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These Digital Design Principles from the UK Gov are so good, I can only hope that everyone reads them, and follows them. Great design principles for commercial services as well as government services. If you're in government, JFDI!
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Going to be a must read for my design courses.
I would Dieter Ram's design principles would be another set that we can learn from.

• Good design is innovative.
• Good design makes a product useful.
• Good design is aesthetic.
• Good design helps us to understand a product.
• Good design is unobtrusive.
• Good design is honest.
• Good design is durable.
• Good design is consequent to the last detail.
• Good design is concerned with the environment.
• Good design is as little design as possible.
+James Britt Yeah, they're doing it quite elegantly. It's just a very unusual impression to browse these texts on a highres screen where all the other web pages appear in a one-size-shall-fit-all manner.
These must be anti-guidelines, virtually everything built by the UK government and most large corporations breaks all these rules...
+Adam Trickett I don't think they've really been implemented yet. Then again, I don't visit a lot of UK government sites, so I could be wrong.
Why the big text? The header and footer have normal size, in between it's too large to read easily.
As Leonardo Da Vinci said "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". This might seem easy on paper, but designing a simple and easy to use interface is really really difficult. If you get it, you win..
It is a really nice set of principles, but as an alpha release, I am very curious what the final version will look like.

The greatest mistake that is made by organizations is allowing work to be approved, rejected, or modified by people who are entirely unqualified.
Thanks for sharing! Living in south Korea I see so many initiatives to "go digital" since 10 years ago but never as inspiring as this principals.
with all of the UK governments public services on single site, I hope its more secure than the Home Office website. The design principle are indeed good tho.
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