It's great to see that @pahlkadot's TED talk, Coding a Better Government, is up to 266,000 views on (and another 38,000 on YouTube). This is a really great talk. (Her SxSW keynote was even better, but I don't think they made video available. It's also 45 minutes instead of 12, so this is a great place to start.)

I love the way that Jen illustrates my notion of "government as a platform" in such a simple, down-to-earth way that any non-technical person can understand it. Describing how an open 311 app lets one neighbor help another with a possum problem, rather than calling on expensive city services, she says:

"This is an example of government geting in on the crowdsourcing game,
but it’s also an example of government building a platform for people to help themselves and each other. It's citizen to citizen, but government had a critical role – it connected them. It could have connected them to government services if they’d been needed. But a neighbor helping a neighbor strengthens our communities. Calling government services just costs money."
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