A first-person taste of flying a drone

I got to try flying team-blacksheep.com's radio-controlled drone with first person video from a heads-up display when I was in Athens for the WPP Stream unconference, and it is truly astonishing what you can experience with one of these things.  Here's their video compilation of footage shot over San Francisco.  You will see things from a totally new perspective.

For example, they fly right by a hawks nest that I've often watched high in a tree behind my daughter's house in Bernal Hill. You see the hawk launch itself out of the nest.  Unbelievable!  But that's just a personal note.  They fly right over traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge, then later in the same video, they fly underneath the span, along the length of it.  

Astonishing stuff.  And that you can do it with a $2000 kit is even more amazing.
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