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Tim O'Reilly

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My thoughts on conversational interfaces, and why Alexa is now the market leader. If Siri, Google Now, and Cortana aren't studying Alexa very closely, they should be!
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Tim O'Reilly

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I never know what I'm going to say when I start an interview. Here are two things I said recently to John Battelle: "We're suffering from a deficit of idealism," and “The obligation and the self‑interest of every company is to build a robust society.” #NextEconomy
“The obligation, and the self‑interest of every company is to build a robust society.”
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Tim do people interviewing a new candidate really expect everyone to know the name of everyone they worked for if it goes back a long time and what do employers do in situations where the candidate cant reach former employers cause the business closed down or something retire etc.
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Tim O'Reilly

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We've now opened registration for the second annual Next:Economy summit. Here is my post announcing what we'll be covering at the event: "Technology and business as if people matter."
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Crazy talk!
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Tim O'Reilly

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Good piece about self driving cars and the disruption that Detroit is trying to embrace before it runs over them.
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I have to disagree, lots of hyperbole and not a particularly insightful article.
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Tim O'Reilly

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Struck by how similar the investment model for Hamilton is to +Bryce Roberts model
A breakdown of how much this Broadway blockbuster earns and stands to earn, and a tally of who will benefit most.
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s de ponografias
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Tim O'Reilly

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Smart piece by David Brin about the abuse of Adam Smith and Friedrich Hayek by their supposed followers. Worth reading to arm yourself when the kneejerk libertarians start mouthing off about Hayek. If you believe in free markets, you should be extremely concerned about the world's trend towards economic oligarchy.

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I live in a country with fairly strict bank regulation. Guess whose banks didn't need big taxpayer bailouts in 2008?

Unless you're bartering cattle and guarding your property with bands of armed followers, your very money and even land ownership exist by government fiat and regulation.
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Tim O'Reilly

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I'm not usually a fan of formulas, but this is intriguing: 15 HigherEd Student Personas That Will Help You Redesign Learner Experience. #LearningDesign #Motivation
By Gunnar Counselman - 15 of the most common student “personas,” which have helped us shed light on redesigning learner experience that motivates students.
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Bonjour a tous
tout le monde est né chanceux et doit avoir la satisfaction dans comme elle vient
mais les voici entre spécialités;
-ramener comme la femme fatale de la même comme un fait plus de 20 ans
- ramener le fils de marie le même comme un fait plus de 20 ans
- ramener sa chance
- retrouver le fils amour esprits maléfiques parce que les canaux contre.j en il a sauvé beaucoup
mais je constate que les gens souffrent.
-réussir comme elle vient
-guérison de l''impuissance sexuelle
-contre accident
-Contre sorcellerie
-avoir facilement de travail.
être aimer au travail par le directeur et les clients
- faire avoir d'enfant
- nanti-stérilité
-portefeuille magique
- adhésion de mon temple pour la protection et la protectionnelle de la façon dont
Il suffit de avec contacter au +22966055092 ou par moi
Résultat immédiat et durable
paiement après satisfaction.
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Tim O'Reilly

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Brilliant: "People turn to terrorism because they know they cannot wage war, so they opt instead to produce a theatrical spectacle. Terrorists don’t think like army generals; they think like theatre producers....Like terrorists, those combating terrorism should also think more like theatre producers and less like army generals." 
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+David Megginson the system is "comply or die" ...while a standing army requires constant war, in order to be profitable. the amount of tax spending on warfare, compared to rather useful things, is just insane. have friends in the IDF who went to jail, for refusing to attack without reason... sent their Munich office a notice, to stay put in that war - and they've closed it in less than two weeks; at least they've managed to not directly enter that war... while the airstrips are already a tad closer to Iran, meanwhile.
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Tim O'Reilly

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So what if the machines are so productive that they take away many of the jobs humans do today? There's so much new work to be done! Let's get the machines to help us do things that are now hard, and free us to do things that are purely human. My latest reflections on Universal Basic Income and the future of work, framed as a series of comments on Keynes' prescient 1930 essay, "Economic Possibilities for Our Grandchildren," and a recent conversation with Y Combinator partner +Paul Buchheit.

A Conversation about Universal Basic Income with John Maynard Keynes and Paul Buchheit
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I'm mechanical engineering 
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Tim O'Reilly

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You've got to love this guy! So glad that he'll be a speaker at my Next:Economy Summit in October.
If you see Kayak co-founder Paul English behind the wheel of his Tesla, don't get too friendly. He may be working.
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Non mama
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Tim O'Reilly

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If you love Hamilton, as I do, and you're interested in data visualization, you'll find this fascinating!
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Tim O'Reilly

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The deep learning video collection from O'Reilly Media makes me wish I had more hours in the day. It's for sale at or included in your Safari subscription. 
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