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Tim Neumark - Composer and Pianist
Emotional, beautiful music that tells a story
Emotional, beautiful music that tells a story

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Valentine's Music:

Here's a selection of romantic songs for your Valentine's weekend. Almost all of these were inspired by my wife and daughters.

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April 2013: Released Opus Four
April 2014: Released Storm
May 1, 2015: Released Galaxy
October 1, 2015: Released Moments

That's right! Today I'm releasing my SEVENTH album and my second CD in five months! This was a tightly-held secret album that fewer than 20 people knew about. Even my own parents didn't know that I was working on a new album!

Moments is now available at all the major retailers: Amazon, Google Play Music, iTunes, Spotify, etc., and of course at my website as well. PDF Sheet Music for individual tracks, the PDF Songbook, and the Physical Songbook products are all available exclusively on my website.

For the full background behind this album and every track, see ... and here's something obvious but I'll state it anyway: this album has my favorite cover of any CD I have released so far! :D

Please have a listen and ENJOY my new album, Moments.

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Here's my artist page on One World Music Radio. You can find my latest "Album Show" for Galaxy as well as a showcase that includes the story behind ALL of my music from all six CDs.

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Thanks for this review! "Tim has provided a well-balanced listening experience that many will find out of this world." 

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Follow this Google Plus Collection to get in-depth information about my new album! Posts to come for the next few weeks.

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I've posted a few new tracks to the "Future Albums" page on Google Play. (For those of you unfamiliar with my music, I release tracks as I go and when I have enough tracks I print a CD and create the artwork and album title at that time.)

The new track And Then was inspired by a Google+ post -- -- by +Vic Gundotra. The post describes a man who talked to his daughter every day on the phone. Each call always started with the words "And then?", because he viewed each conversation as a continuation of the previous one. This story was told by his daughter at his funeral in March of this year after his unexpected death. What pained his daughter most is that there were to be no more "And thens".

At the time I read this post I had one daughter, and now I have two, and maybe that's why the story touched me. I wrote And Then to express my feelings on this story. There's a sweetness to this song, maybe a sadness and yearning, and a little hope. +Vic Gundotra, if you read this, I hope you'll hear that in the tune as well. Thank you for a beautiful story.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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Want to know more about me and my music? This is probably the most in-depth interview you can find:

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So what's this ‪#‎secretproject‬ I've been talking about? My album "Influence" was released in 2009 when I was still pretty much getting started, and I hadn't quite figured out the equipment I wanted to use for recordings, and I didn't have the budget to make some edits I probably should have. I always thought that I would remaster that album to give it the sound I wanted "one day". And that day is today!

So what's old is new again! I've remastered "Influence"... I smoothed out some melodic and harmonic lines, and I re-recorded it and mastered it using the same studios as Opus Four and Storm. The sound is much better than the original, and I hope you'll like it!

The song "Six Weeks" was written about Monica's paternal grandparents passing away within a couple months of each other. That song in particular sounds so much better; it's now the same quality as the tracks from my latest two albums, giving it the emotional sound it deserved all along.

Thanks as usual to my wife and to +Piano Haven Studio!

The CD is available at my site and all the usual retail channels: iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Spotify, etc.

To answer a couple questions:
- The old album will no longer be sold or shipped. The new album is an Eco-Wallet (like other recent albums) and not a jewel case.
- The cover artwork is similar to the original but adds the text "Solo Piano, Op. 3"
- The back cover artwork was changed
- Physical, coil-bound songbooks are coming in a few months!

Thank you all for your support. I hope you'll enjoy this new sound for some old songs!
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