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The heart of a star in the heart of a plant. At the National Botanic Garden yesterday.
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In Indonesia, call WALISONGO
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Tim O'Reilly

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The Spring 2014 issue of BioCoder is out now, download your free copy Fungi; DIYBiomimicry; Hacking Lab Equip + more

We’re at the start of a revolution that will transform our lives as radically as the computer revolution of the 70s. The biological revolution will touch every aspect of our lives: food and health, certainly, but also art, recreation, law, business, and much more.

BioCoder is the newsletter of that revolution. It’s about biology as it moves from research labs into startup incubators, hacker spaces, and even homes. It’s about a very old programming language that we’re just beginning to understand, and that’s written in a code made up of organic chemicals. It’s the product of a sharing community of scientists that stretches from grade school to post docs and university faculty.
#Biocoder   #DIYBiology   #Biology   #biotechnology   #BioTech  #OReilly  
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+Tim O'Reilly Tim that JanRain stuff you added to the O'Reilly site is obnoxious. It stops your site from loading if the user is using AdBlock or Ghostery, which is going to add up to be a lot of people. I use both and I'm not going to stop using either, not for O'Reilly and not for anyone.

I guess it's goodbye from someone who has until now bought a lot of books from you. I do not want you tracking me across all my devices. Obviously this is someone's idea of a joke. I expected better of O'Reilly. 
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Tim O'Reilly

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It's here! A complete video archive of #FluentConf  2014 is now available for purchase.

Now you can watch all the sessions you missed in person!
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Thanks !!
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Tim O'Reilly

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"The code that makes sense of it all" is a key #IoT  concept not discussed often enough.
"Manufacturing, Design, Hardware, and the Code that makes sense of it all",  +Joichi Ito & +Jon Bruner 

Joi Ito, +Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)  Media Lab director  talks with Jon Bruner, Editor-at-large. Co-chair of O'Reilly Solid about things like Agile A/B Testing for Hardware, the modular approach to manufacturing and innovation, and the idea that the current user interface for portable devices is really very narrow, and could be much more than the eye and finger that it currently is.

#industrialinternet   #internetofthings   #Wearables   #OReilly   #OReillySolid  
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The great political struggle we now face is whether the United States retains its democratic heritage or whether we move toward an oligarchic form of society where the real political power rests with a handful of billionaires, not ordinary Americans.
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its easier to buy computers, than people. so much for tech as nirvana eh?
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Tim O'Reilly

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I wrote a post on the Radar blog the other day about how we need to design for the humans in the Internet of Things.  I suggested we call it The Internet of Things and Humans (or #IoTH, not #IoT) to remind us of this fact.  It isn't just a technology play; it's a UX play.
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Thank you for your post. Great insight. (wish I could attend Solid).
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Tim O'Reilly

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This is our most important new event in a long time. Smart stuff and smart tools, and the business models that go with them.
Did you get your ticket for #OReillySolid yet? Last chance for Early Price ends on Thursday, April 17.

Check out the program & get your spot at +Fort Mason Center May 21-22 for 100+ speakers, #robotics demos, #3DPrinting , and #IoT  in action
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Tim O'Reilly

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Journalism vs. Punditry: NPR's Kelly McEvers on Why Reporting Matters

There was a great segment on KQED Forum the other day with NPR correspondent Kelly McEvers.  Throughout the segment, she talked about the power of reporting.  She tells the story of when she was called to Bahrain for a government press conference about how all the protests were settled, and heard instead of how there was brutal crackdown going on in a nearby town that very day, rushed to the scene, and were able to report the substance rather than the government-controlled show.  

But perhaps the best moment comes at the end of the interview, reproduced below.  (It starts about about minute 47:48 in the audio file.)

Caller:  I was in Syria too, and it really bothers me that people like you that have such a rare and important experience, that you don't give your own opinion.  For instance why President Obama... or criticize him for not getting rid of Assad like he got rid of Quaddafi.  And I know your editors and people try to control it and won't let you but I think you could do that now and maybe you could just give me your comments.  It must be very frustrating that you don't give your opinion on what should be done.  You just report a story.

McEvers:  Well, guess what?  The people's opinions are much more valuable than my opinion.  Like I was just a conduit.  I'll never forget this one woman.  I was at a funeral in a village in rebel-controlled Syria and it was the first guy to die in this village. And I was on the women's side, with the mourning, and this woman looked at me and she "Where is America? Where is Obama?  What? Syrian children aren't as good as Libyan children?"  She said "You know something? We're not going to forget this. We're not going to forget that you forgot about us." And all I had to do was report that line. I'm sorry but I feel like that's 10,000 times more powerful than me getting up like some TV pundit and spouting my opinion. That's who I am. I'm a journalist. That's my job."

How right she is.  What you choose to report is, of course, an expression of your opinion.  But the power of doing it directly, with other people's voices, is profound. Being a channel for otherwise unheard voices that matter can be so much more effective than explicit editorializing.

via +Jennifer Pahlka 
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+Dick Ross I agree with the Burke quote, but not how you apply it to this situation.

On opinion isn't exercising judgment. The judgement if a journalist is in what they report. Their personal opinion on what they report is not journaling the events. Being objective is difficult in reporting because we all see the world through the filters of our experiences and opinions.

When journalists provide their opinion as part of the report they not only escape what is going on, but increase the difficulty of being objective and letting their opinion color the story in a way that may, indeed likely often, lack veracity.

The easy example is the reporter who is against an action being taken in the event he or she is reporting on. This bias can, and often does, prevent them from exploring "the whole picture" instead fixating on what they believe to be the negative aspects. This isn't usually conscious effort, the human brain seems wired to filter out that which causes cognitive dissonance.

Consider further your apt use of the phrase "the whole picture". A reporter's opinion is not part of the picture in any way. It is an external concept brought to the scene or formed as a result of witnessing the scene.

If a reporter feels the need to express their opinion, let it follow suit and be expressed outside of the context of reporting on the story. This isn't a new concept. The newspapers, for example, had news articles and editorials. The editorial was opinion expressed about articles, not in them. Given the abundance of ways and means for a journalist to express their opinion outside if a news report, there is no reason for it to be in the report. 
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Tim O'Reilly

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Instant Wild is an amazing project for monitoring and protecting endangered species. This interview with the founder explains what it is and how you can help.
An interview with Alasdair Davies. Instant Wild: web-enabled tools & tech that help rangers, scientists—and you— to monitor and protect endangered species.
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+Gary Stock You bring up a very big issue for wildlife biologists.

On a fun factoid note, biologists are using DOIs for large mammals that travel across study areas/jurisdictions.  (I learned that factoid at an AGU geoinformatics meeting.)
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Tim O'Reilly

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Well worth reading.  We are going to need a lot more climate data, and a lot more people figuring out how to use it. Open data platforms are a good way to get that happening.
Read how releasing open data supports the federal government's goal of improving community resilience against climate change and primes the pump for meaningful reuse by tech giants.
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+Larry Rosenthal A ballot box will do for now. But make sure that they count 'em all.
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