Here's the video of my talk at Stanford a couple of weeks ago for the #USRio20 conference on sustainable development. I was trying to frame lessons from technology, including the notions of collective intelligence, man-machine symbiosis, real time feedback loops from sensors, to provide a context for understanding the role of tools like FrontlineSMS, Ushahidi, Crowdflower, Samasource and the like in their work. (I also give a shout out to Dave Warner's Beer for Data program in Afghanistan, and Claire Lockhart's Fixing Failed States.)

As I've been doing a lot lately, I took off from Google's autonomous vehicle, because it brings together so many key themes in the technologies that are shaping the future, and by unpacking the technology behind this vehicle, you get deeper insight into where technology is taking us, and the fusion of machine learning and collective intelligence that is powering that future.
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