Vi/Vim vs. Emacs Shootout and Deal at O'Reilly Media

The other day in my Google+ post about vi and vim , I found myself getting pulled into a discussion in the comments about the virtues of vi vs emacs, and retelling a story from the early days of Linux, when we sponsored an annual vi vs emacs paintball match at the Atlanta Linux Showcase.

That story reminded me of how much fun it is to get those competitive juices flowing. I suggested to +Allen Noren, who runs, that we ought to do a series of x vs y promotions scored by whether product x or product y generates more sales. And of course, because vi vs emacs was the provocation for the idea, we thought we'd start there. Accordingly, today's @oreillymedia"deal of the day" pits vi against emacs.

Of course, because a contest like this cuts out anyone who's already bought any of the relevant books, we wanted to give people a chance to vote for their favorite. As of right now, vi/vim is in the lead by about 60% to 40% - but that's down from the old vi vs emacs paintball days, when the signups for the vi team were always 2x the emacs team.

Let me know in the comments what other "face-offs" you might enjoy seeing, as well as ideas for creatively engaging people in exploring backlist titles that they might love if only they knew about them. There are the obvious examples - language books, operating systems, devices - but I bet there are other creative ideas that we're missing.
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