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“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” -Dr. Seuss
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great qoute from author Dr Seuse i alway go by that rule be who you are say what you think and let the people figure it out
I did not know that was a Dr. Seuss quote - I've been saying that for years! Awesome!!
A license to treat others like garbage, how nice.
wow how very groovy n profound ... n very true ... what a rockin post!
what a nice sayings u hve made,,,,yeah its true,,,,,
Everything we feel is not always right to say, and people always matter.
the world we live in is not ours alone, we should always consider others it would make a better world. SOME THOUGHTS SOUND GOOD BUT HAVE NO REAL SUBSTANCE...
I always do...hope you don't mind.
its true but hard to follow
How true, how true! Got a fortune cookie that said "the mightiest oak tree started out as a tiny acorn that stood its ground"
this has brought me my first cup of wisdom for the day.
I always liked, " A diamond is merely a lump of coal that did extremely well under pressure".
Let's all get Seussed! he laid it out really simple, didn't he?
Wow, this is so moving and inspirational.
Nice quote, it makes sense.... I've heard it before but did'nt know that it was a Dr. Suess quote!
A nice sentiment, but when those words are racist, bigotted, aggressive, homophobic, intimidating and populate fear, then the people who DO mind DO matter.
One of my faves ! Also like: "If I were two-faced, why would I wear this one ?" - A. Lincoln
That is powerful. Kudos. I have felt this way for sometime. The world would be a vastly different place if we did not offer our opinion. Speak up. Be professional, kind and polite but strong in your shared thoughts. Thank you for sharing.
this is so what I needed to hear today! THANKS Tim.
He was a cool cat in a hat......very true!
"Oh, yes, I am a banana. I am a banana today."
Yup thts how I live my life(:
It needs to include "suck cock."
every one saying true quote
Like it man
Everything we feel is not always good to say, we live in a world full of people and we should learn to consider others. It would make a better world if being ourself stops us from this we are very shallow. Every thought that sounds good is not a good thought.
hw wl b a proffetional student ? 1.Sleap like dog.... Two more point is there can u complite it...!
hw wl b a professional student ? 1.Sleap like dog.... Two more point is there can u complite it...!
Yay! If others take offence to the endless stream of inane, and hurtful garbage that spews forth from my mouth - It's their problem. Fantastic!
I have that exact quote hanging in my son's room. We read it together every day. Love Dr. Seuss at our house.
A license for self-indulgence and to discredit everyone else's opinions...good luck with that one.

Oh wait, we do that anyway.
that is a good saying many people don't know that thank you Dr. Seuss i will always keep that in my mind ...
i am who Seduced by the impossibl !!!!!
i had seen the moon ..... !
i jumped high over the air .... !!!
i can catch it or not ..... !!!!
i don't care .....!
at least ...!!!!
my heart was full of rapture

" egyptian poet "
God does not kill. Always allow his children to seek and discover: all within and without. These are the laws to discover.
ya that's true.. coz in close friendships and close family relations.. no body minds.. coz its they who matter the most and those matter the most generally do not say or even if they say then intentions are different and never ever hurtful.. so in sum those who matter don't mind..
Very true. I would rather know the truth then live a life of lies.
Intro - "If you do not like your job or your friends,"
I love Dr.Seuss he is great i just saw the Lorax a couple days ago and it was good

seriously that is how our world is...each one 4 his or her ownself
Guess it is all about me isn't it? 
So it is all a question of mind over matter ... Or should that be matter over mind?
joy ann
av learnt a lesson!
i liked and retweeted and +1ned it more than 100 time in last five year. so much for quotable quotes.
positive> am encouradged. So true!
positive> am encouradged. So true!
I love quotes like this because they promote honesty and self expression. Honest self expression does not necessarily mean "license to be a dick". Honest self expression, as a rule, leads to more of that which is wonderful in life than if we followed, as a rule, politically correct talk or it's underlying philosophy of the idea that we are responsible for other people's feelings. So yeah, I'm putting it out there that a person can only practically be responsible for their own feelings. It is the only scale-able way. I made a chart to show "nice talk" vs. "compassionate communication" here:
To a certain degree. Going overboard with it is what gets you idiots running for president.
I hear some of you asking an important question: But if I am brutally honest all the time, feelings will get hurt and I will alienate people. That is a very real risk.
(1) Would you like to live a life of giving other people the benefit of the doubt to feel what they are going to feel about your truth and then deal with the feelings?
(2) Delivery. There are a thousand ways to deliver your truth that can be respectful, non-blaming, non-guilting, and non-demanding. So yes, it is possible to deliver your truth in a way that is not an attack and then, yes, still, it is their choice to get upset or not. So please do not see this is black & white (soft lie or brutal truth).
(3) There is soft truth and there is response-ability. Let's encourage people to be responsible for how they take things rather than walk on egg shells around people.
(4) Knowing each other. When you are courageous enough to reveal your truth, even when you know it might hurt the other person to hear, it is important to consider they may feel pain... and then to still tell them the painful thing. This leads to knowing each other better. If you tip-toe and suck it up and say nothing in order to spare their feelings, you forever avoid the lesson that could have been learned as well as the information that could have been conveyed to cause a deepening of your mutual understanding of each other.
(5) Resentment. When you hold back on saying something, that thing you wanted to say doesn't just go way. Part of you remembers it. It may be a small thing. Small things add up.
Heh, funny. I just saw a different post that attributes a similar quote to Mark Twain:

2. Your limitations may just be in your mind.
“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”
A license to treat people just as they intend! Hopefully with some form of respect?
so, should I try that with my clients?
Dr Seuss is incredible, a real inspiration. If I have a mental block when writing, he will help to make it disappear.
that is really good but try to come up with your own
+Paul Williams Yes! "Mr. Client. We agreed on a project scope and dollar amount. I'm seeing you request more work and hearing you say you don't want to increase the dollar amount. I'm frustrated and worried. I want fairness between us and for us to both get what we want. What are your thoughts on this?"
+Paul Williams great question. Here is a 2 minute video I made for a client (National Contract Management Association) who wanted me to train their mediators in the use of Nonviolent Communication (NVC). It is a quick and funny skit showing NVC used in a business negotiation environment:

FYI: My main business is a media company I've run for the past 17 years and using NVC has helped immensely in dealing with clients and employees!
+Scott Swain thank you for that! I've been watching your workplace and relationship animations and every time I laugh hard and even learn something!
Vel Ma
I like this. Very true, even if it is a bit cliché by now.
? Do you really think that everything you feel is practical. Everybody matters trouble is most people only think of themself's....
Dr. Suess was attitude with class and intelligence,
Sam I am.
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