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Tim Morrison

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Nice enhanced drag and drop functionality and multiple file delete, move, send actions for Google Drive.
Why oh why can Evernote not have these basic data management features on the mobile apps? 
An update to Google Drive is rolling out today as version 2.2.083. The update introduces drag & drop, which means you can now grab a whole bunch of files or folders (initiated with a long press on the first file), then drop them in a new location, delete, star, pin, or specify a new location.
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+Petra Hildebrandt I don't know what you mean by "The EN backup sucks big time", but I back up my .exb file every day. This file backs up all my notes at once, so downloading it means downloading the whole shebang. There is a possibility to export selected notes as an .enex file which you can reimport afterwards. Some people do both.
I don't have any problems backing up, so don't quite know what you mean.
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Tim Morrison

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I've returned to Fleksy from SwiftKey for a bit as I will every month or so and am always initially so impressed with Fleksy's predictive function... as I am now.
But I've realized that over time the predictive abilities get less and less accurate which is really why I go back to Swiftkey. I'd think it'd be the opposite.
Any ideas about why this might be?
My imagination? 
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Yes I believe so 
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Tim Morrison

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New MediaPad unveiled. This is really too big as a pocketable device for me but barring the lack of an Ultra followup...this might be a goto.
I had the 1st iteration. The camera was poor and radio frequencies weren't North America LTE friendly. I'm going to be dumb here and assume that won't be the case with the X2.
Their ultra-thin form factor obsession, and industry leading battery performance is a sweet combo and luring factor too. 

Everything you need to know about the Huawei MediaPad X2, including impressions and analysis, photos, video, release date, prices, specs, and predictions from CNET. - Page 1
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+AZLife​​ all I ask is an international version with US carrier bands...(4 to be precise).... They are making a big deal of new major worldwide marketing. Thats the only thing that gives me hope. (Doubt full tho)
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Tim Morrison

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Depressing Headline. 
Expanding on recent hints about its medium- and long-range corporate plans, Sony has reiterated that it will focus on areas of the business that are generating profits and have growth potential, and reduce risk and volatility. If you're a fan of Sony's Xperia range of Android phones, it might be an idea to stock up on spares now, because every signal now points to Sony's exit from the smartphone market during 2015.
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Man that is bad news! 
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Tim Morrison

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I don't think there is a better task App on Android.
I especially like that a task can handle any and all reference material related to tasks..(documents, Contacts, images, and Notes)... 
www.ticktick.comTickTick is a simple to-do list app, which helps you to get...
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Tim Morrison

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Flipboard releases its Web app today. (
Love the Android app. In addition to its personalized news focus it has an excellent My Magazine's section whereby you create your own Magazine's (Notebooks) that you can clip (fully) anything to from the app, or anywhere on your device. When you clip an item from the browser, the pic I included actually Pops up and you Flip it into your magazine (Notebook). You can have items in multiple Notebooks. Tags and comments are available.
All items Flip (as the pages in a magazine) making for a great navigating visual through your items. 
The Web app is nice but it doesnt do the mobile experience justice I dont think.
Similar to Pearltrees in its visual pleasure, cept Pearltrees has Note capability. 
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Tim Morrison

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It'd be cool if the browser content opened into a smaller floating style window instead of a separate view. 
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Agree a million. Or a semi transparent half of the screen. 
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Tim Morrison

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Van Morrison "The Healing Has Begun" @ Nell's Club London Monday
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Tim Morrison

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If it's so brilliant why can't people  fucking pay $3.99 or whatever the hell the cost is? Pathetic.  
Poweramp full version unlocker Apk is the most powerful music player to play videos on the android m...
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Tim Morrison

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Crossfit is a very cool way to train

Unfortunately its oblivious to the our system's adaptive timelines in its programming.
Hence is way less effective than it could be. 
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At this point the Android clipper is still not ready for prime time (clips only about 70% of sites for me...Chrome for Android beta browser).
This clipper is 100%...a little slower as you assign Notebooks and tags before clipping.
But excellent anyway. 
Web Page Clipper (for Evernote) is the best and easiest way to save the all...
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Id love that +John Frew​​ but Dolphin is just too slow and clunky compared to Chrome 
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Tim Morrison

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Realistically, your correct on the sizes. It doesn't make sense to have one at 5.5", and another at 5.9". I really think it's going to be z4, z4 compact, and "something like an ultra". I do like that there are FCC registered numbers out there, and I think we'll be finding out more about this soon. 
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