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The last paragraph in this article is a mouthful. Do you agree or disagree?
The SEO's days are numbered, Google is helping to make it an industry obsolete. In speaking of the funeral of Search Engine Optimization - the practice of optimizing a web site and specific content to...
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I know allot of scum bag SEO people, I wont feel bad if they get put out of business. 
Frankly I have trouble trying to follow what the guy is saying.
If I am right then he is saying SEO is dead but making fake social network accounts to "like", "+1", share or whatever your site will be the next big thing in trying to stop people finding what they want to find and directing them to the target site.
the good thing about the move is that it will be harder to fake rankings which is what all of the scum bag SEOs I know do. (like click though portals and wordpress sites with fake content and click through)
If in fact "gaming" (SEO) ends, that's fine with me. My worry is not what Google might do, but what or who will replace it? Are we saying for ever more what Google googles is the end game..pun intended? About this I am not that sure. U?
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