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I woke up very sick to my stomach. :(

Tried Ginger Ale, no help. Got any other remedies??

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Did you let the soda go flat or stir it to get the carbonation out?
Would've have said flat Coke, but figure the Ginger Ale would do the same thing. The only other advice I can give is don't switch on daytime TV, that stuff will finish you off. Hope you're feeling better soon : )
Do you know why they recommend Coke when you have issues? Due to its high level of sugar. Whilst you do not eat or might loose the stuff you have eaten quite quickly you need to take care of hydration and some sugar. So Coke is not about getting the stomach any better but delivering some basics to the body.
peppermint or spearmint tea with honey is a good home remedy
Along with those try dry, complex, starches such as crackers (not too salty) or DRY baked potato in small bites.
Next suggestion... some bland crackers... saltines, wheat thins, something like that. Or toast... if the syrupy soda didn't do it, maybe something to absorb acids.

Last resort... Taco Bell. (Sorry, I had to say it)
Thanks guys. I hate this yucky feeling, and it just came on a few hours ago. Heading to Taco Bell now..... jk :)
Coke syrup, available at drug stores, is said to settle the stomach. Coca Cola is the same syrup with fizz added. It is said that one should get the Coke syrup without the fizz for best results.
I always have Activated Charcoal and Ginger caps at home. Activated Charcoal if I eat something that causes stomach issues and Ginger for nausea. Both available at most health food stores. Hope this helps.
If you can somehow change today to Tuesday you will probably feel better +Tim Moore :)
Pepto Bismol, don't eat anything too fatty or acidic.. basically stick to plain boiled rice, toast or a baked potato and most important stay hydrated .. feel better :)
Ok, I tried the BRAGG vinegar -- that is nasty -- and worse, it didn't help. Pepto next... :( 
It takes about 10-20 minutes. Is it pain or upset? You may need a second dose of BRAGG. [works every-time for me] 2 TBSP
It's upset, woke me at 2am this morning. I'll try another dose of the vinegar. I hope my stomach can take all of this stuff at once 
OK, discount my earlier suggestion. I thought were hungover.
Still, no improvement. #mondaysucks
Perhaps a bit counter-intuitive, but you might try taking a walk.
Upset stomach that woke you up at 2am? Have you had appendicitis ever? It's most likely overkill, but if you haven't had it you may want to look into symptoms. My fiance woke up at 2am one morning with an upset stomach, went about her day for a few hours and was being operated on later that evening.
I haven't -- I'm keeping an eye on things, feeling worse --- maybe I need to go in the backyard and eat some grass.
Works for my pups, but I'm not sure that's the best solution for you! I've heard apple cider vinegar will kill food poisoning bugs, but I suspect all it really does it make you vomit! Feel better... ~Alisa
Peppermint tea is know to help settle upset stomachs. My herb book also says chamomile & ginger tea. Yogurt with live cultures helps keep your stomach healthy over time.

Hope this helps.
Tim if the problem persists you might want to go to ER could other things like Ulcers.
I've used Bragg vinegar before. Works great as a paint remover - lol. JK. Bragg makes good stuff. And yeah, if it continues, a trip to the doctor may be a good idea.
Make some ginger tea and add raw honey to it.
Boy using and iPhone to type causes soooooo many typos and grammar issues, love the phone, but they need to come up with a few lines of text when you are typing to see errors....
UPDATE: I survived, barely, :) Looks like you guys are stuck with me for a little while longer.
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