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My +Best Shared Circle of the week.

These are my top quality +Google+ sharers.  I hope you find them as rewarding as I do.
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Great Circle you have here Tim... Thanks for sharing! Circling them now!
Sharing Circles is the best way to help others improve their G+ experience! Thanks for the share!!
I see lot's of names in there I already have - they must be good ;)  Thanks for the share.
i wonder how i made it into this circle? ... these are all top plussers! ... where do i fit in there +Tim Moore? ... :-O ...

i most certainly appreciate the inclusion though ... ;-) ...
Wow, thanks a lot for including me
That circle may be a bit daunting for some, I may try make a top 50 out of it later :)
For those able to add that many, you can add the whole circle as a new circle, turn the volume down so it doesn't disrupt your current stream, and view the new stream separately, that way you can pick out those who interest you.
(Apologies if that is not coherent, I have been interrupted at least 10 times while writing that!)
+Jens Graikowski These are my top quality folks here on G+, use the list how you like, I enjoy what these people share, I appreciate their contributions and comments (mostly additions not negative), and I find them very helpful. :)
+Jens Graikowski , you deserve to be in there, and would definitely be in the top 50 of that circle when I do it.
thank you +Tim Moore ... i repeatedly ask myself what little me is doing to be added to circles with such illustrious plussers as there are in this one ... i must be doing something right ... i very much appreciate the compliment ... thx again for the inclusion, mate ... ;-) ... 
+Jens Graikowski It's all of us being real and ourselves. I am not a fan of E-lebrities or broadcasters. I like real people. :)
me too +Tim Moore ... on this note ... have you noticed too, that some peeps who used to be real people have turned into broadcasters since they've gathered a large following here at G+, or am i the only who thinks so? ... :-/ ...
+Jens Graikowski Yes sir! I hate that. Hate it. That's why I don't go on Facebook or Twitter much at all. And, I keep my circles pruned regularly with just people I can have #human  conversations with. :) 
Thank you so much for including me in such a wonderful circle, +Tim Moore! :)
Thanks +Tim Moore to place me in a circle of real people. And yes +Jens Graikowski I noticed as well that with larger numbers personality often goes down. 
Strange as you would expect that people on the SUL have a large freedom as they will always find an audience from the 10K new followers a day. it´s much harder to be authentic ánd get an audience that appreciates it when you start out. 
+Tim Moore Thanks so much for including me, I’ve only spotted this now, I’ve been really busy and most unengaging and uninspiring and uninteresting etc. for the last few days! 
Thanks, +Tim Moore for the encouragement :) 5*!
I'm a small fish in this pond but I'll do my best to be helpful :)
Rae O.
+Tim Moore Always honored to be included in your circles, much less a circle share. You are awesome Tim!
Thanks for including me among this great group of plussers
+Tim Moore thanks for the very kind words, it means a lot coming from you. I'm very touched to be part of this circle.

And I had to move to a new profile to merge all my google services, so I wasn't in any public circle anymore. It's great to be back!
An interesting and useful list +Tim Moore and like you, I prune my Circles so my Stream says "clean" and clear of what you guys refer to as broadcasters. Thx for the inclusion 
tap.. tap.. tap...
Is this mic working <blows into mic>...
OK, Now Broadcasting from Google Plus!
oh maybe that's not what you mean ㋡
Thanks +Tim Moore I was away in NYC this weekend. Just back in the office and saw this.  Hope to hang soon. Cheers!
+Tim Moore very kind of you friend. I really appreciate to be included. Have fun ;-)
Thanks for including me! Lots of my favorite peoples in there. :)
+Tim Moore thanks for including me :)  great circle and people! :) 
Holy necro post, Batman.
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