers. That way they can eliminate any threat with their perfect aim in a room full of scared, screaming children. Every 27 year old female teacher who loves children should spend hours of their time preparing for that moment. 
+Dave Austin They're easier detained, and everybody threatening your life in public (by carrying a gun) would suddenly be a criminal. It works.
They are the true heros of the world. I am right now working on a picture to commemorate the lost souls. I will be sharing it soon, look out for it
Yes +Tim O'Reilly You are absolutely spot on with this issue.  We have a car registration process and a license process in every state.  Certainly we could do something similar with guns.  Its a start, and I do not see a rational argument of Not doing something like that.  The usual knee jerk reactions of those who don't want anything new in this area just do not hold up any more.  Its time.  Certainly we can protect the rights of those who want to have guns, (like I do), while at the same time take simple steps to prevent situations like Newtown.
So was carrying guns into a school here.  Did it stop him?  Does it stop knife crime in the UK?  Bans do NOTHING other than embolden criminals (and governments sometimes, Yes, I Godwinned this bitch).
I will give up my guns if you can 100% promise and due remove guns from criminals.  Do no pick on the law abiding citizens.  Remove criminals and you remove crime.  Good luck.....
To all of you pro-guners who think that everyone should protect themselves by owning guns, you are either hoping to put your entire society in a death spiral or too stupid to understand the reprecussions of your proposal.

Imagine this, a thieve trying to break into your house and you think oh great, I have my gun (or assault rifle or whatever) and you take your gun trying to use it .... the first thing that happens, the criminal uses their rocket propelled grenade and boom, your house is bombed!!! Now if you are still alive after this, tell me that the first thought is for you to actually fight that criminal with your tiny handgun, Bushmaster or whatever pathetic gun you have (compared to an RPG), or just go run and try to save your family from more RPGs... good luck with that.

Now you must think this is crazy, right? No... this is exactly what happened in a country where everyone was armed with an assault rifle, I grew up in one. In Iraq, people are not known to love their guns like in the US, but after decades of an idiot dictator giving AK47 to every house, and a collapsed police force due to funding and wars, every house had to own an assault rifle to defend themselves. At that point criminals learned that breaking into a house meant they would be faced with an AK47 in their face, and guess what, just like we now say criminals will have guns, they will have RPGs. And I can tell you, I would never want to put my family in front of a criminal with an RPG, ever.....

The 2nd amendment never gave anyone the right to bear guns, it gave the right to bear arms, so I am guessing there will be an NRPGA, and then NNA (nuclear).... where do you stop? Yes, lets all have nuclear bombs and bomb each other...  Your right to bear nuclear arms is protected by the constitution.
This is an insane proposition, so instead of putting your country on a path similar to crime scene in Iraq, you should adopt the UK, or Japanese model where gun crimes are in dozens instead of thousands. Heck, you can also adopt the model we have here in Canada, where people can own long guns (hunting) but you cannot carry a weapon on the street period, nor are you allowed to own a handgun let alone an assault rifle.
Trust me, this is not about mentally ill people, I can assure you that we mentally ill people in Canada, and we also have our own criminals with guns, but if someone goes insane here one day(like that Lanza kid) they can't get a gun or ammo at their nearest gunstore(or Walmart!!), nor would they find an assault rifle in their mother's basement.
#1 cause of death (according to FBI): Baseball Bats. We should do something about that too. 30,000 gun deaths sounds like a lot... until you compare it to the annual homicide count (roughly 500,000).
+Tim O'Reilly What does the NRA have to do with this? The mother of the shooter (and subsequently his victim) bought all of this guns for him. He couldn't get them because he was not mentally competent. Stop blaming the NRA. The NRA supports the barriers that prevent people like the shooter from having guns. You are such a fool.
Roughly twice as many people die every year in cars. If it's really the number of people dying that bothers you then why not fight against them?
This kid was disturbed. End of story
It's amazing how a "progressive" like O'Reilly advocates a big government, big brother, regressive, freedom restricting position like this.  It just shows that most progressives, just like their conservative counterparts, only believe in freedom for people that think like them.
Per CDC accidental deaths not by guns. per CDC deaths by guns. the reason we can and should be allowed to own guns and the militia context was established to prevent our government from having a monopoly on force. In order to insure every American the ability to defend one's family or property should The government decide they want that monopoly on force. Tragedies will happen we can only hope to minimize them however, it's wonderful all the law abiding citizens at that school respected the gun free zone. Yet it took one insane, maniacal, sadistic asshole to not respect that and mow down innocent children and teachers. Hypothetically if one teacher had their weapon and chl perhaps his rampage could have ended sooner. Criminals and degenerates will always have access to weapons. To ban you or I from the same ability in order to protect from such things is a foolish attempt to legislate behavior. Look at how well legislating behavior currently works. People still speed, do drugs legal and ill, gays still love each other and will get married, hate groups still exist and some even have grown. Humans will be humans when the curtain is pulled back how we raise our children and how we interact with each other is what determines most outcomes. It's a dad tragedy and it shouldn't happen yet their are libraries full of history books with similar tragedies. Unfortunately some people are broken and sick and no amount of legislating will fix that. 
nearly 4 times the amount die in abortion (if you consider fetus a person) +Casey Borders 
As a left leaning political moderate that owns guns, I have made a sad discovery through this tragedy: It really is impossible to compromise with anti-gun people - anything less than ban & confiscate infuriates them. So yes, in this instance, I have to side with the NRA. Thanks for your intolerance.
+Fidel Serrano and you're just as lovely and nice as a person, as you think you are. Thank you for all the compliments.

+Jorge Roberts for the future reference, Mr. Roberts, in my cultural circle it's considered terribly impolite to refer to someone unknown by the last name only. If you want a conversation, keep at least some semblance of civility.

And do believe me, the Red Army wouldn't be deterred by your puny rifles, were the Soviets really interested in an invasion. (My country was not only occupied by the Red Army after WWII, it was also one of the few countries that fought regular war with the Soviet Union and did not lose. It was in the early twenties of the last century, but still. Don't boast too much, your country only used proxies to fight with the USSR.)

+Bob Cloninger Who was talking about complete bannning of all weapons? It's impossible in the US, you guys are completely irrational when it comes to guns – and you don't even realise how big is the price you're paying. Imagine, for example, that yelling at the policemen, getting out of the car when stopped by them and trying to discuss things with them are not punishable offences in most of the countries…

Now regarding controlling access to the weapons, my position, for example, is that you really have to remove the firearms from public realm, i.e. you need to reduce the right to carry, concealed and not, only to people who have real reason to carry guns.

You also need to introduce buyout programs at the federal level for all military grade weapons (semi-auto rifles etc.) and military-type ammo, with grace period long enough to get most of the really dangerous weapons out of circulation. It's possible and it was already done in other countries (granted, with populations who were not taught to fear everything that badly like you folks are).
500 comments later ... Well, I'm glad that's settled. :-)
why blame the NRA for the actions of some lunatic?  If NRA members were committing these type of crimes then yeah, you guys have a point but this is not the case.  Point the finger in the right direction instead of looking for something to blame.  
Are you saying that there is no criminals in the NRA?  do you have means to check on this?
Interesting, have you ever seen one mad person with a baseball bat, kill 26 people in a matter of minutes? Perhaps you have seen one person enter a movie theatre and kill or injure dozens in minutes. WRONG it is the WEAPON
+Jorge Roberts If they were talking about militias, I'll bet I'd be more like this: " A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."
Mr. Roberts, you certainly seem to have a mouth like a goblin shark. Do you really want to convince us, that you also have the creature's brain and appeal?
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