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Remember these? Do you remember how to fold them? :)
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Go to bed... past your bedtime
my daughter is still doing something like this, not a completely lost art.
Somehow that fold was the magic key to note passing privacy....

My friends and I (and I'm sure almost every other serious note passer out there) developed folding techniques that let us know if someone 'unauthorized' had opened a note. It was least to all of us 13 year olds....

I still snail mail hand written notes to customers after meetings and they are always a hit. They take time and hand addressing the envelope makes it better - email thanks work OK and hand written works for developing personal relationships.
I think most people are suckers (speaking in a good way now) for hand written notes. Especially thank you or follow up notes. It lets them know that you care enough to provide a personal reply. And, they won't forget. 
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