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1969 RS/SS Camaro

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i'm not a huge fan of classics... but, i saw one of these in black at my Church a few weeks back... super clean like this one!! great cars!! i'm just spoiled with new stuff that i don't have a desire for classic stuff anymore lol
With a 454.... if you can believe the emblems. LOL 

In any case... swheet!
Not a Chevy fan but ill give it to you this is BADD ASS! !
what we use to call a creampuff.
Would be better without the ghetto wheels.
el Son
Muscle car it is... haaaayyy.... (BIG SIGH)... I wish I have the money to get one...
That's when cars were cars !
Best car in Nigeria? Is that like being the most hung guy in China?
this is what is known as a real machine, she's a beauty.
Nice. looks like it just got built.
this is what is known as a real machine, she's a beauty.
I love it. It's made out of metal.
Now that's a head turner
I may be a mustang guy through and through but, white..... and those wheels? That is incredible!
Remember the cool days
Beautiful car! Makes me miss my '67 even more
That is a sweet camero hard to beat except for one that is black on black anyone have one?

That is a 1969 rally sport camaro that is a beauty
Beautiful car that's all I've got to say beautiful car
Sweet car. Wheels are a bit too big for my tastes, but it looks good. 
wat would i give for that 1969 Camaro! > . <,
Phil B
1 of the only classic American cars I like
My last name is camero now wouldn't it be cool if I changed camaro to camero
"NOT" NoT What the Heck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                            .                                                                                                .                                                                                                    .                                                                                                 what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                  
That's a bad ass looking car.
My dream car but my wife has to win the lotto first.haha
Amazing I built a similar Cameron on NFS.
out of mind...m m m m mind of out............ Jhakas
yea straight talk that's the car for me.
I bought a camaro the first year they came out. Had that bronze speckled paint. I believe model was Berlinetta? Yes I am really old, but appreciate class in any form.
Wow,a machine to fall in love with :) Nice!!!!!!
Kyle M
Sweet ride
ya !!!!! now thats a chevy  !!!!!  love it!!!!!!
Gimme gimme gimme that car. Oh my gawd...I love it
LOL that gimmie comes with a price but its a nice thought,maybe ltr this year :)
Ian Wee
Hey dude what a nice ride you have
dan ser
Ahhhh I came wait wait toooooo 
Love the look of a 1969 SS lowered and looking clean! With a modern suspension, this car is a truly impressive ride!
A real muscle car from my teenage years! Oh yeah!!
Im riding solo in this. No need in bringing sand to the beach! 
Thats one of the best cars i have ever saw honestly i love it 
R San
Is it a 69
This is a real muscle machine, not like the new look..the new camaros look too looneytoon..hate them..
OMG!! I want that car so bad!! I'm in love right now with this bad machine!!!
I'm not really a car guy but I'd totally make love to this one. 
That's freaking cool.
All I want for my birthday is this machine, she is a real beauty!!! Speaking of which, my birthday happens to be today. All my 23 year olds what upp!!!!!
! Try drive that Vin Diesel!
She like the old
car but it col!!!!
they fixed it up that's s000 awesome nice camaro
I had a '75. My first new car. 350-4 speed-four barrel. The good old days.
Thats a nice lookin ride, however imho I prefer the one for Better off dead.
how much is that 10000$
Usually like Mustangs or AC Cobras, but this looks AWESOME!!! Shame I couldn't drive it on or Crap British roads. Oh well, have to rent one when out on holiday. 
My first car was a 69 RS Camaro... oh how I miss that old beast!
That is sick! A 454! Mine was midnight blue with a 427. Oh the good ol days.
Love the Pro-touring look! 
Andy J
Damn,thats so beautiful :/
Andy J
I want it parking on my garage :D
dude where did you get that thing?
The most beautiful thing i seen in my life
Where can I buy one? 
Ding this is a really nice ass car love it
Muscovite better!
May you have 1 bad ass car never gets old hearing that I bet
Good example of why the 69 SS is my fav year of Camero
Would look better with the front bumper on it.
That is the most beautiful car I've ever seen

Wow that is sick. Love it
Thats one badass.. camaro ss.. Chevy for life
Super nice can't go wrong with a classy classic.
Nice car, i want this in gold or silver
I don't live in butt-fuck nowhere,so I see & have seen a lot of cool classic muscle cars where I'm from but this one is not
a common sight.
White beauty indeed!
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I can't believe someone said "would better without the ghetto wheels"

I think they are old school krager rims, or American racing rims. It's just that the car is extremely squatted.
Looks like something Chip Foose woe design.
old school rocks, most of the modern car designs are like lunch boxes, those cars were designed by real men , now adays cars are designed by 'that' special generation of men
Where does it come from? If I'd have a lot of money I could buy?
camaro is my fav chevy
this1 is v.brillianty reastored
Maybe someone with such a brilliant eye as to notice those ghetto wheels could possibly futher be as advanced in opening heart and showing some,as intrigued as myself,the true beauty an exact replica pic of this chevy holds.With the exception of replaced wheels to something holding more class,of course..? !
It`s a fantastic car. I have RS/SS Camaro 1967)))
I think I just found the love of my life
nice car.......................................
very very vary nice car .............................
Man, now that is clean! 
Beautiful car that's all I've got to say beautiful car. lovely car...
Awesome car, my son would die to have it
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