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Urban Office-steading in Brooklyn

On Monday, I visited O'Reilly Media's small development office in Brooklyn, where Rune Madsen, Zach Schwartz, and Steve Klise are working on our Atlas publishing tools (e.g.  They are holed up on the sixth floor of the old Pfizer Building on Flushing Avenue, with a spectacular view of the NY skyline.

But what is most fun about the building is the way it is being developed. Rather than being a polished office building all ready for new tenants, it is being developed piecemeal in an exciting kind of urban reconstruction. After I had a look at the small office, we went on a tour of the vast undeveloped regions of the sixth floor, where rooms with mysterious purposes still remain, in skeletal form.  (Apparently, this was the area used to film the Green Goblin's lair in one of the Spider Man movies.)  In some areas, there are cinder block walls with holes knocked in them.  (Sadly, I somehow missed pictures of these.)

Up on the eighth floor are a cluster of small food startups - pickles, bakeries, juice companies.  They apparently make the building a delight, because they sell lunch on many days. 

It struck me that this is a very different kind of redevelopment than I've seen in San Francisco.  Grittier, more frontier.

I love it!
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It's a good idea. The NY buildings are older than SF. In SF, they are starting to build those supertall buildings on the sites of those few old buildings that exist.
This reminds me of one of Stewart Brand's theams in his book How Buildings Learn.
I love the adjustable desks in the first picture, who makes those?
Has mass gentrification reached commercial space in Brooklyn?
It is an amazing building. We bid a garden roof for it last year. Hopefully that project will move ahead at some point.
Thanks! Nice motivation to get back to work and get our own offices there!
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