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I understand Google's goal of dealing with problems algorithmically, but this is shameful. Danny Sullivan explains the reason behind the failure: "Google has changed its algorithm to reward popular results over authoritative ones. For the reason that it makes Google more money." 
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Excellent response: "Argument by imagined mal-intent is a form of conspiracy thinking, which is easy, and kind of fun in a way, but misses the more important and complex reality." This is, in fact, the essence of political correctness--it misses reality and substitutes a set of projected and imagined relations on top of what is actually being perceived and, ultimately, lowers the ability perceive what is.
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Tim O'Reilly

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How cool is it that the Dept of Commerce (Census Bureau and more) has Alexa skills! Congrats to Justin Antonipillai for pulling this off. I love it when I can make a suggestion like this and someone just runs with it. 
During the holiday season, more of us spend more time trying to think about how we gave back this year and commit to give back in the next…
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Tim O'Reilly

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The tragic Oakland fire is a strong argument for the importance of Carl Malamud's work to make building codes freely available online. An informed citizenry is the best enforcement, yet states keep their building codes behind a paywall, and have sued Carl to keep them that way. Carl believes, rightly, that we should be able to freely read the laws that govern us - and are designed to help us. I'd also love to see more media coverage of "how to make your loft space safer" rather than just discussions of whether or not lofts should be shut down. This is a wakeup call to residents, not just building code enforcers! Help them do the right thing, don't just tell them it's someone else's job.

The fight to make free building regulations truly free.
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And for local governments to wake to the the very real struggles that creative people face today.

We are focused on a punishment model (and, this being America, extracting as much revenue as possible). Government should be focused upon TEACHING people how to live safely and how to protect themselves and how to 'safetify' their space. Though I am nor directly connected with anyone who lost their lives at Ghost Ship, i have plenty of friends who do live and work in converted loft space. However, they are 'maker' people, or 'burners' (in other words, have building skills) and are collectively capable of securing their space. Many are not so blessed, and so need to be supported.

The so-called 'underground' art scene actually also houses people with new ideas, brings vibrancy, and provides an incubator for new ventures that help a city grow and prosper - and provides an environment that draws people into the city proper.

Which we should be supporting - right?
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Tim O'Reilly

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Bill Janeway provides powerful historical and economic context for the current state of world politics and what I've been calling the #WTFeconomy. The political trilemma: "you can have (1) deep economic and financial integration, (2) an autonomous nation-state and (3) responsive, representative government — two out of three. The wave of populism, simultaneously anti-elitist and nativist, that is surging across the US and Europe is evidence that the trilemma cannot be evaded."

Flows of Goods and Services, People and Capital Have Overwhelmed the Ability of Political Processes to Accommodate Them
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The Missing Link

#WTFeconomy  we need to recognize that consumer goods and service impact our standard of living, the assumed purpose of an economy, in ways meaningfully different than capital goods and services. And because we don't really know the relation of the two types of goods and services to the whole of our economy, our data collection on the whole is simply mistaken. We buy shoes to wear but we, the consumers, don't buy shoe factories, etc. The flow of money from buying shoes is different than the flow of money building shoe factories, etc.

A parallel from physics might help. Einstein’s most famous formula, E = M x C2 assumes knowledge of three factors [energy, mass, and the speed of light] well known at his time; what wasn’t understood was the “=,” the "x" and the “ 2 “, namely the relationship between these three factors. No one, except Einstein figured that out. We have to do the same thing with the economy; that is, understand the relationship between consumer goods and services and capital goods and services to the economy as a whole. No economist that I know of has done that. Joan Robinson has come the closest. Schumpeter points to it. The beginning of all science is the question and the question posed above is what is being denied, overlooked, assumed to be answered!

Answering that question and collecting the data inherent in a different understanding of the economy as a whole will change one of the key components assumed to be known in the article itself, let alone any and all conclusions based on that assumption.
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Tim O'Reilly

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I love Andy Revkin’s idea for the “backtrack journal” - tracing the sources of things you see online. Not just for #fakenews but for any unsourced internet meme. Or for that matter, for sourced material. So often, I find myself asking "Now where did I read that?" Keeping a journal makes a lot more sense than trying to search for it again! The image below is from an amazing visualization of the passenger density of cars vs buses. But where did it come from? Andy traced it to its source. h
A web-sifting exercise that helps students of all ages figure out how facts or fakery flow online.
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I definitely seen fake news pushed by the NY Times. and the Washington Post.. and well most sources at one time or another. Perhaps people should just be educated better and FB feeds should show things the user doesn't agree with sometimes (ie. show both sides), like good news outlets should, at least if people insist on getting all their news from there.
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Tim O'Reilly

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This is a very good explainer piece about filter bubbles on Facebook and Twitter and how they happen. Read this, and be sure to follow the link it contains to the Wall Street Journal's Blue Feed/Red Feed site. I experienced this first hand in my conversations with some of my own family members. It was clear that we live in completely different media universes, full of different "facts." 
Pause, take a breath, and let’s look at why this really happened.
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Tim O'Reilly

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Design is a key strategic advantage in times of technological change. Connected devices and conversational UI are only two of many dramatic changes designers are coming to grips with. That’s why we introduced a new Design conference at O'Reilly Media. Best price ends today.
From UI to interaction design, get the skills, connections, and inspiration you need to shape the products and services of today and tomorrow.
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Tim O'Reilly

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I am in awe both of the depth of Ta-nehisi Coates' insight and the beauty of his writing. This is a must-read. Moving and important. 
A history of the first African American White House—and of what came next
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+Sean Coon I did not mean to offend by what I said... it is just what it is. Great men are not limited by race, parentage or skin colour. They rise
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Tim O'Reilly

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"We need to show every American competent government services they can actually use, services that treat them with dignity, and actual economic opportunity." Jennifer Pahlka explains how that is just what we are doing in partnership with local and state government at Code for America (and at the federal level via services like USDS and 18F). 
My friend Lenny Mendonca wrote eloquently yesterday about the renewed focus on bottom up innovation post-election. He spoke about the…
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entirely intended. makes me wonder about clicking the link at work. :-)
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Tim O'Reilly

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Before you try to fix a problem, understand it. Saul Griffith and his team at Otherlab have done an astonishingly detailed analysis of how energy gets used in the U.S. If you're an entrepreneur looking at the energy space, this is a map of opportunity. As Saul said to me while looking at a wall sized version of this chart, any line thicker than your little finger is worth billions of dollars. 
Take a master's level course in improving your energy literacy, down to the half a percent of our energy that we use to fly military jets.
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Tim O'Reilly

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I like to think that O'Reilly books are always a great value, but when they go on special sale, like they are now through Monday, they are a no-brainer. 
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+Dru Morgan  My bad....
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Tim O'Reilly

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What coverage of the Hamilton videos teaches us about the right way to protest, and the fake news problem. By following a story all the way to its sources, I see a way to work towards a media "truthrank." 
I was really struck by the coverage of the Hamilton cast statement last night. The video is above. Please watch it before reading.
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John ward and Michael Morrison. No need in fighting it's done. Weather anyone likes it or not he is president . if you know how the electoral college works it very easy to get the presidency without popular vote. Depends on what states you win.
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