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The full piece is worth reading, but this was a tough paragraph to read: "What Hurricane Katrina, the floodwall and levee collapses, and the aftermath taught me is that America, and its institutions, simply don’t work — and that people like it that way. Perhaps this is a boilerplate observation, so obvious in light of what happened there, and all our other disasters and chronic problems — the Iraq war, political gridlock, gun violence, and a thousand other things. But I believe this is an under-appreciated point. America is an optimistic nation. It has a short memory. Our political system and media don’t really learn very obvious lessons that unspool right in front of everyone’s faces. And so we end up repeating our errors — at least, some of them — to great sorrow. And I expect the sorrow is going to get a lot greater in the coming decades."

My recollection is that someone shared a photoset on Flickr, and that was the eye opener for me about how bad things were post-Katrina. It was also an eye opener about the power of what would eventually be called social media: people sharing information, photos, and opinions with each other directly.
As the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina approached, I did not plan to write about it. Yes, I thought about doing somethi…
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If it has never happened before, it can't happen again. If it did happen once, it was a fluke and it can't happen again. 
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Tim O'Reilly

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My latest post about service companies and design is up. It includes further explanation of our thinking behind the upcoming Design Conference. Enjoy! 
Register now for the O'Reilly Design Conference, which will explore the evolving role of design in business and society along with the tools designers need to shape the...
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Tim O'Reilly

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Lovely quote from Wallace Stevens: "“One may find intimations of immortality in an object on the mantelpiece; and these intimations are as real in the mind in which they occur as the mantelpiece itself." (The Necessary Angel, Vintage edition page 74). 

I love how Stevens sees the interplay of reality and the mind. It is a recurring theme through his work, and one that has deeply shaped my own thinking.
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It seems to be part of an academic speech: "A strand of a child's hair brings back the whole child and in that way resembles the child. There must be vast numbers of things within this category. Apparently objects of sentiment most easily prove the existence of this kind of resemblance: something in a locket, one's grandfather's high beaver hat, one's grandmother's hand-woven blankets. One may find intimations of immortality in an object on the mantelpiece; and these intimations are as real in the mind in which they occur as the mantelpiece itself"

What does he mean? That the things we do and the objects we possess may outlast us, and intimate or indicate our personality, i.e. that a book lover will probably leave many books behind on his book shelves and mantelpiece? That our extended phenotype will outlast us? Or that we may achieve some kind of transcendence through extraordinary creativity in our works, like Mozart and Beethoven?
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Tim O'Reilly

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Love this from +Liza Daly: "If you have a responsibility for hiring people, at any level, you have one superpower that can change the future culture and direction of your organization: tell your new hires that the company already is the way you wish it were."
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I don't think it's deception to say "I expect X from you and all employees".  Existing employees might choose to ignore but it will get harder as more people "in a community" express the same expectation.
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Tim O'Reilly

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Today is the last day! Submit a proposal for O'Reilly's Design Conference!
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Google web
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Tim O'Reilly

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My new post on Medium explains what I've been up to lately. I'm fascinated by how technology is driving fundamental shifts in the economy and the nature of work.
WTF?! In San Francisco, Uber has 3x the revenue of the entire prior taxi and limousine industry.
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I'm not a church going man or read any books on god. But I strongly believe the world is awakening to the evil things in the world. There are lots of puzzle peices fitting together . I believe jesus is here now and has been for a while, soon to influence big change.
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Tim O'Reilly

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I love the quote from Hesiod, Works and Days: “The gods keep livelihood hidden from men. Otherwise a day’s labor could bring man enough to last a whole year with no more work.” 

Very apt, because I'm working on a new event about the future of work, and I like to mix my reflections on the future with thinking from the past.
“The gods keep livelihood hidden from men. Otherwise a day’s labor could bring man enough to last a whole year with no more work.” Hesiod, Works and Days In both biblical and ancient Greek accounts...
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If me im working I dont need a man bcouse now im not working but a man treat me like im not your wife
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Tim O'Reilly

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Here is the latest in my #WTFeconomy  series of posts on Medium. (Earlier posts include The WTF Economy ( and Networks and the Nature of the Firm ( Still to come: These Are The Days of Miracles and Wonders, The Augmented Worker, and more.) These articles are exploring technology and the future of work, and are leading up to an event in November called the Next:Economy Summit (
Critics of the on-demand economy fail to understand that virtually all low-wage work in America is “on demand”, and on f…
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it isn't just low wage workers; have you checked out what's happening at our universities with the burgeoning class of "part-time associate professors"?  Then compare that with the obscene wage levels among the campus management ...
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Tim O'Reilly

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This just in from my friend +Brian Forde:

"A couple of weeks ago we announced $75,000 in scholarships for 50 young women and underrepresented people of color to attend the CoinDesk Consensus 2015 digital currency conference in NY on September 10th.

The deadline to apply for the scholarship to attend the conference is this Friday."
Consensus 2015 Scholar ApplicationThe digital currency summit Consensus 2015(, in collaboration with the MIT Media Lab’s Digital Currency Initiative (DCI), is providing 50 diversity scholarships for the event on 10th September in New York City. In a bid to increase diversity within the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology space, the scholarships are being offered to people of color and women between 18 and 25 years of age. If yo...
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Tim O'Reilly

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My new essay on what I've been calling "The WTF Economy." (In case you missed it, the first essay is here:
The discussion around companies like Uber and Airbnb is too narrow. The issue isn’t just employment, but a huge economic…
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+Grant Grundler​ Solid points, but if I may...

A salesperson's income is frequently dependent upon making sales. Thus, at the very least subconsciously, they are likely to nudge you towards whatever would net them the most profit even if it's not what's ideal for you.

Conversely, your goal as a consumer is often likely to get the best product you can, while conserving as much money as possible.

This puts you and the salesperson at odds on some level, even if you're amicable and genuinely trying to help each other to some extent. For this reason, a salesperson is not even as good as a know-nothing reviewer... Because if you know something about the product, it's pretty easy to sort those reviews out. And if you don't, a salesperson is just as likely to lead you astray.

On top of that, most reviews are likely not financially motivated, which means on average they should be more trustworthy, if you simply filter them through the same skepticism you would apply to a salesperson.

All else being equal, getting a myriad of experiences, even from people who know nothing, is also likely to be more informative overall than the singular knowledge of an individual representative.

Personally, I tend to go:

Salesperson, in person ->
customer reviews ->
professional reviewers and sites.

Takes more effort to go through all 3 options, but I haven't had buyer's remorse in years. 
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Tim O'Reilly

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Excellent set of principles for digital government. Echoes those put forward by the UK Government and by Code for America, but articulated by former staffers from the White House and a key staffer from the Republican-controlled Congress. Getting digital government right is something both parties ought to be able to get behind!
The 2016 presidential candidates like to talk about innovation, and they're currently debating the tech- fueled 'gig economy.' Those are important issues, but when it comes to how government meets the digital world, there's a crucial component they're not talking about.
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Tim O'Reilly

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I was inspired to think differently when I read Barbara Ehrenreich's Nickel and Dimed in America. If you don't have time for the book, read this Atlantic article, which brings the story up to date. I love her notion that minimum wage workers are philanthropists, giving their work to the rest of society for less than it costs to provide.
Minimum-wage jobs are physically demanding, have unpredictable schedules, and pay so meagerly that workers can't save up enough to move on.
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An eagle doesn't help other eagles. Why did you help your friend? Because we're not common animals. I strive to be better than that.

Society and law are to different things. Why do you think the law against discrimination is there? It's there to even out the playing field. In specific cases a white person loses out. But statistics and individuals are two different things. 
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