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+Clay Shirky gave a wonderful keynote yesterday at the Code for America Summit. My favorite quote of the talk was "The most important resource you've got is your own ability to change your mind."

He illustrated this point with the failure that was Nupedia, whose founders and community went on to create Wikipedia. "It's not what you do first. It's what you do next," Clay said.  "Wikipedia was Plan B."  

This talk - given to open government advocates - is particularly appropriate in the context of the current discussion about failures in government IT procurement.  After all, if you what you've specified is Nupedia, and the rules don't let you change your mind, you never get Wikipedia...
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Por esa misma mecánica y lógica, si tienes un plan A en toces tienes un plan B, Pero dado que existe B entonces por qué no C y D… Por lo general en la invención, como en la innovación, no existe el plan alternativo. Todo plan B es fruto de la improvisación y del azar al 50% de probabilidades. Los planes B, son excepción a la regla. En los modelos tradicionales de negocios, están llenos de planes B, C y D…
Thanks Tim for posting this!
It amazes me how many valuable lessons i found in this talk. Not only about plan B but also about soft skills, politics, diversion, among others.
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