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After months in stealth mode at here at +Venture Glass, we're happy to finally let you in on this exciting news. One of the first wearable technology items #RochesterOptical  will be producing are custom prescription, fashion, and sport lenses for #GoogleGlass , available for purchase in early 2014.

Here are the just released details:
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What about those of us with astigmatism and/or cataracts?
Stay tuned, I'll be coming back to you guys!!!!! 
Just in time for Google to change the mount for Glass 2.0.
I've seen Google classes on YouTube several years ago if I am not mistaken. 
I have 2 different eyes with a big difference between them. The image shows a glass made from one piece. Is it also possible to have 2 different prescription (for each eye a different one?)
Congratulations! Very exciting
Next, bone conduction speaker for the left ear. The new earbud and maybe an extension cord along the top of the frame may be a nice hack if I were to try that, but it would look even dorkier than it already is perceived to be. (I have conductive hearing loss in my right ear...)
How does one sign up to test the new glasses?
Awesome I'm looking for a reason to replace my aging Oakley prescription glass. I hope Google glass RX comes in transitions. 
Sign up on 
Ours are all custom RX +Sean Riley, including transitions, tinting, matching color wire frame, etc! 
Will you be producing solutions for those of us who use bifocals?
Additionally, I do wear prescription glasses as well sometimes, but I would much prefer wearing my contact lenses with Google Glass. The reason? My prescription is at least +10.00. Please tell me that's not too thick, lol.
I will defiantly be looking out for these to be on sale.
Will these fit the new version 2 form factor of Google Glass?
Very good news. Looking forward to hearing about it, pricing, lead time, etc. Also, wondering if you will have a bifocals version. 
Your about to get slammed with thousands of orders! Make the buying process easy for us.. Also I am hoping you offer not only clear but either a transition lense or the option to buy a shaded version.
+Tim Moore great news... I do not need prescription lenses but this is a critical demographic for many people out there that want Glass. I hope you are hugely successful with these. The biggest factor will be price.... I have mentioned this elsewhere, but for mass adoption, the +Google Glass add on has got to be the right price. $199 is the sweet spot in my mind. I really want these to change the world and part of changing the world is getting them in front of as many eyes as possible. I have faith in you all!! Best wishes.
+Tim Moore  Did you see the picture engadget used in their story about your product? Horribly inaccurate depiction of your product. As Steve Jobs would say... "They look like SHIT"! Your product is much better than this. You need to do some damage control.
+Tim Moore   I run comms for Google Glass and this is the first i'm hearing about this. Do you always break news about Google Glass w/o talking to anyone at Google Glass?
I'm a co-foudner of Geek Bar Chicago and if you'd like a very visible, high profile user for your prescription glasses let me know. I'd love to try them out!
+David Payne The fact that i have work to do and won't continue to respond should be evidence enough. There's always a search engine called Google if you're so inclined.
haha.. well played +Christopher Dale Nice job on the PR work here. Sounds like you are going to have your hands full the closer we get to launch  time. Hope you are not too busy to read this. I'm always suspicious when a Google employee does not even have their employer listed on their Google+ profile. Especially a Comms guy. PR is your game, advertise!
+David Payne the fact that this wasn't announced by the Glass team. Wasn't picked up on by the Glass team and wasn't shared by any of the Glass team members. I didn't believe the story was a very "Googly" story. Nothing made sense.
+Gregg Lantz Thanks Gregg, I haven't seen it. I'll take a peek, but we haven't released any official images on purpose. We will right on schedule, according to the press release. 
+Gregg Lantz Make sure you re-read the press release Gregg, this is not a Google product in any way. You are jumping to a conclusion on your own.