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What's your favorite month of the year? Why?
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September, and that is not (only) due to my brithday in that month. It is cold enough not to break into sweat all the time, it is warm enough to enjoy being outside with a sweater tops, all the colors turning, the wind, I like it.

All in all it combines the best of both in a sense.
March. It's my daughter's birthday. Spring is in full bloom and wildflowers are springing up everywhere here in Austin. The days are just gorgeous, perfect weather, and lately it means there's a new iPad round the corner. :)
I like them all and cannot just pick a single month.  I do not think I would do well in a place that did not have definitive seasons.  

Spring time you get to see the world slowly come alive, summer it's heat and long hours of daylight, autumn where the plants and animals prepare for what's to come, and winter, the cold and snow blanketing a sleeping land. 
+James R Smith yep, the variety is what counts and maybe that is part of what attracts me to autumn as it combines warm late summer days with windy colder days.
December!  In Florida the temperatures are around 80 degrees with relative low humidity and minimal rains.  It reminds me of the Christmas holidays of my home town in Panama (Central America)
Marchtember: it's the combination of Spring and Fall, the very short amount of springtime weather we get in the Heartland.
I'm a big October fan. Love the cooler temps, layering up a little and sitting on the ocean with a blanket and hot tea, reading or surfing the web. Very relaxing and not too cold, just right. I'm a fall anyway. 
September to October. Cool at night, warming up a bit during the day for long sleeves/jacket type weather - no mosquitos or deer flies, not as rainy as spring . . .
Fall... Beautiful colors and the crisp air but yet warm days to still play outside and ride the bike!!
Don't have one.  Favorite times of year are Solstices (sp?) and equinoxes.
Spring...  "Spring is a time of renewal. A fresh start. I love to see flowers blossom, warm sunshine days and know that summer is just ahead."
+Tim Moore, how did this go from a favorite "month" of the year to a favorite "season" of the year? :-)
I'm belgian so please pardon my english... A month without an earth location is complicated for me... I say august in South of France... B-)
October.. Bluest skys happen in October.. And no trouble with english jus skim read and miss stuff... Pic looks like the seasons changing
;-) Month?! Oh. Excuse me ... I'm blonde. > May
June is my favorite month of the year. Summer is definitely my favorite season of the year, so I love it from May to August.
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