Poor Multitasking Etiquette on Android

I've frequently been frustrated by poor performance on my Android phone - waiting for the phone or messaging app to wake up, for instance - only to then see an alert pop up that I have new messages in gmail, or that new tweets have arrived. 

Tonight, I had the most blatant fail of all.  I was using Gmail, and suddenly it quit, and I got the message "Updating Gmail."  

What part of "Put the user first" don't these developers understand? If I'm actively doing something in the foreground, this should pre-empt any background task.  Instead, it seems to be the other way around:  background tasks are always pre-empting my foreground tasks.

I can imagine some urgent alerts that might want to pre-empt me  in some future version of Google Now - "Accident ahead. Updating Route..." - but that's not what is happening here.

This is just wrong.  I don't know whether it's a matter of lots of poorly trained programmers with little sense of user interaction, or whether there are some misfeatures at the operating system level that make it difficult for developers to keep out of each others shorts.

But whatever it is, someone senior at Google ought to pay some attention to this problem before it gets worse.
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