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Tim Moore

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Why I'm in California for the next 3 days....
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Tim Moore

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INPUT REQUEST: the next three days, I'm doing my due diligence on this company before I decide to move further with them. I could you your help in coming up with questions to ask or any other business related questions. Just post them below and I will definitely see them

I really appreciate all your help in advance. ❤️👍
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Wondering, to what extent. The business as a whole, or a specific aspect of it?

Looking at it from its business model as a whole:

1) I guess at the service side. To what extent does their ability/service to remove dents, dings, & scratches from a car really go on any given vehicle.

Ie: how much damage is too much damage to rework, what number/mechanism/percent/measure do they use for determining it; that you can pop back out or do refinishing work to the damaged vehicle. What is the point used to defer work on a part of a vehicle, or rather, where you would have to implement a different, more rudimentary approach to repair, like full on body shop work instead (replacing parts like fenders, bumpers, side panels, etc).

You could get pretty in depth with this, discovering more ways/different ways to save money in the business. IE: what parts are actually worth reworking as opposed to just replacing in regards to cost, labor cost, supply. What services or supply chains do they use in every day work, as well as when replacement parts come to matter; surely savings can be found there? Perhaps, could this business benefit from a change in supply chain for parts, or even logistics wise, via shipping methods.

Another huge benefit to any car business that should always be considered: the current changing & evolution in additive manufacturing. Could an in-house CNC, plasma cutter, 3D printer, Injection molding, full on metal shop, or even to consider in-house service of all these said services, be more cost effective/secure for the business to have under its own roof. Not just for replacement auto parts, but also more specifically, for their own proprietary tools they use in their business model? Could they benefit from having this under their own roof, for making said parts, creating new ones, or quickly producing a replacement part for a vehicle at standard instead of having to outsource & purchase one ?!?! New developments, R & D, etc. :-)

Every business model should be considering additive manufacturing now. Its the future of everything.

2) What are the costs involved with doing said exterior work to a vehicle for the company. Labor and tools included.

2.1) Compare to replacing the exterior part damaged on the vehicle instead.

2.2) is labor + tools cheaper in said case?

2.3) again, threshold for repair/replace? Probably many instances where this could be improved upon, tightened up, or changed altogether.

2.4) What are the costs of the tools used for the service.

- Can they be improved upon in design

- Can they be produced cheaper

- Can you create a product line from them? Some companies do this, for their dent repair devices, developed in-house.

3)* Take this from a guy who has worked in shipping/logistics for 5+ years in an upper role. This one is long, I'm sorry, but such a small easy change, that can have huge impact, is important*

Logistics. Logistics. Logistics.


Seriously, 90% of companies do this; ignore this potential gold mine hiding in their paperwork, because they just want to stick with what they already use, and not bother with looking into this.
Supply chain's within freight companies like UPS, FEDEX, even USPS, local couriers even, Change all the time
Especially when it comes to truck freight, palletized freight. I'm sure that this auto business would use these services, 100%.

- 90% of companies don't realize that, by simply, and it really is this easy, by calling around for rate quotes from other freight + Logistics companies, every other month or every 6 months(at minimum!!!!), You will find better rates, shorter time frames, and better service for your business, that you will want to seriously consider. ANY BUSINESS

- You seriously, may be sitting on paying a hundred to a couple hundred more, per shipment, in your supply chain, and would never realize it unless you literally just call and shopped around for rate quotes.

- You, your company, or your business, could be sitting on, and I'm so serious when I say this because I used to do this for a living everyday, a literal financial gold mine.

- In either your favor, or you logistics companies... :-(. Overpaying on shipments is no joke, a business can quite literally, easily, be spending anywhere from 30,000 - 100,000 more, on average, for your supply chain services each year, then was ever necessary.

A second look at Logistics and supply chain costs, usually quarterly I recommend, is in this day ans age, is an absolute necessity for any business

Businesses are made, and make people millions each year, simply by managing someone else's supply chain & Logistics.

For a business like this in auto, I'm sure, that supply chain & logistics could have a look. In-house solutions for parts can be HUGE. In-house supply chain solutions as well between company locations can also be HUGE.

A Logistics change can provide huge benefits to a company. Massive savings on freight costs, per shipment, amounting to insane amounts of money, year over year. The ability to uplift freight on an order, in business, can be a big extra money maker, if not already implemented for a business. Or going the other way, offering insanely cheap shipping cost, or even free, included in service price, can heat up bank accounts quickly. Perhaps, simply in savings of time, due to much more efficient supply chain, a business can really begin to prosper much more so then before.

* Real, proper, serious, analysis & accounting, on a supply chain & logistics, can really change things on a large scale, for any business. Its such an easy thing to do, and really makes for such a large impact when done correctly. You really can make or break, in this area alone. *

Sorry, Logistics is really my thing. As a topic, it is really overlooked, and horribly, by basically 90% of businesses. Simply written off in most cases as just the cost of doing business, I'm not kidding. I myself have helped to make and save, many businesses, insane amounts of money. Making decisions, that in some cases are as simple as choosing USPS instead of FedEx, going local instead of importing, or purchasing trucks for an in-house location transfer service instead of another monthly freight bill. :-)

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Tim Moore

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PRESS RELEASE: @CarLoveExpress Brings Industry-First Service to the Car Wash #CarWashShow @CarWashOrg 
Nashville, TN (PRWEB) May 09, 2016 -- Franchise Opportunities Unveiled at International Car Wash Show
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Tim Moore

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Visit us in booth #5404 at the International Car Wash Show here in Nashville, We will be launching our CarLove Express offering to the world for the first time. #EPIC

🚙 🚕 🚗 #carwash2016 #carwashshow2016 #carlove 
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AWESOME MAN were do you find this stuff ;) xx
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Tim Moore

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How to wash your paint properly 
Almost every car on the road has some type of swirls or fine scratches in the paint. Here's how to wash and dry your car's paint properly to avoid these marks.
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thanks for the tip my man will keep it in mind xxx
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Tim Moore

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Photography website of the day:
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okay Tim Moore there beautiful photo to !!
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Tim Moore

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Thanks Jack! I love the shirt. @roushfenway #NASCAR #CarLove
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Tim Moore

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My purpose in California for the next three days [explained]
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Tim Moore

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Headed back to #Cali ❤️
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Tim Moore

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Sunday drive. #Paradise 
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crying in the shower #paradise  
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Tim Moore

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Ford develops new glare-free high beam technology
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+Tim Moore Wow!!! I like this..
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Tim Moore

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New career, new attitude, new focus, hence my new profile pic. #CarLove #NASCAR 
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Hello Boss,, very nice picture,, have a success in your life. 
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I've used Stephanie for corporate shoots, product shots for trade show booths and collateral, and to cover fashion shows and each time I've been extremely pleased with the results. We were able to tell her 'how' the images were going to be used, 'the vibe' we wanted them to convey, even from a far distance away (as in our trade show booths), and she listened, summarized back what she was going to go get, worked great with our staff in directing them, and the results exceed our expectations. The images captured exactly what we wanted and couldn't be happier.
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Not only friendly and great service but excellent quality homes. No pressure at all. I'd highly recommend
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