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In case you missed it, here is the video from my interview with +Guy Kawasaki this morning about his book, "What the Plus?" +Google+ for the Rest of Us" - and more importantly what he see's coming for our platform.

Enjoy everyone! (and a big Thanks to Guy for making the time to share his thoughts!)

Guy was also nice enough to give away free copies of his book to the first 1,000 who were viewing our Hangout On Air, they went in about 10 minutes. :)

Link to the book:
We make reference to +Alltop, which Guy founded:

cc: +Kelly Burnette +CrushIQ +Mark Traphagen

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Great interview. I have been using Guy's tip about the numbering on my posts because I some times go overboard on posting also.
great interview. Nice to see such passionate people!
+Tim Moore

Great interview. I wish I had been there to ask Guy some questions.

Just a few days ago he was joking around with me asking if I had read What's the plus yet.

I think your intro in the bio is the best that I've ever read. 
I just bought the e-book yesterday and eager to dig into it!
+Guy Kawasaki +Tim Moore Good interview again. I hate vidcasts as they force you back into sync communication. I prefer async and speed reading, but this was the second in a row I took the time to follow. and +Guy Kawasaki I will stop making jokes about Klout being your passport and accept that you do have something to say :)
The shared interest model is my take on G+ as well since its inception, you build up a new circle of friends based indeed on shared passions.
Posting as an art is one of my other pet peeves. Again, if this were just a social network, ´good morning´ would be a decent post, but to grab people´s interest you need to put some effort into it.
But we disagree about the timing as you still think in terms of the US demographic only. +Guy Kawasaki not only spammers are awake when the US goes to bed! I would love a time scheduler for posts, but not for this purpose.
Thanks +Tim Moore and +Guy Kawasaki Excellent stuff. Can't wait to read the book. Agree about the API issue totally. It's ridiculous and idiotic that there still isn't a complete API for G+ after 9 months! Bad business move. As for Pinterest, they've already release an API!
Checkout what can be done when you make an API available to your service... mashes up pinterest with instagram (yes they do too!) and youtube and Facebook places and twitter.
Google plus would be everywhere if they gave developer access to a true API.
+Tim Moore well done on a great interview. +Guy Kawasaki just shares a lot of excellent nuggets. There were so many. I am happy to be at Google+ and be able to talk you and to this great. Great Example.
Thanks for posting this. I wish I had been there live. That truly helped me to learn better how to explain G+ to folks who have been hesitant. Right from the beginning when he dispelled the "ghost town" fallacy, I was hooked.
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