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Why is he holding the phone the wrong way, I guess it's going to be a fun ride lol
Tell him you have to wink the right eye.
+Michael Lance Carroll Sr. On most aircraft of airliner size, as well as supermarkets, the crew intercom doubles as a PA system. And in both cases, it can be useful to speak into the wrong end of the handset as a breath baffle so it doesn't sound like you're breathing into someone's ear.  Source: I've asked crew at +ReasorsFoods, +Fred Meyer and +American Airlines that I've spotted doing this and asked. 
I'll bet he's breaking regulations by wearing Google glass before they've studied the impact and usefulness of it in the cockpit. If a crash is ever even remotely traceable to Google Glass in the cockpit, big $$$ hit for Google, the airline, the govt, etc and that will be the end of that.
+Bob Eckert [citation needed]  Non-crew in the cockpit has been tied to multiple really nasty airline disasters, and that's still allowed everywhere but US domestic flights...
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