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Anyone surprised?
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Soon we will hear wood logging companies complaining their businesses are dying because all the newspapers and magazines are stopping printing...
About time.  We switched one of our magazines to digital delivery last month. We like to keep it around for reference, but who has enough shelf space?
+Tim Moore and +Mike Elgan ... May I be so bold to be a little skeptic??? Is this announcement about how Newsweek is forward thinking, tech savvy, and eco-friendly?? Or is it about how Newsweek along with a growing number of print media sources are seeing their subscriber numbers dwindle to the point where they are financially in trouble and cant continue print anymore? 

Maybe its both??!! 
I tend to believe you're correct +Tim Moore. Newsweek is one of the first to do this... But I have a feeling we are going to see many more top print publications follow down this path. 

It would be equally as interesting to get +Jeff Jarvis's and +Mike Downes take on this. 
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