Really great post by +Alistair Croll making the case that companies that have massive amounts of data without massive amounts of clue are going to be displaced by startups that have less data but more clue, who will put in place the dynamics to make the most of the data they have and to collect new data in self-reinforcing applications that get better the more people use them.

This is really the premise of our Strata series of conferences - trying to teach companies how to join the data-driven revolution. I think it was about 2003 that I first wrote "Data is the next Intel Inside"; When I wrote What is Web 2.0? in 2005, I really tried to get across the idea that collective intelligence and data driven applications were the key to the future, but it's only now that it's become widely understood.

When +Edd Dumbill and +Alistair Croll proposed the Strata conference to me, it seemed so clear that now, finally, it was time to get off the soapbox, and to put together an event that was practical, and would help developers and executives make sense of how to build cloud data applications.

As Alistair says in this post, "Big data: use it or lose it."
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