Windows 8 Hyper-V

I started using VMWare products when all they had was the workstation virtualization tool - primarily for Q&A testing on different OS versions (late 90s). My first experience with their ESX product was version 3 and have, over the years migrated all of our systems (desktops and servers) to a virtualized environment.

Microsoft's first foray into the hypervisor market while interesting, was no competition for VMWare (from my perspective), lacking too many of the features that even we as a small company, were dependent upon. With the upcoming release of Server 8, that is all about to change. MS has stepped up and assuming performance and stability are on par, then this release can give VMWare some serious competition.

VMWare reportedly has released a beta of their next version, but I have yet to see any information on new features. I wouldn't be surprised to see something similar to the MS version of 'Shared-nothing live migration', though it would likely only be in the high-end enterprise version (which is out of the price range for most small businesses). Hopefully, this next round of hypervisors, will cause a realignment of feature sets and result in VMWare pushing more of their enterprise features into the lower tiers making them available to SMBs.
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